[How to fish cowpea]_ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea

May 7, 2020 by admin

[How to fish cowpea]_ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea _ How to fish cowpea

When the disease came, it was silent. It is very likely that we are always eating outside. We should take it as a lesson. The following is an introduction to picking cowpeas, and we will cook ourselves later.


Prepare the ingredients and wash the cowpeas for later use.

To make cowpeas, choose the emerald green long cowpeas, which taste better.


The water in the pot is boiled, ready to cook cowpea.


After the water has boiled, roll in the cowpeas and turn the cowpeas with a spatula or chopsticks, so that they are evenly heated.


The beans are scalded in the water for a while, turned into a slightly deeper emerald green, and then picked up and put in a sieve to dry the water.


After the beans are filtered to dry the water, hang them on a hanger and bask in the sun. In summer, the sun is large, so you don’t need to expose to the sun.


Dry to become slightly khaki 7.

And the skin of cowpea is slightly crumpled, so you can put it down and prepare it for frying.


Rinse the cowpeas a little, cut into one-inch long pieces, cut the red peppers into shreds, and chop the garlic for later use.

I also put in some minced meat this time, so I can see the meat in the finished picture, and I forgot to shoot it.


Heat the pan with the cold oil and stir-fry the ingredients. Of course, you must fry the meat first. Cut the minced meat and marinate with ginger and garlic and a small amount of raw soy sauce.


Let’s take a detailed picture again. It looks pretty good. The steps for fishing cowpea are simple, but to do it well, you need to try and practice it carefully.

Although methods are important, understanding is more important.

Only by truly understanding can we make good food.