Four simple but philosophical words

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Four simple but philosophical words

A young man went to visit an elderly wise man.

銆€銆€He asked the wise man: “How can I be a person who is happy and can bring happiness to others?

The wise man looked at him and said, “Children, have such a desire at your age, it is already very difficult, I will send you four sentences.

The first sentence is to treat yourself as someone else.

Can you talk about the meaning of this sentence?

The teenager replied: “Is it true that when I experience pain and sorrow, I treat myself as someone else, so the pain naturally eases; when I am ecstatic, I regard myself as someone else, and those ecstas will also change.Are you flat and Zhongzheng?

The wise man nodded slightly, then said: “The second sentence, treat others as themselves.

The teenager meditated for a while and said: “This way you can truly sympathize with the misfortunes of others, understand the needs of others, and give appropriate help when others need it.”

“The wise man’s eyes glow, continue to tell: “The third sentence, treat others as others.

“The boy said: “Is this sentence meant to say that it is necessary to fully address the independence of each individual and under any circumstances must not infringe on the core territory of others?

“The wise man laughed and said: “Very good, very good.

The scorpion can teach too!

The fourth sentence is to regard yourself as yourself.

This sentence is too difficult to understand, and you will slowly taste it later.

“The teenager said: “There are too many contradictions between these four sentences. What can I use to unify them?

“The wise man said: “It’s very simple, using the time and experience of a lifetime.

The boy was silent for a long time, then bowed his farewell.

銆€銆€Later, the boy became a grown-up and became an old man.

Later, after he left the world for a long time, people always mentioned his name.

People say that he is a wise man, because he is a happy person, and he also brings happiness to everyone who has seen him.