Mommy’s October Yoga Life

Yoga originated in ancient India and is now widely spread around the world.

Pregnant mummy practicing yoga basically helps one’s own health, and can make childbirth smoother and easier.

bring it on!

Get ready to practice and relax with us.

     Steps to worship in January: Decrease, open your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, put your hands together on your chest, and breathe deeply; inhale, with your upper body bent backwards; exhale, with your upper body bent forward; hold your hands on the front floor of the body, applyTry to straighten and breathe deeply; inhale, bend your knees; exhale, hold your chest against the ground, stay for 6 seconds, and take a deep breath; inhale, slowly lift your body upwards; exhale, hold your hands steady, and lift your knees off the groundAnd straighten out; slowly return the body to the posture, inhale and lean back; exhale, restore, put your hands together on your chest and breathe deeply.

  Note: Exercises in the second and third trimester.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the abdomen is protruding and the body’s center of gravity is unstable, so pay attention to maintaining balance when practicing. You can also practice in the corner or a place with a pole.

Don’t force yourself, rest when you feel tired.

  Disadvantages: Improve the pregnant women’s lack of exercise, strengthen their physique, make their metabolism strong, smooth blood circulation, provide sufficient oxygen for the baby in the abdomen, and be beneficial to the health of the mother and child; exercise 1-2 times a day can eliminate the nervousness of the pregnant woman, Relieve physical fatigue and maintain full energy.

  February fish-style steps: lie flat on the ground and take a deep breath; put your hands and fists on both sides of the body, hold your body with your hands, the sides are high, your head and heart are on the ground, stretch and shorten, stay for 6 seconds, take a deep breath; restore, adjust your breathEvenly.

  Note: Do your best to raise the high floor so that it is close to the ground. This action can correct the hump.


As long as you feel unwell, you should slowly restore it, and do not force it to avoid injury.

  Best: This action is good for the tonsils, thyroid and lungs, which can increase resistance; it has softness, beautifies the alignment and shoulder muscles, and has the function of preventing colds.

     March sit-down steps: zoom out, open your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, and take a deep breath; inhale, bend your knees into a horse step, hold your hands for 6 seconds and breathe deeply; restore, adjust your breathing evenly

  Note: It is advisable to practice more sit-in exercises in the early stages of pregnancy.

When contracting and bending, try to open your knees to the limit as far as possible, and put all your strength on both legs to exercise your leg strength.

  Symptoms: Promote blood circulation and high blood pressure growth, strengthen leg strength and endurance, more exercises can store plentiful physical fitness, help birth, and it is very effective in preventing poor blood circulation caused by insufficient exercise of pregnant women.

  Resting steps: Lie flat on the ground with your feet open to the left and right slightly wider than your shoulders; your hands naturally hang on both sides of your body with your palms facing up, eyes closed, and deep breathing.

  Note: After completing each yoga movement, adjust it with a rest style to relieve tension.

When entering the relaxation phase in a rest style, you must pay attention to focusing on the body, from head to toe or foot to head, with deep breathing, and slowly feel the relaxation of each part of the body and the skin.

In late pregnancy, you can practice this exercise on a soft pillow under the waist, but do not cushion it too high, so as to make pregnant women comfortable and relaxed.

  Symptoms: Physiological tranquility, spiritual pleasure, elimination of fatigue, refreshment and mental and muscle tension.

  Practicing Yoga TIPS 1, clothes should be loose and comfortable, practice barefoot; 2, practice should be done on an empty stomach, eating and bathing after 30 minutes; 3, concentrated, slow and gentle movements, breathing evenly; 4, do not over-stress or forceDon’t compete with others; 5. It’s best to keep practicing every day and do it regularly.

     April King Kong sit-down steps: sit on your knees, sit on your back heels, take a deep breath; stay for 10-20 seconds, return.

(It can also be extended to 1 minute according to your own situation) Note: When kneeling, the upper body must be carefully relaxed, the main exercise and the above strength, pay attention to tighten the chin, and keep the back straight.

  Advantages: This action can make the practitioner feel at ease, improve physical fitness, increase attention, and make the spirit happy. It is suitable for pregnant women to practice often to relieve the tension and stress of pregnancy.

     May cat-style steps: sit on your knees, take a deep breath; kneel straight, your hips are perpendicular to the alignment, your hands are in front of the front, your palms are parallel to the alignment, inhale, the waist is sunken, your head is raised, and your face is up; exhale, waistRaise your head, retract your head inward, take a deep breath, and swing your waist up and down several times; restore and adjust your breathing evenly.

  Note: Attention should be placed on the waist when practicing, the process of swinging the waist should be slow, and the breathing should be smooth.

  Defects: Enhance and relieve retinal fatigue, promote blood circulation on both sides of the spine, and enhance the physical fitness of mothers and fetuses.

     Steps to raise your feet in June: Prepare a chair, raise your two lower legs on the chair, and take a deep breath; legs slightly apart, hands on both sides of the body, relax, stay for more than a few seconds; restore, adjust your breathingEvenly.
  Note: The prepared chair should not be too high.

The main point of this action is to relax and take a deep breath at the same time. The idea starts from the toes, slowly rises to the pedals, lower legs, shifts, thighs to the pelvis, and finally the entire hips feel completely relaxed.

  Far end: It can prevent leg swelling and varicose veins, promote blood circulation in the footsteps, and at the same time completely relax the waist, alleviating the fatigue caused by the weight of the pregnancy.

     July rear view steps: Sit on your knees, take a deep breath; slowly let the pedals sit on the floor above both calves, inhale, slowly move your upper body to the right, touch the outside of your right knee with your left hand, and try to move your right hand to the limit with your left hand, stay 6Seconds; restore, adjust the breathing evenly, repeat the direction change.

  Note: Keep your upper body relaxed as you practice.

  Distal: It can stimulate the spine, correct the incorrect posture of the spine, strengthen the hips and waist muscles, adjust the central and sympathetic nerve functions, enhance liver and kidney functions, and promote blood circulation.

     August auspicious steps: sit on the mat and breathe deeply; put your feet close together, the heels close to the perineum, straighten your lower back, stay for 6 to 10 seconds, breathe deeply; restore, relax your legs; adjust the breath evenly and repeat once.   Note: When holding your feet with both hands and staying, try to straighten your waist and close your anus, and try to lie flat on the floor.

  Disadvantages: enhance the softness of the joints of the feet, enhance the function of the anus, and practice more often to help with labor.

     September cat-like steps on the chest: sit on the mat and breathe deeply; straighten your hands and place them forward facing forward; lift forward, lower your waist, chest, and jaw against the ground, stay for 6 to 10 seconds, and breathe deeplyRestore, adjust breathing evenly and repeat.

  Note: Exercise slowly and do not rush.

  Tip: shorten the front end, front end, front end, front end, and waist to fully lower to avoid back pain.

Practice this formula often, but the fetal position is normal, which helps smooth production.

     October antenna-type steps: sit on your knees with your back straight; inhale and open your hands with your left and right sides; exhale, lean your back, stay for 6 seconds to 10 seconds, and take a deep breath; restore, adjust your breathing evenly and repeat.

  Note: Try to expand your chest, take a deep breath, and place it on your chest.

  Beneficial to: Promote blood circulation, metabolism, relieve anxiety, make the mood happy and refreshed, and help smooth production.