Rubber exercises relieve occupational diseases

Feb 14, 2020 by admin

Rubber exercises relieve occupational diseases

Modern women, from nine to five, stay away from the table, back pain becomes an occupational disease in the office, often sighing for lack of exercise space or stay away from sports places.

In fact, proper exercise can reduce the stress of work, relax the body and mind, and regain the spirit.

After that, I introduced a set of exercises that are simple and do not take up much space for women.

The rubber used for aerobics can be found in the clothing ingredients mall, and the specifications are 1 in length.

5 meters, width 0.

08 meters-0.

1 meter.

  First, pull a knot on the rubber band, step on one end of the rubber with your right leg, and bend over to the other end of the portable rubber.

Raise your body and pull the rubber firmly to your chest with both hands.

Exercise left and right legs 40 times, effective baseline backache.

  Second, sit on the chair with your legs crossed, and wear a rubber band on your calf.

Swipe your legs out.

20-25 reps of movements can effectively relieve tibia fatigue.

  Third, sit on the chair with your legs kicked, the rubber on your right foot, and the rubber on each side.

Press your right leg forward hard, hold the rubber firmly with both hands and lift it up.

The left and right legs are alternated 20 times each, which effectively relieves leg fatigue.

  Fourth, twist the arm upright, bend the arm and put on the rubber ring.

Keep your arms bent and twist your elbows outwards.

20-25 repetitions of movements can effectively reduce weight fatigue.

  Fifth, the lifting arm is slender, with one end of the rubber on the right foot and the other end of the rubber on the right.

Lift your right arm hard.

Exercise left, right and left alternately 40 times, effectively reducing arm fatigue.

  Sixth, expand the body of the chest, hold the rubber with both hands and put it on the chest.

With both hands, pull out flat and stay for 3 seconds at the maximum limit.

20 exercises will help the lungs to breathe and reduce slight fatigue.

  7. Hold the rubber in front of and behind the body with both hands, and then straighten the rubber.

Pull forward effectively reduces fatigue, and pull backward effectively reduces fatigue.

20 exercises each.

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