[Can you gain weight by eating chocolate]_chocolate_fat_obesity

[Can you gain weight by eating chocolate]_chocolate_fat_obesity

Many people often like to eat chocolate. Chocolate itself is also a sweet, but it ca n’t be eaten often to fight against the skin of the body. Chocolate can be eaten occasionally.Absorb nutrients, but do not eat chocolate at night will gain weight.

It is easy to gain weight with chocolate, and these sweets are not good for the skin-most people think so.

In fact, chocolate is a snack with good beauty and health effects. As long as you choose the right chocolate, you can eat chocolate healthy and beautiful.

Japanese cafe googirl website introduces the health power of delicious chocolate, let’s eat healthy chocolate together!

The health benefits of chocolate may help skin beauty. Cocoa is the main ingredient in chocolate. It contains protein, trace amounts, residual fiber, minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, etc.), polyphenols, vitamin A, vitamins.E, caffeine, theobromine and other nutrients.

Among them, the most noteworthy is the polyphenols it contains.

Data show that chocolate contains two times more polyphenols than red wine, and polyphenols can effectively resist aging and oxidation.

At the same time, chocolate contains dietary fiber, which also has a certain effect on the prevention and relief of constipation. It can promote the body to discharge old metabolites, prevent wrinkles and long spots, and create a good environment for skin beauty.

In addition, because the minerals contained in it are also abundant, and the human body is easy to lack minerals, the appropriate choice of chocolate can also supplement certain iron and potassium, and promote the emission of excess sodium.

In addition, eating chocolate can also improve cholesterol levels in the blood, promote blood circulation throughout the body, allow oxygen to reach the skin, and keep the skin in good condition.

In addition, the caffeine in chocolate has a certain calming effect, can improve people’s thinking ability, ease the feeling of restlessness, irritability.

And good mood is an important factor for maintaining good skin.

[How to make diced potato minced pickles]_Homemade methods of diced minced pork _Practices of diced minced pork _How to make diced minced potatoes

[How to make diced potato minced pickles]_Homemade methods of diced minced pork _Practices of diced minced pork _How to make diced minced potatoes

Only by achieving a healthy diet can we truly have a healthy body and not always get sick. Especially the gastrointestinal health can be effectively guaranteed. The method of diced potato minced pickles is relatively simple. Regular eating can effectively promote health.It is a very good healthy dish.

1. Prepare the required ingredients 2. Potato, kimchi diced, chopped green onion, ginger and garlic, minced the meat with a small amount of cooking wine, salt, ginger, and marinated for a few minutes 3A small amount of watercress sauce 5, add minced meat and stir-fry 6, add minced meat with onion, ginger and garlic to stir-fry 7, add potato chips and stir-fry until potatoes become ripe 8, add chopped kimchi diced and fry 9Adding chicken essence to seasoning, and putting potato minced kimchi in a pan, this dish is easy to learn and rich in flavor. It is not only a product of fast-paced life, but also a place where people enjoy life.

[Is the fungus scrambled eggs poisonous]_Danger_Impact

[Is the fungus scrambled eggs poisonous]_Danger_Impact

Fungus is a vegetable that is good for the body. Eggs are also a very common home-cooked dish. Among them, they are often used together to make a dish of scrambled eggs.

Many people think that fried eggs with fungus are poisonous. In fact, fried eggs with fungus are not poisonous.

However, both fungus and eggs have similar grams of food. If eaten with food, the volume body will inevitably have a certain reaction.

First, the production method Ingredients: foaming black fungus, egg accessories: cucumber slices, carrot slices, shallots, ginger, minced garlic 1.

Bubble black fungus 150g, 2.

2 eggs, cucumber slices, carrot slices, minced shallot, ginger, minced garlic 3.

Beat the eggs into a bowl and beat them thoroughly with chopsticks until they are ready for use; 4.

4. Heat the oil in the pot. When 50% is hot, add the stirred egg liquid and quickly scatter with a spatula. After solidification, it will be ready for use; 5.

Add more oil to the pan, scallion, ginger, minced garlic; 6.

Add carrot slices and stir fry first; 7.

Add cucumber slices and stir fry; 8.

Quickly stir in the fungus and stir fry; 9.

After frying for 30 seconds, add the fried eggs into the pan and fry again; 10.

Season with salt; 11.

Drizzle a few drops of sesame oil when it comes out of the pot, and fry it a few times before it comes out.

Second, nutritional value 1, alkaloids in black fungus and black fungus can promote glandular secretion of the digestive tract and urinary tract, and help to merge gallstones and kidney stones.

The fungus contains mannan, xylose and dietary fiber, which helps to reduce blood sugar changes and regulate insulin secretion.

2. Eggs brain-building puzzle.

The lecithin and yolk in egg yolk have a great effect on the nervous system and body development.

After being digested by the body, lecithin can release choline, promote brain development, and improve memory.

Protect your liver.

Protein in eggs has a repairing effect on liver tissue damage.

Lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells and enhance the body’s metabolic and immune functions.

Venous arteriosclerosis.

American nutritionists and medical workers use eggs to implant atherosclerosis.

They extract lecithin from eggs and walnuts and give cardiovascular patients 4-6 tablespoons a day.

After 3 months, the patient’s serum and plasma decreased significantly.

prevent cancer.

Eggs are rich in vitamin B2 and minerals such as selenium and zinc, which have anti-cancer effects.

 anti aging.

Eggs contain almost all the nutrients needed by the human body. One of the longevity experiences of a large number of long-lived elderly is that they must eat one egg every day.

Third, food with grams of eggs: eat with goose meat to damage the spleen and stomach; eat with rabbit meat, persimmons cause diarrhea; at the same time should not be eaten with turtles, carps, soybean milk, tea.

Fungus (water hair): The fungus should not be eaten with snails. From the medicinal properties of food, cold snails encounter smooth fungus, which is not conducive to digestion, so they should not be eaten together.

Patients with hemorrhoids should not eat the same fungus and pheasants, pheasants have small poisons, and the same food can easily induce hemorrhoid bleeding.

Fungus should not be eaten with wild ducks. Wild ducks are sweet and cold, and easy to digest.

[Can eczema eat radishes]_Laihua_Can you eat

銆 愭 咭 鐤 銤 钖 咭 倭 撧 悧 銆 慱 銮 Weakness
褰撳ぇ瀹堕亣鍒版箍鐤硅繖绉嶇毊鑲ょ梾鐨勬椂鍊欙紝棣栧厛澶у闇€瑕佹竻娲楀ソ鐨偆锛岀劧鍚庢秱鎶逛笂鎶楃敓绱犳垨鑰呭彛鏈嶅棯绯栨祮瑗挎浛鍒╃瓑鑽墿锛屾渶鍚庡湪鐢熸椿涓娉ㄦ剰鐨偆鐨勫崼鐢熶互鍙婇ギ椋熼棶棰橈紝灏介噺鐨勯伩鍏嶆帴瑙﹀埌杩囨晱鍘燂紝杩欐牱灏卞彲浠ュ揩閫熺殑娌荤枟婀跨柟浜嗐€傜劧鑰岋紝瀵逛簬婀跨柟鎮h€呮潵璇达紝鏄彲浠ュ悆钀濆崪鐨勶紝钀濆崪鏄笉浼氬奖鍝嶇梾鎯呯殑銆傛箍鐤瑰彲浠ュ悆鐐掔櫧钀濆崪鍚楀彲浠ュ悆鐨勫摕锛屾箍鐤癸紝鐨柟锛岃崹楹荤柟涓€绫?What kind of teacher are you?鐨勭梾鐥囷紝浼氬ぇ閲忔祦澶变綋鑳姐€傝澶ч噺琛ュ厖缁寸敓绱燾锛岃繕瑕佸鍚冭敩鑿滐紝鍗у簥浼戞伅锛屽  绌 軯.鏈嶏紝娉ㄦ剰闃插瘨淇濇殩锛屼笉鍙姵绱€傛垜婀跨柟鍒氬ソ锛屾瘮杈冩湁缁忛獙浜嗐€傝悵鍗滃惈鏈夎兘璇The tweezers: Han Hanxu, the fork, the fork, the fork, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, the ring, and the ring.This is the best way to make up for it. It ‘s a good idea to make sure you ‘re in a good position. You ‘ll be able to find out if you ‘re in trouble, or if you ‘re in trouble.偁锠曞姩锛屾湁鍔╀簬浣撳唴搴熺墿鐨勬帓鍑恒€傚父鍚冭悵鍗滃彲闄嶄綆琛€鑴傘€佽蒋鍖栬绠°€佺ǔ瀹氳鍘嬶紝棰勯槻鍐犲績鐥呫€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栥€佽儐鐭崇棁绛夌柧鐥呫€傝悵鍗滄€у噳锛屽懗杈涖€佺敇锛屽叆鑴俱€佽儍缁忥紝鍏锋湁娑堢Н婊炪€佹竻鐑寲鐥般€佷笅姘斿涓€佽В姣掔瓑鍔熸晥锛屼富娌婚绉儉婊°€佺棸鍡藉け闊炽€佸憰鍚愬弽閰搞€佸悙琛€銆佸亸澶寸棝绛夈€傚阀椋熻悵鍗滐細姣忔櫄鐫¤鍓嶅悆30g钀濆崪锛岃兘娑堥鍖栫Н锛屾竻鐑В姣掋€傚彲寤跺勾鐩婂銆備腑鍖昏涓鸿悵鍗滄湁娑堥銆佸寲鐥板畾鍠樸€佹竻鐑『姘斻€佹秷鑲挎暎娣や箣鍔熻兘銆傚ぇ澶氭暟骞煎効鎰熷啋鏃跺嚭鐜板枆骞插捊鐥涖€佸弽澶嶅挸鍡姐€佹湁鐥伴毦鍚愮瓑涓婂懠鍚搁亾鎰熸煋鐥囩姸銆傚鍚冪偣鐖借剢鍙彛銆侀矞瀚╃殑钀濆崪锛屼笉浠呭紑鑳冦€佸姪娑堝寲锛岃繕鑳芥粙鍏诲捊鍠夈€佸寲鐥伴『姘旓紝鏈夋晥棰勯槻鎰熷啋銆傚彟澶栵紝钀濆崪鏈夊緢楂樼殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿鍜屽绉嶇淮鐢熺礌锛屽叾涓淮鐢熺礌C鐨勫惈閲忔瘮姊ㄩ珮8~10鍊嶃€傝悵鍗滀笉鍚崏閰革紝涓嶄粎涓嶄細涓庨鐗╀腑鐨勯挋缁撳悎锛屾洿鏈夊埄浜庨挋鐨勫惛鏀躲€傝繎鏉ユ湁鐮旂┒琛ㄦ槑锛岃悵鍗滄墍鍚殑绾ょ淮鏈ㄨ川绱犳湁杈冨己鐨勬姉鐧屼綔鐢紝鐢熷悆鏁堟灉鏇村ソ銆傚辜鍎挎€曡荆锛屾渶濂戒负浠栦滑閫夋嫨鑹茬豢銆佹按鍒嗗銆佽荆鍛宠交銆佺敎鍛抽噸鐨勮悵鍗溿€傜埗姣嶇粰瀛╁瓙鍚冩椂锛岃悵鍗滄渶濂借兘绔栫潃鍓栧紑锛岃繖鏍凤紝钀濆崪鐨勫ご銆佽叞銆佸熬閮藉潎琛°€備織璇濊锛氣€滆悵鍗滃ご杈o紝鑵氱嚗锛岃叞姝eソ銆傗€濊繖鏄洜涓鸿悵鍗滃悇閮ㄥ垎鎵€鍚殑钀ュ吇鎴愬垎涓嶅敖鐩稿悓鎵€鑷淬€傚鏋滃辜鍎垮緢Pickaxe, add, stop, add, delete, add, delete, add, delete, add, add, add, add, change, add, add,澶寸叢锛岃骞煎効鍠滄鍚冦€傝悵鍗滅殑鍚冩硶骞垮紡钀濆崪绯曟潗鏂欒嚜鍙戠矇3鏉紝鐧借悵鍗?00 鬏 嬶 纴 庅 庝 倝 (鎴 栭  裭 葭 葭 Set?200 嬏 嬴 賴 颴 风 背 2 澶 уPampering?Gong gong pets: Do you think you’re so stunned?銆 作 咜 鈠 蒙 鐢?鏉按璋冨寑浣夸箣婧惰В鎴愯嚜鍙戠矇娴嗐€?銆 佅 怅 鍗 滃 幄 啄 冄 埁 埁 Juan?Do you have a pot?Xianfeng is backing up?銆 佺 敤 3 澶 уPortrait of Guigui, 咰 撣 欣 撫 紫 冲 强 岫 婅 倝 倅 (鎴 栭  裾 葾?鍚庯紝鍊掑叆钀濆崪涓濆悓鐐掞紝骞跺姞姘存澂鍙婅皟鍏ョ洂銆佽儭妞掔矇銆佸懗绮俱€?銆 丸 緟 鐑 向 啹 囹 纹 纴 灜 咜 鈠 戠 Mongolian 閘 菱 莱 ㈡ 穻 鍏 ワ 纴 難 厣 垚 婄 姸 姸 銆?銆佸彇涓€闀挎柟褰㈣捀鐩樻垨瀹瑰櫒锛屽厛鎶瑰皯璁歌壊鎷夋补鍐嶇洓鍏ヨ嚜鍙戠矇澶寸硦锛屾姽骞筹紝鏀惧叆钂哥钂?0 闒 嗛 抓 銆?銆佹斁鍑夊悗鍗冲彲鍒囩墖鐓庨锛屽彟澶囪挏钃夐叡娌规簿椋熴€傝悵鍗滀父瀛愭潗鏂欑櫧钀濆崪1.5kg: 500g Adorable Soup 30g Adorable Chain?0g advancing chain?0g Adorable?00g (鍓  皬 琪?A total of 150g in the back of the drama: 700g in adrenaline and 700g in adrenaline: 1 in favor, 1 in admiration, 1 in admiration in admiration, 1 in 1 in admiration, 1 in 1 in admirationWhat is it?銆佺尓缁炶倝鍔犲皯璁哥敓鎶姐€佽殱娌广€侀夯娌广€佺硸鍜岀洂鑵屽崐灏忔椂锛屽悐鐗囧拰铏剧背娲楀噣娌ュ共姘村垎銆?銆佺儹閿呴噷鏀鹃€傞噺娌圭垎棣欏钁辫挏鏈紝鍔犲叆鍚婄墖鍜岃櫨绫崇垎棣欏悗鍔犲叆缁炶倝鐐掔啛锛岀洓璧峰鐢ㄣ€?銆 人 槠 逆 哆 婓 婓 卓 婓 半 半 半 鍒 つ 笣 籾 斁 閏 鍏 ュ 璚 吩 兑 員 嫔 咭 尭 尬 尬 對 對 對 尽 尽 尽 雲 尲 尲 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 将Sorrowful?銆佸姞鍏ラ€傞噺鏈ㄨ柉绮夛紝鐢ㄦ墜鎻夊潎鍖€銆?鏈ㄨ柉绮夊彲閫傞噺璋冩暣锛屾悡涓€绮掔矇鍥笉鏁e紑鍗冲彲)5銆佹妸绮夊洟鎼撴崗鎴愭墡瀹炵殑灏忎父瀛愶紝鎺掓斁鍏ユ姽浜嗕竴灞傝挏绫虫补鐨勭洏涓€?銆佸ぇ鐏按鐓哺鍚庯紝鏀惧叆Brother  钂?5鍒嗛挓鍙栧嚭锛屽湪琛ㄩ潰娑備笂涓€灞傝挏绫虫补鍗冲彲銆?

[Fried rice seasoning powder recipe?】 _Recipe_Practice Daquan

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[How to fish cowpea]_ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea

[How to fish cowpea]_ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea

When the disease came, it was silent. It is very likely that we are always eating outside. We should take it as a lesson. The following is an introduction to picking cowpeas, and we will cook ourselves later.


Prepare the ingredients and wash the cowpeas for later use.

To make cowpeas, choose the emerald green long cowpeas, which taste better.


The water in the pot is boiled, ready to cook cowpea.


After the water has boiled, roll in the cowpeas and turn the cowpeas with a spatula or chopsticks, so that they are evenly heated.


The beans are scalded in the water for a while, turned into a slightly deeper emerald green, and then picked up and put in a sieve to dry the water.


After the beans are filtered to dry the water, hang them on a hanger and bask in the sun. In summer, the sun is large, so you don’t need to expose to the sun.


Dry to become slightly khaki 7.

And the skin of cowpea is slightly crumpled, so you can put it down and prepare it for frying.


Rinse the cowpeas a little, cut into one-inch long pieces, cut the red peppers into shreds, and chop the garlic for later use.

I also put in some minced meat this time, so I can see the meat in the finished picture, and I forgot to shoot it.


Heat the pan with the cold oil and stir-fry the ingredients. Of course, you must fry the meat first. Cut the minced meat and marinate with ginger and garlic and a small amount of raw soy sauce.


Let’s take a detailed picture again. It looks pretty good. The steps for fishing cowpea are simple, but to do it well, you need to try and practice it carefully.

Although methods are important, understanding is more important.

Only by truly understanding can we make good food.

[How to make the sauce of steamed pork loin in a roadside stall?】 _How to do_Making method

寰堝浜哄枩鐖卞悆璺竟鎽婄殑椋熺墿锛屽氨鍠滄閭g闅忔€х殑姘涘洿锛岃矾杈规憡閲岃剨澶归鐨勯噷鑴婅倝閫夋嫨鐨勬槸楦¢噷鑴婏紝楦¤倝瀹规槗琚汉浣撳惛鏀讹紝钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛岄噷鑴婂す棣嶆槸寰堝浜哄枩鐖卞悆鐨勪竴绉嶅皬鍚冿紝閲岃剨钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛屽浜轰綋鏈夊緢澶氬ソ澶勶紝鍋氶噷鑴婂す棣嶇殑閰辨枡閰嶇疆鏈夎绌朵簡锛岃矾杈规憡閲岃剨澶归鐨勯叡鏂欐€庝箞鍋氱殑锛熸帴涓嬫潵鎴戜滑鏉ョ湅鐪嬪惂銆備竴.鍘熸枡鐑чゼ銆侀浮閲岃剨銆佺敓鑿滐紝鐢滈潰閰便€佹补杈f銆佸瓬鐒躲€佺洂銆佹枡閰掋€侀叡娌广€佹穩绮夈€備簩.Read more about it?Adze?銆侀浮閲岃剨鍒囩墖鐢ㄦ枡閰掋€侀叡娌广€佺洂銆佹穩绮夌爜20鍒嗛挓;2銆侀攨鍏ユ补鑷?鎴愮儹锛岃€屽悗杞枃鐏偢楗艰嚦涓ら潰閲戦粍銆侀叆鑴?3銆佺偢楗间綑涓嬬殑娌规妸鐮佸ソ鍛崇殑楦¢噷鑴婄敤绛峰瓙涓€鐗囦竴鐗囩殑澶瑰叆娌归攨鐐稿埗;4銆佺偢What’s the difference between the world and the world?銆佺偢鐔熺殑楦¢噷鑴婄洓鍑烘帶娌瑰鐢紱6銆佹妸鐐稿埗濂界殑楗肩敤鍒€璞佸紑涓€涓崐鍦嗗彛锛?銆佷緷娆″線楗奸噷鍔犵敓鑿溿€侀浮閲岃剨銆佹补杈f銆佺敎闈㈤叡骞舵拻閫傞噺瀛滅劧绮夈€備簩.Read more about it?1 TOWER Huo line Quarters i counter chain Hung Xin WEI (ii) weary Wei yu Xin WEI (ii) weary Wei chain Lingqing guillotine extinguish Sheng adze An injure flange ㄩ destruction wedge iii ▼ Qian Xi Renuu over crushed Chenchi the Man tweezers  Nian ? Factories brokenBroken 銆?銆 丸 忂 忂 圂 閑 闱 ㈠ 洟 鎷 擭 叉 ワ 纴 鎻 夋 帶 哶 ф 皵 娉 ★ 纴 鍧 囧 团 囄 卫 厎 厴 厎 厴 厎 厴 厎 厴 厎 厎 厴 厎 厎 厎 囎 囫2绛夊垎锛屾垨鑰呮牴鎹嚜宸辩殑鍠滄鐨勫ぇ灏忓喅瀹氥€傜劧鍚庝緷娆″皢姣忎釜灏忛潰鍥㈡弶鍦嗭紝鐢ㄦ搥闈㈡潠杞昏交鐨勬搥鎴愬皬鍦嗛ゼ銆?銆 丸 璬 闦 嗛 ゼ 鍅 哅 鍙 戦 叺 叺 叺 叺 15 鍒?0鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝閿呯敤灏忕伀鐑х儹锛屽柗涓€鐐圭偣娌癸紝鎶婇潰楗间袱闈㈢儥鍒伴噾榛勮壊锛屽钩鍧囨瘡闈?2鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛屽洜涓哄仛鐨勫皬楗间釜澶村緢灏忥紝灏卞湪閿呴噷鐩存帴鐑欑啛浜嗭紝涓嶅繀鍐嶉€佸埌鐑ょ閲岄潰鐑わ紝濡傚仛鐨勯ゼ涓ご澶х殑璇濓紝鍦ㄩゼ鐨勪袱闈㈢厧鎴愰噾榛勮壊浠ュ悗锛岄渶瑕侀€佸叆鐑ょ鐑ょ啛鐨勩€備笁.Read more about it?1.浜旇姳鑲夊垏鍧楀叆閿咃紝鍊掑叆娌¤繃鑲夌殑娓呮按锛屾按寮€鐒幓娴搏鍚庡啀鐓?鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛屾妸鑲夋崬鍑猴紝姘村€掓帀涓嶈銆?.It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s happening in the world. It ‘s very difficult to find out how to do it.嫼 劆 侀  鍙?鐗囥€佸叓瑙?绮掋€佹鐨崐鏍广€佽姳妞?/6绮掋€侀檲鐨?What are you talking about? What are you talking about?.I ‘m going to talk about how to do it, if you ‘re not sure about it, you ‘ll be able to see how it ‘s going to be done, if you ‘re not sure how to do it.欍€侀叆杞紙鏀逛笉鏀圭爞閿呮棤鎵€璋擄級銆?.Do you feel like this? ╃ 儹-40鈩冿級鐨勬竻姘村苟闈欑疆5鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛岀劧鍚庡€掑叆闈㈢矇涓紝鍏堢敤绛峰瓙鎶婇潰鎼呮墦鎴愰洩鑺辩姸锛岀劧鍚庣敤鎵嬪拰闈紝鍜屾垚鍏夋粦鐨勯潰鍥紝鐩栦笂鐩栧瓙鎴栦繚椴滆啘闈欑疆鍙戦叺銆?.Harm х Harm 1.5-2 trickle out the tweezers?鍊嶅ぇ锛屼腑闂存埑娲炰笉浼氱缉锛屽氨鍙互鍟︺€?。What’s going on?-80g宸﹀彸鐨勫皬闈㈠洟锛屽叚涓€傚彇涓€涓紝鎿€鎴愰暱鏉★紝鐒跺悗鍗疯捣銆?。鍗峰ソ鍚庣珛璧锋潵锛屾媿鎵佹垚楗笺€?.What’s the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference?cm?.I ‘m afraid to intervene, and I ‘m afraid to intervene. I ‘m not sure what you ‘re going to do. I ‘m going to get a lot of information. I ‘m going to go through it.剸 5-10 鍒 嗛 抓 銆?0.What is the best way to get a good look?1.鐑欏ソ鐨勯ゼ锛屼腑闂存í鐫€鍒囧紑涓嶈鍒囨柇锛屾妸鑲夌澶瑰叆楗间腑銆?

[Cashstar sauce toast]_Cashstar sauce toast common practice _Cashstar sauce toast practice Daquan_Cashstar sauce toast how to make

[Cashstar sauce toast]_Cashstar sauce toast common practice _Cashstar sauce toast practice Daquan_Cashstar sauce toast how to make

Although the food in the restaurant outside is not bad, but some of the seasonings are not so healthy, so as long as the conditions permit, it is more recommended to cook at home. The practice of toast bread is simple and easyIt’s delicious and a popular alternative.

1. List of required materials (among other things) 2. Diagonal flour, milk powder, salt and granulated sugar are placed diagonally, pits are placed in the middle of yeast powder, milk and eggs are poured into the cooker’s first gear, and then turned into the second gear.minute.

3. After 0 minutes, add Casita Sauce and continue kneading the second block.

4 or 5 minutes.

5 and 0 minutes have been out of the film 6, add the diced paste, the second block continue to knead.

7. The process of kneading dough is also 20 minutes.

8. After kneading the dough, take it out.

9, the dough fell 10 times.

10. Toss the dough back and forth and knead it.

11. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the dough and the film comes out.

12, the dough is rounded into a cake mold, covered with plastic wrap.

13. For the first fermentation, the oven fermentation time is 70 minutes.

14. The fermentation is twice as large, which helps to poke without rebounding.

15. Place the dough in three equal portions for 15 minutes and cover with plastic wrap.

16. Roll the dough into an attachment and roll it up.

17, put into the toast mold, cover with cling film for the second fermentation.

18. Put a bowl of hot water in the oven and put in the toast mold for 70 minutes. The toast mold should be 8 minutes full.

19. Casita sauce is packed into an intarsia bag.

20, the toast mold that is 8 minutes full for the second fermentation takes out the decoration and covers the case.

21. Preheat the oven at 200 ° for 40 minutes.

22. Toast is in the process of baking.

23. Toast just came out!

24. Is the toast after decoration very beautiful?

25. Is the cut toast bread cute?

26. All the cut toasts are given away!

It’s not difficult to make toast with toast, whether you are a novice or veteran, or even if you are not cooking, this dish will not be difficult for you.

[How to make colorful food]_ How to make colorful food _ How to make colorful food _ How to make colorful food

[How to make colorful food]_ How to make colorful food _ How to make colorful food _ How to make colorful food

There are many ways to eat, but you must eat some healthy food. You need to do it yourself to be healthy. The colorful weight loss food introduced below is very suitable for cooking.


Five main ingredients are washed and ready for use!


1 Dried walnut kernels in boiling water for 10 minutes, peeled and set aside!


2 lotus root cut into pieces of water, use cold water for later use, and change the rest for use!


Put all kinds of ingredients into the bowl, add salt, chicken essence, sugar, sesame oil, white vinegar, pepper oil, cooked sesame, walnut kernels, stir well and serve!


The delicious health / beauty weight loss / colorful weight loss food has been introduced. I wonder if you already understand it?

Take a step back and read it a few times, and you will definitely be able to master it.

And after mastering, all you need is to put into action, because the food is made during exercise.

[Can brown sugar and mung bean be eaten together]_Red sugar_Can be eaten together

Zikuaxuntuan  Chán ╂ Ying Yuechubianfei Dan  Souxierenqie Jifuchangan ぉ fermium Juan Lu Ying Lianyuhanxi  Xiaquanfutao  Hong Yaocao Fubenyenmei – Welding DuoyingxiaciClick on the button and click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click to click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button to view it.This is the best way for you to make a plan for your parents. It ‘s the same as that of the father and the father.涓婁篃鏄竴绾ф鐨勩€傚熀鏈祫鏂欑被鍒?The father chiseled?1Nauve’s power, power fork, power fork, power fork, power cord, power cord, power cord, power cord, power cord, and power cord 1. 灏嗙豢璞嗘礂鍑€锛屽叆娓呮按涓场杞?2. 陌 呬 腑 男 珲 綾?000鍏嬫按锛屾斁鍏ョ豢璞嗭紝涓婃椇鐏儳寮€;3. How about the clock? Forging the clock?4. 鍔犲叆绾㈢硸璋冨懗锛岀◢鐓嵆鎴愩€傞璋辫惀鍏荤豢璞嗗懗鐢橈紝鎬у噳锛屽叆蹇冦€佽儍缁?Ju Feng Feng 嗯 哹 儹 Nofu admits that there is nothing wrong with the sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, stupidity, sorrows, embarrassment, quarrels, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows硠娉汇€佹按鑲胯吂鑳€銆佺柈鐤¤偪姣掋€佷腹姣掔枛鑲裤€佺梽鑵€佺棙鐤逛互鍙婇噾鐭崇爳闇滆崏鏈ㄤ腑姣掕€呫€傜豢璞嗗惈鏈変赴瀵岃惀鍏诲厓绱狅紝鏈夊杩涢娆层€侀檷琛€鑴傘€侀檷浣庤儐鍥洪唶銆佹姉杩囨晱銆佽В姣掋€佷繚鎶よ倽鑴忕殑浣滅敤;缁胯眴鎬у瘨锛岀礌浣撹櫄瀵掕€呬笉瀹滃椋熸垨涔呴锛岃劸鑳冭櫄瀵掓硠娉昏€呮厧椋熴€傞璋辩浉鍏嬬豢璞?缁胯眴涓庨菠楸笺€佺嫍鑲夈€佹Η瀛愬3銆佺暘鑼勶紝涓嶅彲鍚岄銆傛墍鍚惀鍏荤礌路鐑噺 (670.90 鍗 冨 崱) Lu Xun, Ma Lu?(43.27? Lu Kaisong (1.60 ounces? Lu Zunzhi presses on the tree?(120.86? Lu Xing pumping  绾 ょ Huai (12.80 ounces?Lu Zhencun’s dreadfulness (44.00 Huan  toilet) Lu Wei 怅 鍅 滅 殌 (260.00 Huan  toilet) Lu Yun  Er Ling?(0.50 傣  lavatory) Lu Xuan put aside?(0.22 姣 Toilet) Lu Hao decoction?(4.03 傣  toilet) Lu Yingchong (21.(90 姣 Toilet) Luque?(339.70 Jiao (Toilet) Lu Shu?(675.10 姣 toilet) Luque?(1598.00 姣 toilet) Luque?(8.23 姣 Toilet) Lu Xun?(255.40 姣  toilet) road threshold?(13.22 姣 Toilet) Road?(4.40 Jiao toilet) Road?(8.98 Huan toilet) Road threshold?(2.18 姣 Toilet) Road?(2.25 Jiao toilet)