AND1 brand introduction

AND1-The American brand AND1, born in 1993, is dedicated to launching basketball shoes, and the AND1 brand loves street 3on3.

[AND1]It ‘s actually a street basketball fan in the United States. One of the terms is that whenever the opponent does not hesitate to foul, the offensive player still scores two layups and hits a free throw. He will call “AND1”, indicating that he is genuineThe actual masters represent the street culture of[Survival of the Strong], which is truly full of street feeling.

In addition, AND1 is also very active in the NBA, with many sponsored NBA stars.

Is one of the most popular basketball brands in recent years.

Brand Logo-Street-looking character[player]without a mark is the logo of AND1, and also shows AND1’s enthusiasm for basketball.

Since its inception, AND1’s outstanding self-style sneaker style has been very different from the fashion trend in the market.

The founder, Seth, at the beginning of the brand, was because there was no cool thing in the basketball market to attract them, and there were too many people wearing basketball shoes to the court but would not play, so for those who really like playing basketballPeople and founded AND1!

In addition to basketball shoes, all other peripheral personalities related to basketball also have the brand’s self-characteristics, such as basketball clothes, warm-up clothes, T-shirts, etc., have a proud and unruly style, becoming the teenagers who like to play basketball in the United States today.One of the most beloved sneaker brands.

The message that the famous AND1 has always conveyed: Only really cool people are eligible to wear AND1.

  品牌科技――HARMONIX AIR BAGS[均压超稳定气囊]  AND1明星――NBA篮球明星马步里等  特长鞋――篮球鞋  AND1也就是球进加罚一次的意思,全美国的篮球场――无论It’s a backyard grass, an open-air asphalt, and a parquet board. As long as there is a game, someone will always shout this word.

When I drank, my facial features were distorted, or my nostrils turned to the sky. In short, I had to show a momentum of “fouls and don’t want to stop the two of us”.

Of course, there were no referees in the street competitions, let alone free throws, but this brave voice, showing strength and calling for regular applause, will never be omitted.

In fact, let’s look at it: the streetball world with urban poor communities as the soil, facing the professional basketball world of Nikken Dou Jin, the posture that it poses, resists this scream-there is a vague contempt in contemptSuch an inexplicable desire for “in the system”.

Many friends now say that the street style of AND1 has changed. It was just that “AND1” was outside the “system”, but now it is “in the system”, and the advertisements did not have the feeling of arrogance before.

AND1 turned from resistance to resistance (from streetball to NBA and other orthodox basketballs), and completely surrendered to the “orthodox” compromise in exchange for a part of the original bloody struggle (AND1’s market share, unit price of the product),If AND1 does not sponsor NBA players, how many people know AND1?

How did the market for AND1 grow so fast?