[Baby drinking taboo water]_ baby _ diet taboo

[Baby drinking taboo water]_ baby _ diet taboo

The whole body is precious, especially the leaves of the loquat, and the rhizomes of the loquat have many effects, especially the loquat fruit, which can be eaten as fruit and has high medicinal value, which can relieve cough and treat sputumToo much, and can clear the trachea, so what are the effects and contraindications of soaking water, everyone needs to understand it.

99 health network recommended reading: the effects of soaking leaves in drinking water. There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to when taking the leaves in your life. For example, some patients with cold or cough caused by cold or cough due to cold feeling are not suitable to take the leaves.It is necessary to remove the fluff on the surface when taking loquat leaves in outside life, otherwise there will be some damage to the throat and body.

The specific contraindications for drinking water from loquat leaves are as follows: First: if people who are not suitable for taking loquat leaves have vomiting due to cold stomach, Xiaobian recommends not to use loquat leaves as a treatment material to avoid more serious illness.
In addition, if you are suffering from a cold and cough due to lung sensation, it is best not to take loquat leaves.

Second: the poisonous side effects of loquat leaf Most people have seen fresh loquat leaf, this kind of fresh loquat leaf has some fine hairs.

Putting loquat leaves directly into the body to stop vomiting will stimulate oral mucus, which will cause vomiting or strong cough, which will seriously affect physical health and daily work and study.

Scientists also told us through experiments that if the loquat leaves are not removed after use, it is likely to cause edema of the throat.

Third: Identification of Loquat Leaf In life, many people easily mix the leaves of Loquat Leaf and Prunus grandiflora after the dried leaves, so do you know how to distinguish these two Chinese herbs in life?

The shape of the leaf is oblong or obovate, with a length of about 12 cm to 30 cm, and the tip is sharp, the bottom is wedge-shaped, and the edges are full of dense sawtooth shapes, which are easier to identify.

In addition, the top surface of the coriander leaves is gray-green or yellow-brown and red-brown, and the leaves are relatively smooth.

The lower surface of the leaves has fine yellow fluff, which is more obvious than the main veins.

The petiole of the leaf is short and has brownish-yellow fluff on it, which does not smell odorous, but it is slightly bitter when tasted.

The shape of the leaves of P. grandiflora is similar to that of the leaves, but the length of the leaves is slightly larger and the apex is blunt.

The upper surface of the leaves of P. grandiflora is brownish-yellow, and the veins are partly short hairs; the lower surface is brown, and the hairs are light brown.

The leaves of P. grandiflora also smell odorless, but try it and find that the astringency is very heavy.

[Is the fungus scrambled eggs poisonous]_Danger_Impact

[Is the fungus scrambled eggs poisonous]_Danger_Impact

Fungus is a vegetable that is good for the body. Eggs are also a very common home-cooked dish. Among them, they are often used together to make a dish of scrambled eggs.

Many people think that fried eggs with fungus are poisonous. In fact, fried eggs with fungus are not poisonous.

However, both fungus and eggs have similar grams of food. If eaten with food, the volume body will inevitably have a certain reaction.

First, the production method Ingredients: foaming black fungus, egg accessories: cucumber slices, carrot slices, shallots, ginger, minced garlic 1.

Bubble black fungus 150g, 2.

2 eggs, cucumber slices, carrot slices, minced shallot, ginger, minced garlic 3.

Beat the eggs into a bowl and beat them thoroughly with chopsticks until they are ready for use; 4.

4. Heat the oil in the pot. When 50% is hot, add the stirred egg liquid and quickly scatter with a spatula. After solidification, it will be ready for use; 5.

Add more oil to the pan, scallion, ginger, minced garlic; 6.

Add carrot slices and stir fry first; 7.

Add cucumber slices and stir fry; 8.

Quickly stir in the fungus and stir fry; 9.

After frying for 30 seconds, add the fried eggs into the pan and fry again; 10.

Season with salt; 11.

Drizzle a few drops of sesame oil when it comes out of the pot, and fry it a few times before it comes out.

Second, nutritional value 1, alkaloids in black fungus and black fungus can promote glandular secretion of the digestive tract and urinary tract, and help to merge gallstones and kidney stones.

The fungus contains mannan, xylose and dietary fiber, which helps to reduce blood sugar changes and regulate insulin secretion.

2. Eggs brain-building puzzle.

The lecithin and yolk in egg yolk have a great effect on the nervous system and body development.

After being digested by the body, lecithin can release choline, promote brain development, and improve memory.

Protect your liver.

Protein in eggs has a repairing effect on liver tissue damage.

Lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells and enhance the body’s metabolic and immune functions.

Venous arteriosclerosis.

American nutritionists and medical workers use eggs to implant atherosclerosis.

They extract lecithin from eggs and walnuts and give cardiovascular patients 4-6 tablespoons a day.

After 3 months, the patient’s serum and plasma decreased significantly.

prevent cancer.

Eggs are rich in vitamin B2 and minerals such as selenium and zinc, which have anti-cancer effects.

 anti aging.

Eggs contain almost all the nutrients needed by the human body. One of the longevity experiences of a large number of long-lived elderly is that they must eat one egg every day.

Third, food with grams of eggs: eat with goose meat to damage the spleen and stomach; eat with rabbit meat, persimmons cause diarrhea; at the same time should not be eaten with turtles, carps, soybean milk, tea.

Fungus (water hair): The fungus should not be eaten with snails. From the medicinal properties of food, cold snails encounter smooth fungus, which is not conducive to digestion, so they should not be eaten together.

Patients with hemorrhoids should not eat the same fungus and pheasants, pheasants have small poisons, and the same food can easily induce hemorrhoid bleeding.

Fungus should not be eaten with wild ducks. Wild ducks are sweet and cold, and easy to digest.

[Is it good to drink tofu brain regularly]

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Obesity may lead to endometrial cancer

Obesity may lead to endometrial cancer

Obese people are prone to high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, stroke and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is well known.

However, in women, obesity is also closely linked to the occurrence of certain gynecological tumors.

A large number of clinical data show that obese women are prone to endometrial cancer, and their incidence is higher than that of thin women. Why?

Because the incidence of endometrial cancer is mainly related to the economic situation, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, maternal, menstrual disease, estrogen, with the improvement of living standards, the better the economic situation, the higher the incidence.

Because diabetes is often associated with diabetes, endometrial cancer is more common with diabetes.

People with high blood pressure are often suffering from high blood pressure, and endocrine hormones are often disordered.

Among them, estrogen is the main factor that induces endometrial cancer.

If the female sex hormones are too much, and the excess estrogen is lipidated and stored in the fecal tissue, the estrogen storage in the fecal cells increases, and the estrogen stored in the fecal cells is continuously released into the blood.Flow, slow metabolism, and continuous action on the endometrium.

The endometrium is prone to cancer under the long-term effects of estrogen, especially in menopausal women, the incidence of endometrial cancer is 2 in non-obese women?
4 times, this should cause high vigilance in the medical community and obesity.
  Obesity is a high risk factor for endometrial cancer. To reduce the incidence of endometrial cancer, it is necessary to control obesity and reduce the degree of excessive.

First, every obese woman should regularly measure blood pressure, check blood sugar, and urine sugar.

Because high blood pressure is accompanied by diabetes and high blood pressure, this is a very dangerous sign of endometrial cancer.

In these high-risk groups, if there is a menstrual disorder, delayed menopause or abnormal vaginal bleeding after menopause, they should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Clinical observation of endometrial cancer occurs in prolific, unproductive, infertility complications.

Therefore, obese women have menstrual mutations, estrogen should be used with caution, progesterone can be used to stop bleeding, and menstrual cycle can be adjusted.

After 2?
In the case of 3 cycles of ineffective treatment, a diagnostic curettage should be made to determine the endometrial condition.

For menopausal women who are menopausal, they should be more vigilant because this age is the high age of endometrial cancer.

Once women have irregular vaginal bleeding after menopause, early symptoms such as vaginal vaginal discharge or bloody vaginal discharge in the vagina should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that some patients are unwilling to make a diagnostic curettage. They propose to replace the diagnostic curettage with gynecological and B-ultrasound examinations and even CT examinations.

This is easy to delay the disease.

At present, the most effective and reliable diagnostic method for endometrial cancer is curettage, and endometrial biopsy is sent for pathological examination.

The patient should undergo this test.

  The life of menopausal women tends to be stable, and the current economic situation is gradually improving, living standards are constantly improving, daily work is reduced, energy consumption is reduced, rest time is increased, and eating conditions are getting better and better. These factors lead to menopause obesity.

Therefore, women entering menopause should regularly exercise appropriate sports to control the occurrence and development of menopausal obesity to prevent the occurrence of endometrial cancer.

Patients do not have to drink white porridge

Patients do not have to drink white porridge

Patients do not have to drink white porridge, multi-grain porridge is more nutritious. Preface: This article has found for you: how to cook porridge, eat porridge more scientifically instead of nutrition.

  Many people now think that patients after surgery need supplementary nutrition, so when they porridge at home, they also get rotten and thick. They think that this way, one is good for patients’ digestion and the other is rich in nutritional value.

There is also some public opinion that the patients must drink boiled white porridge. How should the white rice porridge be boiled most nutritiously?

How should the elderly, infants, surgical patients and diabetics eat porridge to be more scientific?

What kind of rice is used for porridge and nutrition is the best?

  ”When I heard the above question, I remembered a personality that I had with Wang Xingguo outside the North Palace gate of the Summer Palace two years ago.

Teacher Wang was depressed, and many of the patients admitted to the hospital died of the disease, but rather died of malnutrition.

It is very strange that the patient consciously abandoned the normal diet as soon as he was admitted to the hospital, and only relied on two foods-white porridge and bone soup.

Unfortunately, two kinds of foods cannot really support the nutritional needs of patients.

“” The patient must drink white porridge “, where is the rule?

I think about it, maybe the ancients gradually praised the benefits of drinking porridge.

By the way, eight years ago, I checked a lot of information about porridge in ancient times and wrote an article of more than 6,000 words called “Health Significance of Porridge in Chinese Diet”.

It was discovered that in ancient times, porridge was used as the food of the sick and the diet after long-term obesity.

Still others firmly believe that drinking the thick soup on the surface of porridge is ‘can make a hundred days fattening.’

“The ancients praised drinking porridge, which had several meanings.

The first is that the porridge is a life-saving food for the poor. When the food is low enough to dry the rice, the porridge can use the excess food to sustain life. The second is the knowledgeable people and monks.For life indicators, there is an elegant and refined feeling; third, for the sick, porridge is easy to digest, the burden on the digestive system is minimal, and it is not easy to cause allergies or adverse reactions to food.

  The following analysis is based on the following questions: 1. What rice is good for porridge?

The porridge that the ancients said was the white rice porridge we are eating now?

  2. Does the so-called patient drink porridge to maintain health, do not eat other food besides porridge?

  3. Are the diseases that the ancients wanted to treat? Are they chronic diseases that are now widespread?

Is it the nutritional status that patients need to recover after surgery?

  4. Is the porridge more rotten and more nutritious?

  ”If rice is used to make porridge, then coarse rice is better than polished white rice, mixed with multi-grain rice porridge for nutrition.” In ancient times, there were no modern electric rice mills. The rice they ate was either flour rice or precision comparison.Low white rice, and nowadays fine white rice, is not a state at all.

  Even 30 years ago, Chinese people ate standard rice, that is, “92 meters”; now rice is almost 70 meters, that is, rice with 30% of the outer layer removed, and its vitamin and mineral content is usuallyOnly a quarter of a thousand meters is allowed, and the nutritional value is not the same as 92 meters.

The legendary “stunning hundred-day fat white” rice soup is also the kind of porridge soup made from slender rice or lightly milled rice.

Compared with the current refined white rice soup, its vitamin and mineral content is indeed much higher.

  At the same time, so-called porridge does not exclude other types of food, such as millet porridge.

The vitamin B1 and iron content of millet, according to the data in the food score table (volume two), are 8 times and 5 times that of the super-grade rice we have eaten now (take the famous Xiaozhan rice as an example).

How about switching to oats?

The content of VB1 and iron is 14 times that of this white rice.

How about expensive basmati rice?

The content of these two nutrients is smaller than the grain size of Xiaozhan rice.

  Therefore, it can be said that if rice is used for porridge, coarse rice is better than polished white rice; if other grains can be accepted for porridge, then adding millet, oats and other miscellaneous grains to the porridge will greatly enhance the nutritional value.

Depression in cardiovascular disease

Depression in cardiovascular disease

Depression and cardiovascular disease are interconnected in many ways, and are the most common diseases in the general population and various medical fields.

The comorbidity rate of the two is also very high, due to many accidental factors.

This is because patients with depression are significantly more likely to develop hypertension and / or hypertension and vice versa (Cunningham, 1994; Lane et al., 1994 Shapiro et al., 1997).

  Physical symptoms (such as chest pain and palpitations) may be a prominent feature of some depressive disorders (üstün and Sartorius, 1995), which can cause misdiagnosis of the above.

When cardiovascular disease and depressive disorder occur simultaneously, residents can only diagnose and treat heart disease (Barsky, 1992; Tylee et al., 1993).

Both should actually be treated (see Chapter 3).

  Cardiovascular disease as a risk factor for depressive disorders. The psychological response to cardiovascular disease (see Chapter 1) and the biological susceptibility to depressive disorders all lead to the occurrence or recurrence of depression.

For example, Carney et al. (1988) found that in patients with newly diagnosed coronary artery disease, 17% had major depressive disorder during coronary angiography, and further, patients with depression developed myocardial infarction in the next 12 monthsAnd are twice as likely to die as non-depressed patients.

Shapiro et al. (1997) found that major depressive disorder occurred in 16% -22% of patients after myocardial infarction.

Mood disorders significantly increase short-term and long-term deaths, mainly due to sudden cardiac death caused by arrhythmia.

  Depression as a risk factor for morbidity and mortality in cardiovascular disease Many studies have pointed to increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients with depression: Avery and Winokur (1976) found that those who are not properly treated in the treatment of depressionMortality due to suicide and myocardial infarction is more common in people who get the right treatment.

Similar increases in risk have been reported in studies of patients with unipolar and bipolar depression (Sharma and Markar, 1994; Tsuang et al. 1980).

  Lyness et al. (1993) found that out of 109 patients with major depressive disorder who were continuously hospitalized, 30% had hypertension, 12% had coronary artery disease, and 5% had congestive heart failure.

  Patients with major depression or bipolar disorder have a 9% -27% higher prevalence of diabetes than the general population and other mental patients (Goodnick, 1997).

  Other studies have found a link between smoking and depressive symptoms, assman, 1993).

This may be a common genetic susceptibility factor (Kendler et al., 1993).

  Patients with diabetic depressive disorder have higher morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease, which may be due to their high rate of hypertension, diabetes and smoking-this is a factor infarction that is considered to be coronary artery disease and / or heartRisk factors.

  Diagnosing patients with depression with somatic symptoms often overlook their experience as a heart disease, such as chest pain or prevention of complication, palpitations, shortness of breath, and apnea, although chest pain and palpitations are the firstThe most common symptom in diagnosis and cardiovascular medicine-also a common cause of extensive in-depth diagnostic tests (Alexander et al., 1994; Beitman et al., 1987; Potts and Bass, 1995), but in patients undergoing coronary angiography for chest painNormal or near-normal coronary arteries account for 10% -40%, 15% have panic disorder, and 27% have reported major depressive disorder (Potts and Bass et al., 1995).

  Depression and cardiac surgery Among patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass grafting and heart transplantation, 40% -50% of patients have anxiety and depression symptoms before surgery.

Undetected depressive disorder significantly worsens the prognosis (Bass, 1984; Maj et al., 1993).

  Because the diagnosis of preoperative psychiatric disease is closely related to poor adherence to surgery (Maj, 1993), the attending psychiatrist can often play an important role during cardiac surgery.

  Unlike acute psychosis and irreversible organic brain injury, depression and anxiety disorders are not absolute contraindications to cardiac surgery. Before surgery, the successful treatment of anxiety and depression symptoms using drugs and psychotherapy can help patients prepare for surgery.

Initial regular follow-up can increase the chances of a successful recovery.

  Psychological problems in heart transplantation differ from other cardiac surgeries in two ways: (1) the special psychological state caused by a new heart life, and (2) the need to perform a high degree of obedience to the medical team, especially during immunosuppressive periods.

  Treatment options This section is about the treatment of depressive disorders with cardiovascular disease. See section 1 for general treatment.

  Cardiovascular Drugs and Depressive Symptoms The following medications commonly used in the treatment of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases can be accompanied by depressive symptoms or have an adverse interaction with a commonly used antidepressant.

  Antihypertensive beta-blockers: Hydrophilic beta-blockers, such as atenolol and propenolol, cannot cross the blood-brain barrier as quickly as lipophilic drugs such as propranolol; therefore,May cause depressive symptoms (Yudofsky, 1992).

Although concomitant use of depression medications is generally safe, remember that TCA can weaken due to a common competition for adrenaline receptors?

Antihypertensive effect of blockers.

  Other antihypertensive drugs: Evidence is uncertain about calcium channel blockers and depressive symptoms; some studies suggest that depressive symptoms can be a side effect of these drugs, and other studies have shown that these drugs can improve depressive symptoms.

A recent meta-analysis found that the use of calcium channel blockers has been linked to an increased risk of suicide (Lindberg, 1998).

  ACE inhibitors also have side effects that induce symptoms of depression.

Case reports suggest that depression may be accompanied by the emergence of other antihypertensive drugs, such as brom benzylamine, malondiamine, prazosin, and procainamide, however, there is no systematic study of the link to this possibility(Levenson, 1993), the same situation is also seen?

Synergistic agent of 2-adrenergic receptor.

  Finally, diuretics can cause resonance disorders, which can produce symptoms that reduce depression, especially in the elderly.

  Cholesterol-lowering drugs have been shown to have depressive symptoms during the use of pravastatin and cholestyramine (Lechleitner et al., 1992).

This may be due to low serum hypertension and lower meningeal phospholipid viscosity.

This has led to a reduction in surface 5-HT receptor exposure (Engelberg, 1992).  Anti-arrhythmic drugs William Withering dating digitalis to medical practice, initially described the drug’s association with depression.

When using digoxin, although depression, blind spots, and visual hallucinations are often seen, depression, fatigue, agitation, insomnia, and nightmares have also been described.

However, there is very little evidence that digitalis can produce significant depressive symptoms.

Depressive reactions with other antiarrhythmic drugs, such as lidocaine, procainamide, and quinidine, are rare; however, lidocaine and quinidine often cause concern and agitation (Levenson, 1993).

  Drug treatment for depressive disorders in cardiovascular patients A variety of drugs are available for the treatment of depressive disorders in this case.

  TCA and MAOIs have limited use in these populations.

Side effects include orthostatic hypotension, tachycardia, metabolic disorders, and arrhythmias.

These abnormalities can occur at both therapeutic doses and overdose (Glassman and Preud, homme, 1993; Hale, 1993; Lane et al., 1994).

  SSRIs SSRIs and reversible MAOI (almost no cardiovascular side effects, can be used safely (Bernstein, 1995; Gattaz et al., 1995; Glassman and Preud, homme, 1993; Lane et al., 1994).

In the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the addition of SSRI can significantly improve depression and anxiety symptoms (Roose et al., 1995), and it can also improve heart function; and increase in left ventricular ejection fraction and exercise capacity in the cycling testImprove (Harmati et al., 1996).

SSRI treatment can also reduce the likelihood of thrombosis in patients with depression (Shapiro et al., 1997).

  Other antidepressants are atypical antidepressants, Buppin and Mianserin, and Doxepin, which do not slow down heart disease and are therefore used for cardiovascular disease with depressive disorders.

Trazodone does not slow down the heart rate, but can cause orthostatic hypotension (Glassman and Preud, homme, 1993; Lane et al., 1994).

  Other treatments for SSRIs and morphobexamide are first-line treatments for depressive disorders in hypertensive people.

However, when the case is toxic to the drug (that is, the lack of sufficient clinical effect for the correct treatment of two or more acute and multiple times) or the drug is intolerant, the addition of lithium carbonate and thyroid drugs or folic acid is also not effective.Medication may be appropriate (Bernstein, 1995; Goodwin and Jamison, 1990).

See details of non-drug treatment in Chapter 3.

How newly married couples become tacit

How newly married couples become tacit

Don’t worry too much about his past. If you are not his first love, you must be full of inexpressible curiosity about his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. This weird feeling can only come from jealousy.

And if he is your first lover, this jealousy will replace the strong imbalance.

However, pursuing his past with a slap in the air will not help build mutual trust and intimacy.

Yes, you want to know, how did he meet his ex-girlfriend?

What did his parents say about his ex-girlfriend?

What was the real reason for their breakup?

  Whether it’s a lie or the truth, what good will it do for you?

Force him to explain his past love history. If his answer is light and vague, you say he is “slick”; if he confesses the truth of the details one by one, your jealousy will be stronger.

For his ex-girlfriend, do you want him to forget as soon as possible, or do you want him to indulge in memories again and again?

So, don’t bother yourself, just think that his past has been burned by a fire.

Qiu Meiling, 31, said, “I’m a winner. Why ask the losers where they fled?

“Xin Yan Shi Yan!

  After enjoying silent sex and creating an “action code” that only you would like to move into your new home, Zhou Miao instead refuses to her friends that the intimacy and tacit understanding between her and her husband are declining.

  It turned out that one year ago they were still living with Zhou Miao’s parents.

In the case of “the wall has ears”, the two enjoyed a kind of almost silent sex, and created a lot of seemingly ordinary sexual secrets. Parents couldn’t understand, but they understood each other.

For example, Zhou Miao is a fruit and vegetable juice enthusiast. The “juicing task” is usually undertaken by her husband.

One hour after dinner, he would come and ask, “I’m going to squeeze fresh orange juice. Would you like a glass.

“Fresh orange juice” is his signal. If Zhou Miao wants to go online or watch a video alone, she said, “Stop fresh orange juice today, squeeze a glass of carrot and tomato juice for me.”

“Sometimes I go out to eat. When the waiter laughs and asks: Mr. Miss wants red wine or fresh orange juice, the two of them will laugh heartily, and the husband will rush to say,” Come on a glass of fresh orange juice.of.

Now remember, the silent film era of “fresh orange juice” is also fascinating.

In the vertical with ears in the partition wall, silent sex relies on the tacit understanding of the soul to bring the two parties to a state of fun and indulgence.

Zhou Miao had a sudden inspiration and whispered, “Oh, we have sex in the museum like a thief.

“Yes, there are” alarm bells “and” infrared protection nets “all around the place. The joy of this adventure makes the intimacy become a feeling of” coming together in one boat “.

Apparently, the empty new home has reduced the motivation for sex between the two sides. Zhou Miao began to warmly invite both parents to stay for a while, and was also keen to stay with friends from afar.

She will buy a large basket of oranges in advance and ask everyone: “Are you interested in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice?

“But she only needs to watch one’s reaction.

  Point your finger at humor. When you are less afraid to show your clumsy side in front of the other party, it means that the more relaxed you are in front of the other party, the better the mutual agreement between the two parties will be.

When exercising the ability of both sides to withstand jokes, remember to point your humor at yourself.

At the wedding stage, the unpleasant experience is likely to be caused by an inadvertent joke, such as making fun of the other’s hot hair like an electric shocked poodle, or making fun of the other’s huge figure like a hippo.

  This is because, at this stage, the two sides have not yet become familiar with “seeing jokes as intimate”, and making fun of each other is more “high-level” flirting than sweet talk; otherwise, the person who provoked the joke did not first”Spearhead” aimed at himself.

Experts believe that each couple has a strong potential for humor, and the party with a stronger humorous ability should assume the obligation to mobilize each other’s humorous energy, and this “demonstration” can begin with self-deprecation.

  Song Yang, 28, was particularly upset that her husband had called her “flower butterfly” (meaning she always splashed a lot of glitter when she went to a bar or party), but she was relieved when he claimed to be “I am a chimpanzee”.

“At the end of the summer, he swam in the open-air swimming pool for at least 30,000 meters. He was so dark that when I made fun of him that he was even darker than the orangutan, every time he texted me, his signature was like an orangutan cartoon.

  This incident made Song Yang review his “allergic” reaction to the three words “flower butterfly”: “I can call him like this, not to make me change, but to make it easier for us to get along.
Song Yang also gradually learned to use self-deprecating to end the dispute between the two sides.

有时两个人发生了矛盾,宋扬想主动结束持续了一天的冷战,她就会在冰箱上粘一张纸条:“猩猩:你应该原谅蝴蝶了,你知道蝴蝶是著名的‘没头脑’,No matter how clever a butterfly is, its brain capacity will never exceed zero.

01 constant.

“I believe no one can hold his face in such a note.Self-deprecation, seemingly self-deprecating, is actually the smartest way to end the dispute. In fact, it also avoids the emotional fluctuations caused by daily disputes. It is an unexpected trick to promote close relationships.

  Find a platform to get along with. Gossip. Do not expect that after seven years of marriage, you will continue to water your love with sweet words that are constantly updated.

Gossip is often more suitable for this stage, which is about love and family, and coincides with various family planning assumptions.

  At the time of changing her new home, 32-year-old Guo Jin chose an apartment with a terrace on the top floor. She made a fir sun house on the terrace and put rattan and canvas deck chairs.

The wooden house is also where they dry their clothes. It has wooden bookshelves, potted plants, and a single-door refrigerator that has been eliminated from the home.

Mr. Guo’s husband often finds champagne and fresh matcha cakes in the refrigerator. Once, he also found a large box of ice cream inside.

These reserves are all provided by Guo Rong for “gossip.”

On the weekend, after the child and babysitter were asleep, the two climbed onto the terrace to drink champagne, lay down each other, and talked leisurely.

The topic is nothing more than what plants should be replaced in the courtyard, which kind of water-saving sprinkler is more cost-effective; the ridiculous thing happened at the last class reunion; the joke in the office; the seventh method of P. vannamei; and, somePersonal whimsy, for example, Guo Guang wants to paint on the original wooden chair at home, and turns them into “flower chairs” and “fruit chairs”, but worried that her parents would think that she was going crazy, “Last timeThey heard that I went to buy four bizarre expensive rosewood chairs and already thought that I was going crazy; this time I would draw pictures again, wouldn’t I go crazy again?

As a result, Guo Rong quickly got the support of his husband. His reason was: “Isn’t it just four chairs?”

How to pass a limited life without doing unhelpful things?

“Patios and fir huts eventually became the place where the couple reached a lot of trivialities.

  Marriage life inevitably has its homely trivial side, and one of the sources that interfere with the sense of tacit understanding is to replace the crumbs with endless romance and avoid trivialism. This approach is ostrich-like. Trivialism is everywhereRather gossiping and experience the subtle fun behind trivialities.

Single is susceptible to Saturday and Sunday Syndrome

Single is susceptible to “Saturday and Sunday Syndrome”

People who work or live apart from each other for a long time may often have such an experience. On weekends, they will somehow have depression, feel lonely, restless, and restless.
This phenomenon is called “Saturday and Sunday Syndrome”.
  A few days ago, the reporter learned from a number of hospitals, including the Tianjin Central Mental Health Hospital and Anding Hospital, that with the acceleration of social life, the number of people affected by this situation has increased by 20% to 30%, mainly for couples who have been separated from each other for a long time, Divorced women living alone, and introverted young white-collar women.
  According to experts, the “Saturday and Sunday Syndrome” is not only a mental illness, but also a social disease. Most of the vulnerable groups are people who are abroad, people living elsewhere, couples who have lived in two places for a long time, divorced women, and introvertsYoung white-collar female.
Among them, husband and wife work and live in the two places for a long time is an important reason for some people to suppress depression, especially when they see the family reunion around them, the anxiety will be more prominent.
Similar phenomena occur from time to time in some special occupations, such as seafarers and policemen. Sundays and holidays have irregular breaks and the surrounding environment is not satisfactory. If there is no place to vent in the heart, psychological stress will eventually form.
  Relevant experts suggest that in order to better eliminate the discomfort caused by “Saturday and Sunday Syndrome”, single men and women can find multiple ways to enrich their time, such as getting up early on Saturday and Sunday to write a letter or call a distant partner; develop somePersonal hobbies that are good for the body and mind, go out for a trip or participate in some social activities, try to establish your own social circle, communicate more with friends and colleagues; do some housework, shift your focus to balance the mind.

Beauty skincare starts with 17 little things

Beauty skincare starts with 17 little things

The beginning of Top1 beauty: take care of the stratum corneum “to accompany your skin for life.
“Shiseido Eilxir Superieur new muscle series launched this brand new slogan. The entire series adds CE mature moisturizing ingredients and natural moisturizing factors. In order to help lay the foundation for the stratum corneum, it is advertised that the stratum corneum is alive. Through these two ingredients, it helpsSkin creates translucent, translucent, saturated skin.
Among them, the cleansing mousse that most editors love, has a stretch foam formula, dense and delicate foam, allowing you to quickly wash the dirt, and clean and tender after washing.
  Top2 铺 paves the way for mature muscles 过 over 25 years old, still worrying about adolescent acne, acne, pores?
Valmont Cleansing & Rejuvenating Series can intelligently identify the skin needs, supply water to the dry areas, and release oil-controlling smart capsules in oily areas to perfectly balance the skin.
And Mier of Lierac anti-aging oil control series.
  Top3 Anti-pollution maintenance concept Simplified maintenance mode is a good choice for the new concept of reconstruction and maintenance of burdened muscles caused by pollution and stress.
The new Aesop caraway anti-oxidant essence is based on aloe leaf juice, which has great moisturizing, calming and anti-inflammatory effects, plus high content of antioxidant apigenin ingredients, which can remove free radicals, brighten the skin and improveThe tired and chaotic skin of modern people.
In addition, the skin will also be affected in the face of pressure. Awake Polyphenols Shuhuo series will eliminate the accumulated stress through lavender polyphenols, plus the lavender fragrance with aroma therapy, let youWhile maintaining skin, enjoy the anti-aging effect of relaxing and decompressing.
  Top4 You can also enjoy the six-star beauty body spa in South Island in Taiwan Absolutely Made in Taiwan, you who love spa, no longer have to spend a lot of money to travel to Southeast Asia for luxury, Regent Taipei Hotel is located at 23F Mulan SpaIt has been voted as one of the top 10 best international spas abroad. This time, it also introduced traditional techniques from Hawaii and India, combined with top massages from Thailand and Bali, and launched three new treatments to provide different options to pamper oneself.
What I recommend to you are: the best of both worlds, the best service, and the combination of the most popular treatments in Mulan SPA, including two kinds of massage methods, including aromatic essential oils and Chinese acupressure; in the whole course, first dry oriental massageStart with acupressure massage at the appropriate acupoints to soothe tight muscles.
The second stage is the aroma oil massage. The aroma therapist shows the rhythmic massage with skilled hands to moisturize tired skin.
  Top5 Lovi Grape Therapy In Provence, grape therapy has a history of more than 100 years. Local residents will choose to eat only grapes for a certain period of time to eliminate toxins from the body.
In this happy way of keeping fit, Loccitane applied it to the body care series and launched grape bubble bath lotion. Combining organic grape juice and red grape vine leaf extract can boost the spirit and eliminate excess water in the body. It is the best healingDepartment of maintenance recommended.
  Top6 时尚唇膏新选  全新推出Dior瘾诱绝色唇膏,是针对亚洲女性设计,里头特别把蜡成分减少,滋润度和滑顺度大大提升,让饱和度也完美呈现;这次共推出22色选,Among them, 14 colors are recommended by Dior fashion brand designer John Galliano, and another 8 colors are the first choice for fashion show for you to choose from.
  Top7 完美肌肤来自完美底妆  今年秋冬,Paul&Joe更新粉底系列中最热卖的糖瓷粉底乳N,和全新推出糖瓷无瑕透亮粉饼,把原本添加的五色金粉配方,升格加入由多种不同香槟金珍珠It consists of nine kinds of mysterious gold powder, allowing you to reflect a very detailed and elegant perfect gloss under any light.
The most special is that the newly added red and purple can imitate the apple light effect in the studio, so that you have a three-dimensional face like the anchor, and perfectly conceal pores and flaws.
  Top8 Psychedelic Sexy Autumn Makeup Story by M.
The autumn makeup trend “Misty Night Language” translated by C shows a sensual, seductive, cool, and feminine all-in-one. Through the four-color eye shadow palette, the industrial metal color is added to the elegant gorgeous color to show luxury.Intense eye makeup.
  Top9: Ageless muscles in the 21st century. Age is the star’s biggest enemy. Dr. Barrett, who has always been Madonna’s friend and dermatologist, sees her competition and pressure, so she developed Dr.
Brandt Contour Extreme Ageless Cream.
The neuromedical beauty is applied inside. When you feel stress, unhappiness, and free radical invasion, the skin gradually has aging problems. Therefore, a negative message blocking factor is added to the age-free cream, which can release a pleasant message.
In addition, the classic herb Morinda officinalis extract combined with yoga’s Ayurvedic therapy effectively helps the skin to resist oxidation, and it also tackles aging problems such as pores, wrinkles, sagging and sagging from the point line.
  Top10 A physical therapist on the scene There is a physical therapist on the side who can help you with Mass at any time, how good it should be!
Biotherm launches a slimming massage roller, which is derived from the physical therapist’s research and development concept. It is equipped with an ergonomic curve grip and four pressure-increasing dual-effect rollers. By pulling and pressing the rollers, it can improve skin circulation and accelerateFat burns to achieve the effect of lymphatic drainage. Use with slimming products to get rid of fat faster.
  Top11 Sister also wants to do Spa Remember that Xia Ludi in the Cheng Shi film was announced by the doctor that he had vaginal depression?
In fact, vaginal depression is a condition that modern women often have, which can cause abnormal genitals and abnormal secretions. In addition to avoiding the use of alkaline soap or bath milk to clean, Sager launches a highly effective moisturizing gel.After cleansing, gently massage the skin of the genitals with natural plant repair ingredients and highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid to effectively prevent infection or itching.
  Top12 二 Two tablets a day, the mysterious youth pill of a 35-year-old mature woman is born!
Yi Mei Ting’s multi-repair formula is mainly created by LycoPhence GS Top13 for children ‘s Kids & Teen Spa service. Is your baby facing huge pressure for further studies or other studies?
Denkiel Spa launches the industry ‘s first “Kids Spa” and “Teen Spa” services. Designed for Taiwan ‘s school-age children facing the pressure of further education, the Spa for children aged 6 to 10 and adolescents aged 10 to 14 plans physical purification, immune conditioning and relaxation.Treatments such as pressure balance, and one-on-one parent-child home maintenance teaching after the treatment are provided by professionals.
  Top14 sensitive muscle savior is here sensitive muscle is blessed!
The world’s first patented “SensiTest Skin Sensitive Professional Test”, based on the results of the test analysis, recommends the best daily soothing care treatments.
Especially for sensitive skin such as facial redness, microvascular dilatation, rosacea dermatitis and other sensitive skin, we also launched a special “ROSALIAC anti-red and soothing repair lotion”, which makes fragile skin stronger base, enhances anti-allergy protection, and survives season sensitive allergiesPeak period.
  Top 15 Winter Select Cleansing Products Want a cleansing oil suitable for autumn and winter?
There is a new choice of cleansing oil. Origins cleansing organic cleansing oil has a variety of organic vegetable oils, which can gently dissolve makeup and dirt on the face and eyes.
And Shu Uemura launched the top cleansing oil that can be used after medical cosmetic surgery. This time, the herb licorice root and chamomile were specially added to it, which has repairing and soothing effects. Even if your skin is sensitive and fragile, it can be safely removed.Remove heavy makeup!
  Top16 期待已久的顶级化妆棉新上市  高贵不贵的顶级化妆棉终于来台,采用100%天然棉所制成的黛珂高级纯柔化妆棉,严选自每一朵精心栽培的优质棉花、Then the soft fibers are carefully compounded.After using it, you will find that it will not leave any shaving at all, and it is not easy to deform; the large area also allows you to maintain your skin perfectly at once.

  Top17 stubbornly fights deep wrinkles Want to fight deep wrinkles?

Try Givenchy Platinum Renewing Anti-Wrinkle Mask, which has 20 times more marine collagen than the same series of Rejuvenating Creams, which can quickly and effectively eliminate wrinkles, and 10 times more yeast extract, which can support sunken wrinkles and masks.The material is a special non-woven fabric, which is soft and considerate. It can closely fit the skin and improve absorption.

They are all lung cleaners, you can’t live without smoking.


They are all “lung cleaners”, you can’t live without smoking.

Now the pollution of the air and the increase of smog are harmful to everyone’s health. Coupled with the increasing number of people smoking, the incidence of lung diseases is getting higher and higher, so for the health of ourselves and our families, weTake a little bit of attention on the diet. The following are called “lung cleaners”. Eat some daily to wash your lungs.

Lily’s friends who care about health should know that lily has a very good effect of moistening the lungs and clearing the lungs, so people who smoke regularly do not hinder eating more lily porridge every day, which can help improve the cleansing and detoxification function of the lungs, and the porridge can stillTo nourish the stomach, it can be said that it is more than one.

Mangosteen is a kind of food unique to the country. It is a delicious dried fruit. It has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough. It is especially suitable for long-term smoking people and can slowly help you to expel lung poison.

Houttuynia cordata is a food specially suitable for smokers’ friends. It has a good effect of clearing lung heat and relieving tobacco poison.

Prepare some sun-dried houttuy at home, take a little bit every day to soak in water, reduce the lung damage caused by smoking, prevent chronic laryngitis, or even lung cancer.

There are several kinds of teas that also have a good effect of clearing lungs and detoxification. Have you ever seen it?

Chrysanthemum Tea We all know that chrysanthemum tea has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing the eye. A cup of chrysanthemum tea every day can also clean your lungs.

Chrysanthemum tea is golden in color, and its taste and smell are very fresh. It can help us eliminate toxins and make our lungs healthier.

Dandelion tea with a refreshing taste of dandelion tea can clear the heat and remove the fire.

Drinking a cup of fresh dandelion tea every day can also improve your body’s immunity. For friends sitting in the office facing the computer, drinking dandelion tea can also alleviate eye fatigue.

Both of these teas have a good effect of clearing lung toxicity, can relieve eye fatigue, clear the liver and improve eyesight, and can also be combined with different tea combinations during daily operation, the effect is more, and the taste is more fresh.

Keep away from smog, stay away from smoking, and prepare these small things daily to make your lungs healthier!

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