Healthy men should avoid daily life

Dec 27, 2019 by admin

Healthy men should avoid daily life

Inappropriate clothing — Fu Shihua, deputy secretary-general of the China Geriatric Healthcare Association, said that from the perspective of physiological structure, because the male insulin pill is outside the body, the scrotum enclosing the testicles will continuously adjust the temperature to allow sperm to be produced and replaced.Under the condition that the body temperature is lower than about 2 ° C.

Generally, the temperature of the retinal pill can only produce sperm normally when the temperature is maintained at 35 ° C, and only at this temperature can the sperm be active. Excessive or low temperature will affect the function of the retinal pill.

  If men wear tight-fitting briefs, the scrotum will be fixed close to the abdominal cavity, and the scrotum’s function of regulating temperature will be limited. At the same time, if the retinal pill is always close to the warm abdominal cavity, the temperature of the abdominal cavity is higher than that required for the normal function of the insulin pillTemperature will cause spermatogenic dysfunction and lead to infertility.

  In addition, if the fabric of the underpants is a chemical fiber material with poor air permeability and poor heat dissipation, the scrotum will be in a closed state, air will not circulate, and bacteria will multiply easily, causing urethritis.

Over time, this will result in poor sperm quality and low mobility.

  Unsuitable to live in ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— In the daily life of long-seat toilets, many people have the habit of reading books and newspapers.

Yao Yousheng, deputy director of the urology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that sedentary toilets are bad health habits and have a particularly large impact on men’s physical health.

  Since the defecation action is a body reflex action, it is a systemic action involving the human brain to the defecation center to coordinate participation. If a person sits on a toilet and reads newspapers, he will ignore the defecation, making the defecation action uncoordinated throughout the body, and the feeling of stopping the defecation will appear.

As a result, the rectum loses sensitivity to fecal pressure stimuli, making it difficult to defecate, long stools are dry, and habitual constipation develops over time.

  For men, this bad habit is especially harmful to the prostate.

Due to the prolonged defecation time due to sedentary toilets, the lower abdomen and pelvic cavity are prone to congestion, which can cause varicose veins in the rectum and anus to form hemorrhoids. At the same time, long-term constipation and fecal compression can cause prostate blood to be blocked and aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

  Almost sedentary, all kinds of sedentary in men’s daily life will affect the prostate.

Activities such as sedentary computer use, playing mahjong, and cycling for a long time can easily cause male perineum congestion and congestion, which can cause hemorrhoids and aggravate prostatitis.

  It is better to take a bath for cooling. Because male anatomy and physiology of the perineum are more complicated, the reproductive organs such as the penis, testes, prostate, seminal vesicles are concentrated here.

  Therefore, if you take a bath and soak these reproductive organs in hot water, you can remove sweat stains, bacteria, mold and harmful microorganisms, and effectively treat or prevent foreskin, urethritis, scrotum, and hemorrhoids and anal sac.In particular, it has a significant effect on the prevention of prostatitis and can delay the aging of men.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, safflower, pueraria, and other medicines to relax and invigorate blood can be placed in the bath water to expand the blood vessels around the prostate, increase blood supply, and relieve prostatitis.

Experts point out that regular “sitz baths” can achieve a certain physiotherapy effect.

  Inappropriate to eat — strong tea coffee carbonated drinks in food, as a man should try to stay away from “inappropriate” varieties.

Wang Xikun, deputy chief physician of the male specialist department of Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that many “hot drinks” are not suitable for men.

  The first is tea, especially kung fu tea.

This is because tea contains ingredients such as theophylline, which excite the prostate and cause sensitive and active prostate blood vessels, which can easily cause inflammation or recurrence of the prostate.

In general, the stronger the tea, the higher the rate of inflammation of the prostate.

It is usually coffee, which also contains ingredients that can easily stimulate the prostate, which can easily cause prostate enlargement. Men who drink too much coffee usually have a feeling of dysuria.

  Carbonated drinks again, this is the type that is included in the “junk food” list by foreign nutrition experts.

Except for sucrose, aerated carbonated beverages have few other nutrients.

Carbonated beverages are mainly added with carbonic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, and human body fluids in an acidic state, while human body fluids are in an alkaline state. Therefore, the actual carbonated beverage is not conducive to the elimination of human fatigue, and it is also easy for male semen.Interference caused by alkaline state.

Studies have also shown that the combined formation of acidic substances, additives, preservatives and caffeine in carbonated beverages will reduce sexual performance to a certain extent and limit sperm motility.

  Therefore, alcohol and alcohol easily cause gonadal poisoning, damage spermatogenic cells, inhibit the synthesis of male sex hormones, reduce male hormones, lead to decreased sexual function and even impotence.

  Should — eating chocolate Fu Shihua pointed out that for men, chocolate is a good healthy food.

This is due to the rich carbohydrates and milk fats contained in it, which generate heat in the body.

Modern scientific research reveals that this milk fat emits a special sweet and fragrant odor, which catalyzes human saliva to produce an antibody against immunoglobulin, which can increase the body’s ability to resist cold, bacteria and viruses.For men, it is suitable food.

  Inadequate-electromagnetic radiation for men, in life, pay particular attention to stay away from electromagnetic radiation sources, which is determined by its physiological characteristics.

  In daily life, large-scale electrical equipment and household appliances with electromagnetic radiation can be found everywhere. Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment in hospitals, home televisions, induction cookers, microwave ovens, office computers, and mobile phones emit powerful radiation.

  Electromagnetic waves acting on the human body directly generate electromagnetic induction, which interferes with the activity of receptor enzymes on the cell’s biofilm, causing cell morphological changes and kinetic energy damage. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation can cause male germ cells and sperm motility to decrease.And the number is reduced.

  Men should pay special attention to staying away from electromagnetic radiation. This is because the proportion of male chromosomes to females is small and fragile, which is more likely to cause changes in the immune system. Secondly, male reproductive cells and sperm are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

  Therefore, as a male, the chance of contact with electromagnetic waves should be reduced as much as possible, unless it is necessary to keep in contact with it, and a certain safety distance should be maintained, which is generally more than half a meter.