[Difference between whole milk and pure milk]_whole milk_pure milk_different points

Apr 29, 2020 by admin

[Difference between whole milk and pure milk]_whole milk_pure milk_different points

Many people find a problem when buying milk in the supermarket. Milk is divided into whole milk and pure milk. Many people think that the nutritional value of whole milk is higher, but the nutritional value of pure milk is in a balanced state.Suitable, the body needs nourishment, that is, non-skimmed milk, a small amount of higher content, pure milk is raw natural milk.

First, pure milk includes fresh milk, whole milk, low-fat milk, and fingerless milk.

Second, fresh milk is also called pasteurized milk. It adopts low-temperature pasteurization, which can completely retain the nutrients in milk, and does not contain flavors, thickeners, preservatives and other additives. It is the highest quality milk, but at room temperatureMinimal save time.

Third, whole milk is milk that has not been skimmed, with a trace content of about 3%; skim milk refers to the removal of a portion of normal milk’s aunt to reduce the trace content to zero.

Less than 5%; low-fat milk usually contains 1 in adults.

About 5%, can meet the nutritional needs of modern people in pursuit of “high protein, low Tsai”.

Third, usually, children are suitable for whole milk, preferably pasteurized milk; adults can choose according to their aunt’s needs; the elderly recommend using low-fat skim milk.

Depending on the brand of milk and the taste of the milk, the source of milk may be different, so it is recommended to choose as needed.