A new method for self-diagnosis of obesity_1

Jan 18, 2020 by admin

A new method of self-diagnosis of obesity

What is the body mass index?
It turns out that while measuring body weight and obesity, although measuring body weight is a method, it is more important to measure the amount and distribution of an adipose tissue.
There are several ways to measure the amount of adipose tissue, but these methods require specialized techniques and equipment that cannot be promoted.
On the contrary, the body mass index is based on the calculation relationship between body weight and height. The method of judging the tissue weight per square meter can be used instead of judging the amount of body fat tissue. This method is generally applicable to adults over 18 years old.
The body mass index measurement algorithm is not complicated, and the formula can be substituted as follows: Body mass index (kg body weight/square meter) = body weight (kg) ÷ height (square meter) According to the standards set by the World Health Organization, obesity can be judged according to the body mass index, andMake a classification (see attached table).
In this way, whether you are obese, or the degree of obesity and the chance of complications that may be caused by obesity, can be seen at a glance.
  Obesity status based on body mass index Classification Body mass index Risk of complications (kg body weight / square meter) Weight is too low <18. 5 low (but other clinical problems increase) normal range 18. 5-24. 9 General Overweight 25. 0-29. 9 mildly increased obesity ≥30. 0