Do you like your looks?

Jan 16, 2020 by admin

Do you like your looks?

Please choose one of the four answers at the back of each question, and see the evaluation after the results are calculated.

Don’t hesitate when choosing, just trust your instincts.

  1 The word “beautiful”: ■ will excite me.

(How can I make myself beautiful?

) ● will make me feel depressed.

(Is it beautiful if I grow up like this?

) ◆ will attract me deeply.

(I am willing to be a beautiful person.

) ▲ will make me nervous.

(This pressure is too great!

) 2 Do you feel inferior about your appearance?

  ■ Do not inferiority.

Sometimes there is a sense of superiority.

  ▲ A little inferiority, but overall, I feel pretty good.

  ● I never think about it, because thinking about it is useless.

  ◆ I am particularly inferior.

  3 If a stranger stares at you for a long time, you will think: ■ He probably thinks that I look like an acquaintance of him.

  ▲ This must be because he thinks I am beautiful.

  ● I have an acne on my nose.

  ◆ It seems I am quite worried.

  4 When you go to a party, when you first enter the door, you think: ◆ Do you know if you can have a good time?

  ▲ I don’t know if I can meet someone I can talk to?

I wonder if anyone will stare at me because of my beauty?

  ● I don’t know if I am the worst one here?

  5 When you meet someone on the street who realizes that you have undergone cosmetic surgery, you will think: ◆ I really admire her!

Seeing others has the courage to take this step.

  ▲ It’s really interesting!

Why did she do this?

Because of inferiority, or because of occupational stress?

  ● Poor!

Why do you have to hide your actual age like this?

  ■ Really good!

I don’t know if I will get good results after this operation?

  6 When a child cries because others say he looks ugly, to comfort him, transform him and say: “I think you look very, very beautiful.

“●” Well, don’t think about it.

Let’s go cycling.

“▲” You know that many people love you and think you are beautiful.

But we can’t force people all over the world to love ourselves.”◆” Those who say these things to you are stupid.

“7 Do you like looking in the mirror?

  ■ Every other mirror, I can’t help but take a picture, and I want to know if my appearance is still reasonable.

  ● I try not to look in the mirror much.

Entering me to look in the mirror again shows that I am a little unconfident.

  ◆ Mirrors are everywhere in my house.

I like to see my beautiful face everywhere.

  ▲ I have a mirror in my bathroom.

I only take photos in the morning.

  8 When you see those stars and models that have been flawlessly beautiful through the whole appearance, you will think: ◆ I can’t stand it!

It’s too easy for people to humble themselves.

  ● This can inspire me to work hard to improve myself and catch up.

  ■ Learn to resist this oppression.

  ▲ Why do you deceive yourself like this?

These people are not worth emulating at all.

  9 Do you think the attractiveness of appearance is important for marriage life (not for love at first sight)?

  ◆ Very important.

Even after living together for many years, you should keep your appearance attractive to your spouse.

  ● Not important.

I think if anyone loves me and wishes to live with me, it is definitely not for my appearance.

  ● When couples who truly love each other live together for years, appearance becomes less and less important.

  ▲ It has certain importance.

I want people who love me, in addition to my temperament and personality, to love my looks.

  10 When someone praises you for being beautiful: ● You will feel unhappy and think such words are boring.

  ▲ You will be very happy.

  ■ You will wonder if he is telling the truth.

  ◆ You will thank him calmly.

  Count the number of letters you get.

If some letters are 7 or more, you are in this category.

If some letters are 4-6, you have certain characteristics of this type.

If some letters are 3 or less, you are basically not of this type.

  Type A: Unable to accept your looks. Your appearance often makes you feel distressed and upset.

You are very concerned about other people’s evaluation of your appearance, you always feel that you are serious, and sometimes you are reluctant to go out because of this.

On the bright side, it makes you willing to work hard to dress yourself up to win the affirmation of others.

But from a bad perspective, this can also lead to a lack of self-confidence and courage to show your charm to others.

  If you can ignore the imperfect details of yourself and focus on the comprehensive qualities of your entire person, then your evaluation of yourself will be more objective and comprehensive, and you will be more optimistic.

You know, when people interact with you, they will not only pay attention to flaws in your appearance, they will pay attention to many other aspects of you.

If you really care about what other people think of your appearance, that doesn’t prevent you from asking them directly.

This is better than the old contempt for others.

In fact, when you accept yourself, others will naturally accept you.  Type B: Basically accept your own appearance. You will consider your appearance in self-evaluation, but you will not take it too seriously.

You know when a person is well-dressed and satisfied with his appearance, he will be in a good mood.

But at the same time, you also know that when a person can live in harmony with others, life, and self, he will not pay much attention to what others think of his appearance.

So you will dress yourself in moderation without spending too much time and gain.

You try to make yourself neither narcissistic nor inferior.

However, it is not easy to do this, because you, like everyone, will feel unconfident at some point.

But you can control yourself well, and you won’t let this feeling of inferiority bury you for a long time.

  On the bright side, you maintain a rational, balanced relationship with the self-image in your mind.

This leads to your inner peace, calm appearance, and always gives you the impression of calmness, but from another perspective, it also seems to make you less passion and personality.

In fact, you can occasionally narcissistic, shallow, even inferiority, experience the sweetness and bitterness . Type C: Do not care about your appearance, you feel that it is futile to worry about your appearance, and spend your whole heart on dressIt’s shallow and boring.

You don’t even consider the appearance factor when conducting your self-evaluation, and you rarely make any effort to modify the instrument.

Do you think there are many things in life that may mean something worth doing, in some cases seeking career success, finding ways to make more money or show your talents to the world . you are such an extraordinary and independentPersonality makes you easy and free, attractive.

  You also seem to have lost part of the happiness of being a woman, that is, caring and caring for yourself, showing the happiness of your female beauty.

And this kind of happiness should not be totally denied or directed against contempt.

You’d better be able to groom yourself to add harmony and beauty to the world, and it’s also possible to maintain your body balance.

  Type D: Appreciate your looks. You think you are beautiful and happy.

You least like to hear people say “beauty comes from the heart”.

You are willing to take time to take care of yourself and dress yourself, and you know the important role that beauty plays in interpersonal communication.

When you get along with others, you often think, “What kind of reaction will my beauty cause?”

For a deeper thought: “How can I use my beauty to conquer everyone?”

How to make others appreciate and like me without making others feel inferior or depressed?

In short, your focus on appearance is not because of simple heads, but rather the result of deliberate thinking.

You always show your most beautiful side to others, because you feel that this is also a respect for others.

  You seem to place too much emphasis on your appearance in your self-evaluation.

As time goes by, the red face gets older, will your self-evaluation become lower and lower as a result?

By then, you may become worried and lack self-confidence.

With this, you might as well work hard to improve your inner cultivation from now on, and learn to look at your appearance with an indifferent and calm attitude.