Jun 25, 2024
Countless black petals revolve around Renee Doyle, stick together and disappear completely.

After dozens of breaths, all the dark petals disappeared and the underground river returned to normal.
"power! Fate power! "
Renee Doyle shouted, two vague ghosts appeared behind her, which looked like her two sisters.
As soon as two ghosts suddenly appeared, they were anxious to escape from Renee Doyle.
Several long dark lines were released from her body and the two ghosts were strangled.
The ghost soon merged into Renee Doyle’s body.
She sang softly with a pair of indifferent and beautiful eyes
"Your souls will be imprisoned in my hands forever. Be honest with my strength!"
"Even the rebirth of all gods is in the hands of fate. They dare not disobey my will unless they want to go through all the hardships and finally become vain."
-she looks like an angel, pure and flawed, but her mouth gently touches and reveals cruelty and bloodthirsty.
The dark side of the face floats for half a minute and then asks, "What about this body after the strength is drawn?"
A corpse came out of its mouth and fell to the ground.
Lachise’s body fell like a withered and wrinkled dead wood and made a hard sound.
Renidore glanced at the body and said, "From now on, I am the only lady of destiny. Everything in the past should be returned to dust."
"As you wish," said the dark face.
Lachise’s body suddenly turned into a handful of dust and scattered all over the floor.
Renee Doyle stopped looking at the dust and said, "It’s time to get down to business."
Her figure flashed and flew away towards the underground river.
She went so fast that she disappeared almost instantly.
The temple, which was mostly submerged by water, returned to silence.
Time goes by slowly
a breath
Two interest rates
Three interest rates
Secretly, a claw reached out and held a tactic.
See that a handful of dust slowly dispersed in the breeze to reunite and fall to the ground.
The orange cat emerged from the shadow and looked at the dust carefully.
Renee Doyle seem to have absorbed this man’s pow just now.
-this dust is one of the three sisters of fate?
Listen to what Renee Doyle just said. The three sisters of fate are left by herself.
She got all the power of fate!
The orange cat turned several times around the dust, and her eyes were full of thought.
Renee Doyle is no longer afraid of all gods.
What will she do next?
No matter what she does, it’s hard to deal with it on her own.
Get your own horse to find out where she stands!
Thought of here, the orange cat quickly chased the dust away.
Renee Doyle has gone far away, and the orange cat has been trying to catch up with her and finally chased her away.
This seems to be the end of the underground river, where all the rivers converge to form an unfathomable lake.
The rock walls around the lake are painted with gods, who are singing, laughing and enjoying their time in the jungle.
-look at them as if they had just been born and knew the world.
In the center of Lake Renidore, there is a double-arm avenue. "Creators of all gods, all lords come out to see me!"
The calm lake gradually fluctuated and soon boiled and rolled.
Countless tentacles come out of the water and blend together to form a huge meat ball that keeps wriggling.
This meatball condensed into an old man’s outline, and his face was covered with black vertical pupils, each of which emitted straight and dark light and stabbed Renee Doyle straight.
Renee Doyle did not move.
However, behind her, a black face quickly condensed and the black light department was sucked in.
The black vertical pupil looked at it and slowly closed it to restore the whole face to an ordinary old man.
Old population road
"Finally, the goddess of fate, you are made by my body law. I have listened to your words now. You should think carefully about your words."
Renee Doyle laughed. "Are you afraid of me?"
The old man said, "You are my creation. How can I be afraid of you?"

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Jun 24, 2024
However, the Tatar army is staring at Beijing and has no intention of occupying Tianjin Port.

It is said that Chu Yi and others landed smoothly from Tianjin Port, but for half a day, tens of thousands of troops were well-armed, but there were only hundreds of horses coming from Jiangnan.
Even if we searched the whole of Tianjin, we finally got 500 horses.
Looking at Yuhuatian leaving with his own Zhu Houzhao letter, Chu Yi turned his eyes to tens of thousands of troops behind him and saw the army rolling straight to Shanxi.
The people in Beijing have a strong adaptability from the arrival of the Tatar army in the capital to the calm a few days later.
That is, in just a few days, everyone has already adapted to the nearly 100,000 Tatar troops outside the city. At first, the panic has already dissipated.
Even some people have adapted to the city wall, and artillery roar is bound to sound every day. If the artillery doesn’t sound, everyone really doesn’t adapt.
In a few days, although the Tatars said that it took a day or two to search the surrounding trees, they created a simple device for siege.
But the people who are riding horses can fight if they want to ride horses, but it is really difficult for them to carry ladders to attack the city.
Tatars rarely choose to attack the border town when they invade, but they choose to avoid the city and plunder the place.
But this time it’s different. The ambitious Baal Sboro can’t just be satisfied with entering the Central Plains to plunder.
At that time, the Wala army defeated a large number of hundreds of thousands of troops in the battle of Civil Fort, and even the whole day was captured, even if it was not for Yu Qian and others to save the day, I was afraid that Beijing was breached at that time.
Every time I think about this, I think that I have replaced Wala and become the owner of the grassland. Baal Sboro naturally wants to transcend Wala and shape their Tatar achievements.
What can be better than breaking through Beijing?
Besides, this time, 100,000 troops invaded the Central Plains. Wouldn’t it be too embarrassing to say that they ran over to plunder?
Hundreds of troops came to the party, and as a result, they ran over and plundered like a group of robbers. It was Baal Sboro who felt too humiliated when he thought about it himself
Even though he knew that the Tatars were not suitable for siege, Baal Sboro still chose to let the hand warrior Menma siege.
Almost half a month later, Baal Sboro personally bid several times to supervise the siege of a team of ten thousand people. Unfortunately, Beijing is really a city with high walls and thick walls. Even if it is sent to tens of thousands of troops for siege at one time, it is still beaten back by the guarding city soldiers.
It was only less than half a month’s effort, and nearly 100 thousand troops were killed and wounded, reaching more than 10 thousand people. The original high morale was gradually exhausted after repeated failures
In the huge camp, Barr Sboro was very grumpy, slapped a girl’s face and swore, "Waste can’t even make a cup of tea. Do you want to burn the king to death?"
Miao Yue fell to the ground, half of her face was red and swollen, and she looked so delicate and touching that she sobbed.
Miss her half a month ago can be said to be worried, but in a blink of an eye everything has changed. On weekdays, she is like a palm bead. Dad suddenly told her to send her to the king of Tatar.
Miao Yue was so stupid at that time that she felt that the sky had collapsed. Generally speaking, she was like crying. On weekdays, her father was obedient to him, but he was unmoved and sent to Baal Sboro
Miao Yue felt that she had a nightmare. That night, she served Baal Sboro, who was almost tortured to death. Fortunately, Baal Sboro left her side to serve like a servant girl after losing interest.
These days, the siege is not going well. Baal Sboro’s heart has long been full of anger. From venting, Miao Yue is unlucky.
Listening to Miao Yue crying, Barr Sboro’s heart became more agitated and shouted, "Somebody will drag this bitch out for me."
Several pro-guards came in and dragged the pale Miaoyue out.
A pro-guard came in and said to Baal Sboro, "Wang Diandameng, A Mu and other adults requested to see the temple."
Barrs Boluo nodded and said, "They came to see me!"
Soon, I saw several lean men in fur robes walk into the tent and shouted at Baal Sboro, "I have seen the temple!"
Barr Sboro glanced at several people and said, "You came to see the king, but what can I do for you?"
Several people at a glance heard A Mu’s previous step: "Temple, we are here to ask the temple to stop attacking the city and go there again. Even the warriors in the family can’t stand it."
Damon several people also said in unison, "Please pity the clan for a few days. The clan suffered heavy casualties. It’s really unbearable!"
Bored, Barr Sboro couldn’t help staring at several commanders and saying, "Do you want to rebel?"
As soon as it burst, I saw several commanders kneeling on their knees and saying, "I dare not wait!" "
Barr Sboro suddenly got up and roared, "Don’t you want to break the city and capture the great emperor alive? Our Tatars are no worse than the Wala people. If Wala can create a civil fort and win the king, it will break through Beijing and prevent the Wala people from being exclusive! "
If it is a few days ago, I heard that Baal Sboro said that Damon, A Mu and others will definitely be stimulated by Baal Sboro’s words, and then they will lead their troops to attack the city.
But it’s been half a month, and too much blood has been shed on this wall, killing and injuring too many people.
Although there are still more than 70 thousand troops, there are nearly 20 thousand casualties, which is about 20% casualties
If it weren’t for the overwhelming superiority of the siege party, even the army would have been on the verge of rout.
Even so, it is too great a psychological shock for these foot soldiers to watch people around them die in the wall one by one and then go to collect the bodies in person.
Many foot soldiers now have war-weariness in their hearts. Otherwise, several commanders could not risk being suspected by Baal Sboro and jointly implore Baal Sboro to stop.
Looking at the tribal leader Barr Sboro, who prostrated himself before him, took a deep breath and said, "You all got up. You suggested that I would consider it carefully."
If Baal Sboro really wanted to stop, he wouldn’t be so perfunctory. What he heard from Baal Sboro was a sigh in Damon, A Mu and others’ hearts.
But they’re not stupid. They just jointly begged Baal Sboro to stop. That’s the bottom line. If you pester them again, you’ll be dead.
I saw a flash of cold light in Barr Sboro’s eyes. "Come with me. I don’t believe this city is really impregnable!"
A Mu several people in the heart a lament Baal Sboro, this is to siege, just don’t know how many people will die.

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Jun 23, 2024
It’s a pity that Wu Chengwang’s orders should not be denied to the Taishi, but he has been taught by real people to use the secret method for several miles, lost his way and finally returned with success.

Master Wen’s heart was really anxious, and he asked Zhou Wang why, but he returned to the house to gather the immortals to discuss this great event.
Zhao Gong took one look at the crowd thoughtfully slightly, which was the only way: "I don’t know when to say something inappropriate when I hear Brother Dao."
Wen Zhong heart move immediately nodded "brother but said ok".
Zhao Gong took a look at all the monks in the house and hesitated for a moment before shaking his head and exclaiming, "Brother Dao and my three sisters lived in the floating cloud island and listened to the real story of the sacred war. He said that this war was inevitable. Now there are many famous monks in various religions, and now the chaos has become like a sacred war. Even the master once said that if we want to be safe and not to leave the island …"
Wen Zhong shook his head and wry smile way "brother said I know, but how can I be abandoned at will by Shang Wang En? Mortals once said that there are tigers in the mountains, and I am favored by tigers in the mountains. Since I am rich, I naturally have to compete. Since it is not so easy to get out of the game. "
Zhao Gong shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Brother Dao misunderstood me. When I was playing in Floating Cloud Island with my three sisters, Uncle Zeng Zeng was empty. I got a ring. My three sisters each got a set of jewelry. On that day, he once said that this thing could resolve a disaster that I had been waiting for. Now I think it should be in response to the bad momentum of this God War, and the master refused to lightly follow the world. I am waiting for the floating cloud island to ask for good or ill luck."
Everyone nodded slightly when they heard this, and the Taoist priest’s name was loud and clear. His evolution was even more famous. Everyone heard that Zhao Gong was familiar with each other, and his heart was full of joy. Wouldn’t it be a lot less detours if he had to give directions to practice?
Wen Zhong was first pleased and then his eyebrows screwed up. He took a look at the Duke of Zhao and shook his head with a wry smile. "Brother, we always cut off our younger brothers, so it’s hard for the floating cloud island to ask for help. It’s just that I’m afraid of teaching and I don’t like it. Please ask Brother to think twice."
Zhao Gong nodded slightly and his eyebrows screwed up. He suddenly Zhan Yan laughed. "Brother Dao, I’m confused. We can’t go and ask my three sisters to help me directly to see Uncle Qing Xu. Wouldn’t it be good for the three of them to ask for an idea in the name of visiting?"
Wen Zhong nodded exultantly, saying, "It’s just right for Brother Dao to say that it’s the Three Immortals, but please ask Brother Dao to leave here. It’s necessary to delay the news of Brother Dao."
Without hesitation, the Duke of Zhao went out to sing a song and went straight to the island where Sanxiao lived.
Sanxiao was not enthusiastic about worldly things, and when he heard that the Duke of Zhao came out to meet him, he was also welcome, so he told the whole story and went to ask for a way.
Yunxiao listened and shook his head and sighed, "Brother, you are so confused. Don’t you remember the master’s words? Instead of persuading Brother Wendao to get involved himself, Uncle Qingxu gave me a magic weapon, but it made me hide like you. Isn’t this a waste of time for Uncle Qingxu? Like you, I have the face. Does the floating cloud island ask uncle Qing Xu about your life? "
Zhao Gong shook his head again and again with a wry smile. "Sister, you didn’t know that Brother Wendao didn’t know who he had heard, saying that I had to rebel against the North Sea quickly. How can I not make moves?" Three sisters still bother to go to the virtual temple on the floating cloud island and ask martial uncle Qingxu once to make the sky stable, so there is no need to squander the merits. "
Next to Qiong Xiao, seeing Zhao Gong say this, my heart is also full of sighs. "Sister and brother are so begging for help, so you promised to think about it. The empty reality also has a lot of love for us. We have never gone to visit since our return. There is nothing wrong with seeing my brother and brother Wen asking for uncle once."
Bi Xiao listened to it and nodded repeatedly. "Elder sister, I don’t know why you ordered my brothers not to join the WTO casually. Joining the WTO is to seal the gods’ list. Celebrities don’t know what the abacus is. It’s not a way to go here. I’ll go for help. Elder martial uncle Qing Xu knows and won’t say anything. We’ll go."
Hearing this, Zhao Gong nodded again and again. "Won’t you help me when I wait for my brother and sister?" Speaking of this, there is a slight displeasure in the tone.
Chapter 29 Good medicine tastes bitter and is good for illness. flying bear leaves the foundation early.
Seeing Zhao Gong’s fierce words in the sky, he nodded gently. "In that case, my two sisters and I will take a trip, but the floating clouds island group has built many Qing Xu uncles and often doesn’t see you in the palace. Don’t blame us."
Zhao Gong repeatedly nodded, "Know how to go quickly."
Seeing Zhao Gong like this in Yunxiao, he shook his head and sighed lightly. His brother is good everywhere, but he is too loyal. Friends can risk their lives. Doesn’t he know how to teach the true fairy strength? Since the beginning of time, how many secret methods have been used to kill people without seeing blood?
Worried that the sky crossed Qingluan and drank low, he went to the floating cloud island. Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao also crossed the mount and went to the floating cloud island. Zhao Gong wanted to wait here and feared what happened to Wen Zhong in the Chaoge. He hesitated slightly and charged the island girl with a few words of self-rotation Chaoge first.
The clouds are full of sorrow, and the road is sighing. Bi Xiao saw the doubts in his heart and asked, "Sister, why don’t you look like this just to go to the floating cloud island?" Why are you so nervous? " Aside Qiong Xiao quipped, "My sister knows that she is excited to see Qing Xushi, and she is afraid that Qing Xushi will not be on the island." Speaking of this, she can’t help smiling at her mouth first.
Yunxiao shook his head and sighed, "Don’t be kidding. Do you recognize Uncle Xu as a doer? At that time, he gave the three of us a set of jewelry and a ring to my brother. I still didn’t understand it that day. Now it seems that we are afraid of being involved in the gods war. It’s a pity that my brother still doesn’t know it. What if something happens? "
Blue clouds eyes suddenly tightened her thoughtfully for a moment and suddenly sneered, "Sister, who are you afraid of? Explain which one is your opponent? If we really commit crimes, we will discipline them to go back and forth. "
After saying his word, I suddenly heard a National People’s Congress say with smile, "But what if there is a small fight?"? It’s true that three sisters are miraculous, but can three sisters be saints? Even the three younger sisters have nothing to do if Yuan Shibo makes moves! At that time, Master Tongtian was far away from Wan Li. If he could make it, who could save the three sisters from the fire and water? "
Three clouds face is a nasty look up only to see Kong Xuan smiling high in the clouds with a huge flat peach in his hand.
Qiong Xiao couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw this. Kong Xuan and Li Suiyun didn’t learn anything good. They looked like their master, as if they hadn’t eaten fairy fruit for years, and they all wolfed down their food
Clouds frown at Kong Xuan low way "brother how come here? My two sisters and I were just about to visit martial uncle Qingxu on the floating cloud island, and we didn’t want to meet our brother here. "
Kong Xuan swallowed the flat peach in one gulp, then took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and wiped it himself. Then he nodded, "The three sisters won’t go to the master’s old man’s house. I knew you three would come and asked me to meet you on the island, so you won’t go."
Yunxiao’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, but Bixiao beat him to say, "Where did Martial Uncle Qing Xu visit again? Brother, you can take us there."
Kong Xuan shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Master, his old man’s house has never been out of the island. He also knows that your reason is to ask me to come here to charge you to seal the gods’ list of lives. Whoever laughs at the end will be ruthless and ruthless."
Three clouds startled into the sky thoughtfully for a moment to Kong Xuandao, "Brother Qing Xu, Martial Uncle, said this but meant it? Is there any reason for this? Please give me some advice. "
Kong Xuan scratched his head and said softly, "I’m not sure about this, but I heard the master say that this list of gods is just a decree of the heavenly saints. It’s to restrain the saints. If we were killed in the war, we would be famous in the natural list, but if we escaped a life, we also avoided this robbery."
Bixiao suddenly realized and nodded, "So that’s it. I’m going to make a list of gods for nothing. The number of people missing from heaven will naturally be over, and the war will be over."
Kong Xuan smiled and didn’t say right or wrong, but his heart was dark and praised Bixiao Jing for guessing exactly. This was the result he got after grinding Li Suiyun for a long time.
Yunxiao thoughtfully for a long time and finally sighed. Kong Xuandao always said, "Did Martial Uncle ever say that we can have that evasive method? Fighting and killing is always harmful to the Qing dynasty. "
Kong Xuan listened and nodded gently. "Before I left, Master once told me that Yunxiao Fairy is the most merciful, but I don’t want to kill more evil. If you really ask, it’s easy to avoid it, but it’s easy to close the cave door and seal your Sanxian Island. That’s why everything is worrying.
But if you do this, there are general difficulties. Can you put friendship and brotherly affection together? "Speaking of which, he repeatedly lamented that obviously his heart didn’t agree with him.
Yunxiao bowed his head and pondered for a long time before sighing, "I really don’t have that kind of heartlessness. What on earth did Martial Uncle Qing Xu let you come here for? I’ll send you a trip if you don’t end up with a few things. After all, there are a few maid magical powers around Martial Uncle, and such trivial things will bother you. "
Kong Xuan nodded. "You are so clever that the master guessed that you would never stand by and tell me to help you guys. I will protect the lives of your four brothers and sisters with one arm, but I can say that I will protect the safety of the four of you first, and I will never protect Yin Shang from his brother."
Bixiao listened to the small mouth and pursed his eyes. "Qing Xu Shi Shu is really loved. Brother Kong Xuan is really stingy. Is it necessary to protect Yin Shang?" I really don’t understand what you are fighting for. "She also knows that Kong Shentong’s brothers and sisters won the championship. This time, he has four brothers and sisters, but there are also many guarantees.
Yunxiao’s heart is a little unhappy with Kong Xuan’s big talk, but she also knows that Kong Xuan today is much worse than that day. He is afraid of mixed yuan and is not his opponent. I really don’t know how he practices, although he is a heterogeneous Taoist practitioner, but he is so profound.
The four men decided to go back to Sanxian Island. They didn’t want the Duke of Zhao to leave here and immediately went to the place where he sang songs. After such an explanation, Master Wen couldn’t help frowning and worrying. Obviously, he was hesitant.
Kong Xuan also ignored the intercepting younger brother in the hall to see his eyes looking big and smiling and found the most comfortable seat. He learned to follow Li Suiyun’s appearance and took out a small teapot from his arms to drink tea slowly and happily.
Wen Zhong thought for a long time and suddenly looked up at Kong Xuan for advice. "Kong Daoyou, do you think we should be so good now? Please also ask Daoyou Tiancangsheng to consider a good policy to make it even every day. "
Kong Xuan sneered, "That Wu Chengwang turned out to sing songs. This is still a small matter. Why did Ji Chang so recklessly leave the thief?" This is a great sin. If you raise an army of 300,000 troops and adjust the sky, the elites of all walks of life will first break the Western Differentiation and then destroy Nanbo and then destroy Dongbo, then the sky will be fixed. "
From time to time, Bigan said, "That’s not true. That Xibo Hou Rende is famous all over the world. If you attack him, you will lose people’s hope. This will trap my big business in injustice."
Kong Xuan laughed. "Why do you say this as a civil servant? I think you are stupid to read before you have such words. That Xibohou bribed people to make heaven and man say everything. Xibo Rende said that Zhou Wang was so tyrannical. You have to appease him. You are really stupid to read. "
Wen Zhong thought for a moment and then said, "Then Brother Yidao should see that we are like breaking the west?"
Kong Xuan just laughed. It was clear in his heart that Li Suiyun wanted to make sure that it was the "Boyi test" that could cover the nest. If Xiqiao city is really broken, even if it is cheap, what can you get in the end after a hard work?
When Zhao Gong saw Kong Xuan smiling, he knew that there would be a plan. He smiled slightly. "Brother Kong will be like this. I know you have a plan. Please say that you are not willing to make a move. I will not bother you again."
Kong Xuan thoughtfully finally nodded, "If I heard a surname in season, a brigade of Beibohou was divided into Xiqiao troops, and then an army of 300,000 troops was mobilized to invite talented people from all walks of life to repair Mount Tai’s coping potential and destroy Xiqiao in one fell swoop, then the southeast two Hou would not dare to shake the sky."
The Devil’s Four Commanders sneered, "It’s hard to break Xiqiao. My four brothers will sacrifice their treasures to the middle of the night. Although it hurts the sky, it also saves the army from running around."
Kong Xuan listened to laugh quite disdain tunnel "that’s easy for you to say? Hum, Xiqiao is just a city. If you want to break it, it’s easy. But don’t forget that there are many true fairies behind Xiqiao. You have great magical powers. Your magic weapon is powerful. Can you resist a series of onslaughts by your brother? Can you resist a meta-attack? "
The four generals of the Magic Family frowned. They knew the Yuan terror and explained that Jin Xian was terrible. At most, the four of them were monks of the same level as Wen Zhong, while Jin Xian was the master of Wen Zhong. They still knew it.

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Jun 22, 2024
Ye Fei made from the DPRK Gu Qingshan expression of eyes.

The two left the cemetery and walked to the road outside the cemetery.
Ye Fei can’t talk without Gu Qingshan.
"She said she fell from the building and died when she was drunk," Ye Fei said suddenly.
"But she never drinks."
"Goddess of Justice" Gu Qingshan Road
The goddess of justice sounded "Liu Shijun, a federal citizen, drank too much alcohol and fell to his death from the fifth floor"
Gu Qingshan said, "What’s the truth?"
"A young master in Wang Jiayi lost his mind after drinking too much and pushed her out of the fifth floor and fell to death."
"The Wangs are nine houses, and I’m not ready to remember them for the time being."
The goddess of justice explained
Two people silently.
Ye Fei was dazed for a moment and asked, "How did my girlfriend get together with him?"
"At that time, her family was trapped, and the young master said that she could save her parents before she agreed to associate."
"What about her parents?" Gu Qingshan asked
The goddess of justice answered succinctly.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Beautiful clown
Gu Qingshan see Ye Fei from.
Ye Fei said calmly from the accident that "all big noble were heroes when the nobles of the Nine Houses of History founded the Federation, and they had made a feat to praise the whole world."
He asked inexplicably, "What will happen to their descendants? What nine nobles are like this now? "
"Because the current nobles did not inherit the spirit of their ancestors, they only inherited the strength."
Gu Qingshan explained that "when a person does not control and hurt others without being punished for it, then this person is likely to become synonymous with evil."
"What is this?"
"Lucifer effect, this is human nature."
Ye Fei said thoughtfully, "Do you think I should avenge her?"
"What want to revenge for her? You have already broken up "Gu Qingshan cold way.
Ye Fei hurried away and said, "Yes, but I can understand her-she also died in the last days or her family lived better in the last days."
"She abandoned you" Gu Qingshan mercilessly.
"What if she’s dead and I want to dispute with her? Besides, I am no longer human, but the happiness she brought me is the most precious memory of my human time. "
Ye Fei finally said, "I have always thanked her."
Gu Qingshan listened carefully and smiled a little.
"It’s good to get revenge. Don’t go overnight." He said.
"I’m going to kill people-kill an ordinary human. Won’t you stop me?" Ye Fei looked at him from the way
Gu Qingshan said, "Although you have become a murderer, you have never realized one thing."
"What is it?" Ye Fei asked.

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Jun 22, 2024
Chapter one hundred and one LiuReGong identity

Chapter one hundred and one LiuReGong identity
At that time, Violet Sword Fairy Taibai and Gong Xueyu didn’t know what to do.
Maybe Xu Shao can get along with himself after he returns to Kyushu and gets forgotten memories. After all, neither Qinglian Sword Fairy Taibai nor Gong Xueyu has a thorough understanding of fate.
Behind Bai Jiusheng’s back, Xue Yu, a few men from the Xiuzhen Academy, whispered to the violet sword fairy Taibai, "Are you really going to save Xu Shao back to Kyushu?"
Male Xue Yu is so powerful that Violet Sword Fairy is too white without the slightest irritation. He took a look at Male Xue Yu and then laughed. "Even I helped him destroy the big family background of Zhongzhou Li’s family …"
Touch m not to the sword hilt violet sword fairy Taibai whispered, "if possible, I hope Xu Shao can grow up in the mainland and then come back and directly benefit the spirit bead into the forbidden area! It is possible to save his life by making a half-step joint venture in Jin Xian and then returning to Kyushu mainland! "
Gong Xue Yu nodded with a smile and said, "I also hope that he can grow up quickly. At the beginning, the power of Wan Jian’s return to the motherland was shocking to me. If it wasn’t for the two of us who were not afraid of him, Wan Jian wouldn’t have gone wild!"
Violet sword fairy Taibai laughed. "This time it’s not so easy for him to hone his desire to achieve true fairy through Shinto …"
At this time, Xu Shao will not think that his good master has decided not to rescue him for the time being, and he really wants him to do more training in the mainland of Tianzhou.
Fighting all night has consumed Xu Shao’s too much strength. Even if he is in a perfect state and lacks memory, he can’t let go of the decision of resisting violet sword fairy Taibai.
When the morning sun appeared in the east, Xu Shao and others finally breathed a sigh of relief …
-this night is finally over!
The purple carving leader has sent people to collect the bodies of more than 30 assassins and sent several maids to bring twelve green teas.
After the maid left, Xu Shao made a glance at Ye Xiang Yu. She cried and pulled out a silver hairpin from the beginning and handed it to Xu Shao after it was stained with poison.
Xu Shaoduan took the teacup and was about to drink tea when he suddenly saw Liu Rehong appear at the door, his eyes staring at him ruthlessly …
Xu Shao smiled and said to her naturally, "I’m sorry it’s already dawn!" "
Liu Ruohong said coldly, "I won’t let you see the leader!" Talking, he drew his sword and waved his hand at Xu Shao’s throat at a distance.
Xu Shaozheng was sitting at the table at this time, unexpectedly, he pushed the table and even took eleven cups at the same table to fly to Liu Rehong together …
Liu Rehong flicker to avoid splashing hot tea and split the table in half with a knife and sneer at a way: "Don’t you have a bad temper? Do you want to end it now? "
Xu Shao casually slammed the teacup to the ground and said, "Come on! Now I want you to see who can’t see the leader! "
Two people rushed out of the hospital in tandem and fought …
This time, Xu Shao is very confident. This is the most confident time he has shown in front of Liu Rehong!
Because he got Cher’s skill for ten years, he also learned to point to the string. Although Liu Rehong’s martial art is still much higher than him, he believes that he has been able to cope.
Liu Rehong knows how to knife, which Xu Shao already knows, otherwise she wouldn’t have appeared in Longyang Town with a feather phoenix knife.
But Xu Shao didn’t expect her to be so good at knives! She is almost an expert in knives.
Her art of using saber is composed and sophisticated, mixed with the style of Violet Sect’s "Violet Sharp Knife", which is overwhelming to Xu Shaoshen. I’m afraid even Cher may not be better at using saber.
Xu Shao has pulled out his sword, and his left hand sword and right hand nòng string "Violet Excalibur" and "Finger of the Celestial String" have been displayed by him at the same time, which is a very spectacular picture.
Now Xu Shao has been at odds with Liu Rehong in the fight. Although he is powerless, he has too many miscellaneous studies and knows how to move flexibly. At that time, the third master of Purple Carving Sect really couldn’t help it.
The two sides played more than 30 strokes, and Liu Ruohong slapped Xu Shao to see the palm force and speed!
Xu Shao quickly withdrew from the body while Tian Xian pointed to meet "Bang!" How far did two people go backwards at the same time …
At this time, a Hong Zhong general voice came from not far away. "Is this a hospitality road for Xing Ji?"
Punishment Ji Wen immediately stopped his knife and scabbard.
Xu Shao and others have guessed that this is the "Purple Carving Master" and the sentence of thirteen has arrived.
See punishment hierarch a face of Qiu beard age in fifty years old, black face, height and waist are also feet …
-Xu Shao almost laughed because he saw him like he saw a blue brick!
However, the expression of the punishment leader is not as funny as his figure. Not only is it not funny, but it is also very embarrassing. It is a kind of domineering.
The punishment leader looked at Xu Shao coldly and asked, "Are you Xin Cheng Long Yi?"
"I am"
"Are you here to kill me?"
"I am"
When answering this question, Xu Shao was very serious, and his tone also exuded an inspiring spirit!
The leader of the punishment smiled at him because he had a fight in hand, and his status and martial arts didn’t care what a "Mao has a small head" said.
Then his big hand was held in Xu Shao’s right hand. Xu Shao wanted to hide but didn’t hide.
When I hold it to Xu Shao, it hurts like a broken bone. The left hand sword was just about to rush to the "rescue" punishment leader, but with the other hand, I threw out a palm force and Xu Shaojian flew away …
Seal the fourth-class people’s congress to draw a sword, but Liu Rehong has pulled out his knife and blocked their way.
Y Ρ n Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ Ρ??929
This sentence goes out and all the fourth-class people are stupid, because if they are not completely sure, they will not continue to keep the lives of Xu Shao and others. Since he is willing to keep them, he said that all of them together will not pose too much threat to him.
-is it true that thirteen martial arts punishments are so severe today?
The punishment leader stared at Xu Shao’s face and gave a seemingly gentle smile, but at the end of this smile, his hand became more and more powerful. Xu Shao’s whole hand was almost crushed for him! Xu Shao, on the other hand, fought back the pain and his face didn’t even have a painful expression, as if the hand was not him.
The punishment leader suddenly nodded and said, "You are really worthy of Xin Chenglong’s righteousness. You have backbone like your father!"
Xu Shao laughed, but no one could have imagined that he was still laughing at this time.
"The punishment leader has won the prize!"
The punishment leader said in a cold voice, "But you are more stupid than your father. Your father endured for thirteen years and didn’t dare to call me Purple Carving. You came to die at an early age! ….. Don’t you know that I have already practiced "Violet Sword Combination"? "
Xu Shao smiled again, smiling so brilliantly …
"I don’t understand why you can practice" The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword "without mental skills?"
The punishment leader laughed and the laugh was deafening. "I really didn’t get Wu Hongyi’s idea of that fool, but don’t forget that there is no solution to all the problems in this world. Wujiabao’s The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword is a sharp sword and a heavy sword, while mine is a sharp sword and a heavy sword! Different methods have different powers, but I don’t care about your Xin family any more! "
Xu Shaoxiao already stiff …
The leader of punishment added, "Actually, you can’t blame yourself for coming to die today, because I intentionally stopped several important pieces of information from your detective horse. One was in The Combination of Violet Sword and Sword, and the other was the fiasco of Qinglong Escort Agency and Yefeng Village … I wanted to take this opportunity to attract Xin Chenglong, but I didn’t expect him to send his own children to die, but I’m glad that your talent can be cleaned up by me before becoming a first-class master. That’s a great thing!"
No one thought that the plan of "decisive battle against Wujiabao" was a trap set by the leader of Purple Carving, and his purpose was to destroy the Hausin family, because the only force that could fight against Purple Carving was the Hausin family.
Xu Shao and others know this now, but it’s too late. They have stepped into the trap of "Wujiabao". The most terrible thing inside is that Xin Yanyan doesn’t know about it outside.
Even if they want to tell her, how can the purple carving master teach them to get out?
Perhaps the real intention of the Purple Carving Master is to let them see their own troops wiped out, so that he can show his domineering spirit and make everyone unsatisfied in Jiuquan.
-good y and n risk purple carving leader!
Just after the Purple Carving Master had said all the necessary words, he finally released Xu Shao’s hand. Xu Shaoma’s counterattack was not effective, because the Purple Carving Master also had a "shaped gas shield" around his body, which was a very powerful defense. People must first have amazing power, and the fingers of the string could not penetrate this layer of defense.
Then Xu Shao ate the purple carving leader’s palm and the whole person flew out.
The Purple Carving Master drew a knife and waved his hand far to him. "Snoop …" After a flash of fire, the ground cracked a long crack!
-this kind of power is not much different from the sword of the "Ghost Crying God" of the "Sword Emperor" Wu Leshan!
-this is the purple carving master "heavy knife"!
See this recruit almost everyone is desperate …

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Jun 21, 2024
If one day, if you can reach the level of three saints, how terrible will your exclusive skills be?

No wonder this award was given before the reunification, which is a big incentive for yourself.
Gu Qingshan recovered slightly after watching the reward.
I can’t face it, I can’t hide it, I might as well put my mind right.
Qin Xiaolou came to pull him to a palace behind Baihua Hall.
He said excitedly, "Teacher younger brother, you have to pick a mount."
Qin Xiaolou was heartless, but he didn’t find Gu Qingshan was wrong.
He was a little upset and said, "Master is good with many spirit beasts, but he is very strict with me on weekdays and won’t let me come and play."
Gu Qingshan barely smiled. "Brother, what is your mount?"
"Me?" Qin Xiaolou ha ha a smile and pulled out a spirit beast bag.
"Brother, please look!"
See him patted the spirit beast bag suddenly a huge shadow fell from the sky covering the line of sight of two people.
A giant tortoise two stories high fell and the earth trembled.
This is a frost and mysterious turtle, and it is not bad to reach the second stage of watery strength.
"What’s the so-called fighting?" Qin Xiaolou presented a treasure like a way. "The key is that its tortoise shell has frost bonus, and it is easy to deflect when it is attacked."
"Look at the thickness of this tortoise shell again. It’s amazing!"
Gu Qingshan wondered, "But what does it have to do with defending against high heels?"
"You don’t know that," Qin Xiaolou said proudly. "I made great efforts to put three arrays in the tortoise shell so that I could hide in the tortoise shell in case the demon attacked me."
Gu Qingshan watched him carefully until he was sure that he was not joking.
Qin Xiaolou has this charm that makes you unconsciously divert your attention and forget your worries.
"Well, it’s a wonderful idea. Second brother, please accept it first. It’s too heavy for you and me." Gu Qingshan said.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Spirit beast
"Well, I didn’t pay attention when I put it just now." Qin Xiaolou suddenly said
He didn’t receive the frost turtle.
Two people get up and pat the dust.
After walking for a while, Qin Xiaolou pointed to a big hall and said, "Here is the place."
Gu Qingshan looked up and saw the palace with three big characters written on it.
When they walked in, they saw the red rope hanging in the whole hall, and the spirit beast cards hung down from the hall.
Gu Qingshan released his mind to see each card with the name of the spirit beast written in fine print.

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Jun 21, 2024
From this day on, Xiao Wen once again lived a life without leaving the door.

Ri flies by day, and it’s been more than a month in a blink of an eye. It’s still ten days before Ri. Xiao Wen finally made a new gain in stone painting!
In fact, there have been a lot of refining methods for flying fairies in stone paintings. However, before the promotion of high-order fairies, those fairies could not be refined even if they were refined. After he was really promoted, he was not in such a hurry. After all, those flying fairies did not appear how extraordinary they were, and they could not be compared with each other.
In this more than a month, Xiao Wen spent half his time digging, because at this time, mining is not only a high magical way, but also a spiritual cultivation! This is killing two birds with one stone, even if you spend more money, you can’t do it!
After digging for more than a month, his physical strength has nearly doubled, and the minerals around the geogas compass have finally been dug up by him, leaving little.
The fly in the ointment is that there are many new fairy wares in Qi Dian, but they don’t surprise Xiao Wen.
But today, Xiao Wen’s boring Ri has finally come to an end. There is another excellent fairy in the Code of Instruments!
"flying frost! Flying fairy high-order fairy can control the flying speed created by a woman in the extreme west of the celestial world, which can enter the top three in the same order fairy … "
Top three! In fact, it’s enough to see the first three words. As soon as Xiao Wen’s heart surges up, don’t say anything and practice quickly!
This sword actually needs nine kinds of materials to be refined, but these nine kinds of materials are not produced in extreme cold, and it is difficult to pick a precious one! You don’t have to ask Xiao Wen to know that if you let the celestial beings get these nine kinds of materials, even if you know that they can be refined into flying frost swords, you will be reluctant to part with them! But for him, all the materials are ready-made, and the content is 100%. It doesn’t have to be pure, but it needs to be dug …
Xiao Wen had nine kinds of materials for a long time, but several of them were not good enough. Before he entered the mine again through the geogas compass, he dug whatever he wanted. Now he has to dig this extremely cold material. After going in and out of the mine several times, it turned out to be shivering with cold. However, at the thought that flying frost is the top three in the same order fairy, he once again rushed into the mine with all his strength and anger.
The top three, that is to say, even among the five giants, there are few three giants who can’t come up with such fairy wares! !
The first failure …
Waved a lot of materials, Xiao asked, chanting a few sins against the rolling mountains in the stone painting and refining for the second time …
The second time still failed!
Xiao asked, after all, it was the first time that a serious flying fairy was refined and a flying frost sword was added, and it was indeed very demanding on refining techniques. Those materials naturally became waves again …
Before the third time, Xiao Wen summed up an experience very seriously before refining.
But a little ordinary …
Refining! The fourth time!
Success again! ! And the quality is better than the third one!
But Xiao Wen is still not satisfied. This time, he is determined not to give up until the highest level is refined!
He is now more and more aware of the importance of having a good fairy. If you take a very ordinary fairy and grind it, it is simply worth grinding it for a long time!
It was not until the sixth and sixth Xiao Wen finally refined his highest level!
After the stone painting hut, Xiao Wen slowly collected the force, but the green frost sword did not fall but was suspended in the water
The blade is about four feet long and the edge is streamlined, but it is not so easy to see through the blade. Because the blade is sending out a little bit of cold, the hilt in the blade looks a little hazy. The Se surface is symmetrical, extremely simple and semi-transparent, and it also sends out cold, which looks quite mysterious.
When Xiao Wen got up on a whim, he jumped directly to fly. The frost sword was quivering, but it didn’t quiver, so he firmly caught Xiao Wen’s force. He just poured into the frost sword and suddenly the blade changed. The cold turned out to be suddenly thicker, and there were snowflakes condensing and flying in the nearby air!
PS flying frost sword celestial celestial realm flying speed top three celestial devices anyone want? Take it to pretend to be a b, a girl thief! What? Want both? ! I don’t have to. I’m just asking … Hey, who hit me with a mineral water bottle? ! !
More to the address
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven blazing (for 4 votes! )
Xiao asked a little to strengthen the road force and input the green frost chill, which directly covered the range of Fiona Fang. The range was covered with glittering and translucent snowflakes as if it had entered winter!
Xiao Wen has completely liked this green frost sword before the official flight. How cool it is! If you show it to Huo Xiang, you can’t kill that little envy. I’m afraid Ma Gai Xiu Dao Xin has it?
You can’t see a sword holding Xiao’s feet when flying. It’s a snow cloud in Fiona Fang!
However, there is a range of ten feet in the stone painting, but Xiao asked Fei Gen to display his carelessness and he simply jumped out of the stone painting.
As soon as Xiao Wen returned to reality, he went directly to the courtyard and looked across the hall. The door was still locked, and his chivalrous female senior sister Chu Nianrou was obviously not in the peak.
Xiao asked nothing, but a green light flew out of his right hand and drew an arc in the middle, then stopped firmly at a height of half a foot in front of him.
Xiao asked, take a deep breath, push your feet to the ground and jump to the green frost.
Carefully adjusted a posture and slightly asked Xiao to bow down, which made Daoli pour into the green frost. In an instant, I saw that the cold rose by ten feet, and all the snow melted, and the blue frost sword rushed into the middle with Xiao asked!
Xiao asked that this was the first time that he dared not fly too fast, but without much meeting, he further increased his speed. He could feel that the strength of the green frost sword had not been brought into full play!
Then I saw Xiao Wen fly over the peak quickly, and it didn’t take long for the meeting to turn around the large building several times. His actions finally attracted some people’s attention. Those who took turns in the three generations of brothers in the Buddhist Scripture Building, the ancestral hall and other places, as well as those who came to the peak for other reasons, all looked at him outside.
Xiao Wen is also more daring to finally play the green frost speed to one thousand one hundred percent! At this time, the snow cloud has expanded a lot because of the force, and because the speed of the green frost sword is too fast, the snow cloud has been pulled into a nearly three-foot-long cloud line, and the snow is flying in this line, and the green frost sword finally shows its subtle light after the airflow hedge, but the J Ο ng pure blade looks like it was carved by ice for thousands of years!
The speed is already first-class, and the dazzling degree is no less than that of some real fairies and fairies. Those who recognized Xiao Wen have already sighed. This mother is really more popular than people. Why does he get started less than three months ago?
Xiao Wenmeng, the head, was lost and rushed towards the outside of the clear peak!
He used to fly at the top of the mountain, even if he dropped it, he would fall on the mountain at most, but once he rushed outside the peak, it would be completely different. If he fell off a cliff, he would definitely fall into powder …
But Xiao Wen still rushed out!
Rushed out of the cliff moment Xiao asked the in the mind still quiver a little guilty almost want to turn back.

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Jun 20, 2024
"What other choice do you want?" Tong Wen asked

"I want to kill the fire."
Gu Qingshan slightly pondered and continued, "Yes, it’s a good thing to kill two birds with one stone. If I kill that fire, Su Xueer will settle my former feud."
The God of War explained that "this is the most difficult goal to achieve in the strategic evaluation of the system. If you are not careful, you will die or be possessed."
"So in your assessment, do I hope to achieve this goal?"
"there is little hope"
"That is hope," Gu Qingshan continued. "Since there is hope, I will do it."
Tong was silent for a few minutes and asked, "You don’t have to do this. Why do you insist on making such a choice?"
"Because this is a must."
Gu Qingshan said with a sigh.
He stared at all the emptiness and seemed to be in some kind of mood.
At this moment, his eyes seemed to penetrate the time and looked at those years.
Those who fought side by side.
People who can’t see hope and cry in the dark
People who travel all the way and end up together.
Although I was an orphan, I didn’t feel lonely in the last time of my previous life.
Gu Qingshan’s tone is low and firm.
"I have been white since I was born again. I am not living alone."
"When something happens again, you know you have to face it and overcome it."
"I want to get justice for everyone."
He said what was on his mind and took a long breath and continued, "so can you set me another option?" In this way, I will fight freely. "
"If you can’t set options …"
"Then I’ll throw everything myself to face the fire."
"I will try my best"
Listen to it silently
When it was silent for a breath
Suddenly, lines of brand-new red fine print appeared in the interface of God of War.
"You are a real man in a bloody battle, and your decision will surely break through fate. Whether you are alive or dead, you are ashamed to be named."
"Your choice proves that you deserve the title of God of War."
"The system has completed the corresponding adjustment."
"From today, fate will be cancelled."
"The system will be updated in three seconds"
"official line of god of war"
Chapter five hundred and thirty-two God of War
Fate has been canceled. Ares official line
Gu Qingshan doubt looking at the ares fuck interface.
-What’s the difference between the two systems?
See ares interface side a new icon lit up.
This icon is ranked as the fifth icon to be lit after "the skill of the god of war", "the magical power of the god of war", "the name of the god of war" and "the chronology of the end".
It’s interesting that this icon is different from other icons, but Gu Qingshan is fighting with a sword.
With Gu Qingshan’s line of sight marked with fine print, the icon appears.
"New options are generated and selected"
"Your choice has been accepted by all."
"The corresponding adjustment of the system has been completed"

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Jun 20, 2024
"Dark goods" means that the government does not allow ordinary people to own or sell things, but also some animals and equipment that are not dangerous in origin, especially those that come to Thailand, osawa and Thailand.

Liu Xiangzhu’s actions can’t hide from him for a long time. Guo Xiaosi did the preliminary work of forging the receipt from a train of Teng warehouses half a month ago, so that Guo Xiaosi Bai Chunyangmen would do something that the government could not know this time.
However, Guo Xiaosi people are quick to tell others that there is no wind and no curiosity in front of Lord Xiang Liu. It is Guo Xiaosi’s accumulated experience in recent years that he should not ask things.
On this day, Lord Liu Xiang called Guo Xiaosi to accompany him to the C-shaped warehouse at the dock to see Guo Xiaosi’s heart thumped, knowing that Xiang Liu had mainly told himself something.
Neither of them is dressed as a pure yangmen guild. One is that the incense master is high enough, and there is no need to wear that golden seal for ostentation. The other is that he has not even thought about wearing the door and is not qualified.
Two people walking in the willow-shaded riverbank in their forties, Liu Xiangzhu is as warm as an angry father, fourteen-year-old Guo Xiaosi and a childlike teenager.
Liu Xiang is kind-hearted and slightly elegant. The river wind blows a blue gown and hunts. Guo Xiaosi is not the master of Xiang Liu. He will not believe that this Confucian businessman or shopkeeper is actually a master of kung fu.
Guo Xiaosi has practiced kungfu, which is an introduction, but it’s ok to give directions on weekdays. It’s not too much to dare to learn from him among more than 100 brothers outside Chunyang Gate in Laifu Inn.
Guo Xiaosi once thought of worshipping Master Xiang Liu, but Lord Xiang Liu said that Guo Xiaosi’s talent is not good, and the chakras tend to be feminine, which is not suitable for practicing pure Yang Kung Fu. Although he is young now, he can’t see the gap, but he will be pulled by other brothers after he is 24 years old.
Liu Xiangzhu also knows that Guo Xiaosi’s life is based in Chunyangmen, that is, his younger brother’s life. If he wants to successfully become a younger brother, he must either make great contributions to Chunyangmen or get the most favor by comparing his talents. Children with natural pure yang constitution are suitable for practicing Chunyangmen’s kungfu.
Although Guo Xiaosi was depressed for a while, he soon put these troubles behind his memory. When he was a child, nine out of ten meals were not enough to eat. Now, Liu Xiangzhu pays two taels of silver every month, and the reward is about five or six taels of copper. After a few years of accumulation, he can buy a few acres of good paddy fields and two long-term workers to let his old parents live a leisurely life.
Thought of here, Guo Xiaosi is also very comfortable in his heart. When he is fourteen, he can consider buying some fields. When he is sixteen, let alone those girls in the countryside, they will ask for a matchmaker at home. It is not impossible to marry a girl who looks like someone in a calm city.
The river wind is blowing in the late summer and early autumn, and Guo Xiaosi walks a little bit.
That batch of iron ingots was single four times smaller.
Guo Xiaosi immediately braced himself and replied, "We have been in town for a long time, and the Zhangjia blacksmith’s shop and boathouse have all done enough work in water transportation. We have finished the article and got five more goods than you asked."
Liu Xiangzhu nodded his head. These little things have always been done in Guo Xiaosi, and it is very reassuring to be refreshing whether it is the connection between the past and the future or the documents.
Liu Xiangzhu’s business at the southern branch of Chunyangmen has been going on for more than 20 years. This year, nearly 50 years later, I gradually feel a little tired. When is the end of Jianghu things? Chunyangmen’s biggest influence on the previous day. The forces in the south have been weakened after last year’s battle. It is estimated that they will not be able to set off big waves after five years of rest, but the rule of Jianghu is that every sect needs fresh blood to supplement it.
It’s time to train someone to take my place, but it’s a pity that the talent of Xiao Si, a child, can’t make a great contribution, so he can’t be promoted to the status of a cousin in this life.
After thinking for a while, Liu Xiang asked Xiao Si, do you want to be a pure young man?
Chapter II Cattle Crossbow
Guo Xiaosi stared blankly for a moment, and then Ma Jing said, I miss my brother even in my dreams. Although my brother is dull, I can bear hardships and am willing to practice twice, three times and ten times harder than other disciples.
Guo Xiaosi, of course, dreamed of Chunyangmen, but it is a big gang of Sanguang League in today’s rivers and lakes.
Chunyangmen was also called the Golden Gate hundreds of years ago, and it was also called the Sun, Moon, Star and Three Light Phases together with the Taiyin Sect. These three sects are all one sect, which melted the Sun, Moon and Star into three gangs several years ago due to contradictions, but after all, they are allied by three factions, and their development forces get along well.
In today’s prosperous times, the court of the Great Song Dynasty advocated the rule of various gangs, and either the place or a certain business was bustling, making a river and lake very prosperous. The outside brothers of Chunyang Gate covered most of the water transport business, and the number of boathouses was really too great to underestimate.
What does it mean to be a younger brother of Chunyang? What does it mean to stop these petty things of gang business? The most important thing for younger brothers is to carry forward the martial arts of the door, and at the same time, to be the main power to control the place.
Those who are particularly favored will also have the opportunity to be recommended to the sect. The secret of cultivating immortals, who is behind the sect, has been stolen, and the secret has changed for a long time.
Of course, fairy tales are mostly from other people. No one can say for sure whether it is true or not. No one has ever seen immortals, and it seems that they have never seen immortals. Maybe if they did, they wouldn’t think that that person was immortals.
However, whenever I hear people talking about the fairy family style, it is common people in the street who don’t daydream.
Seeing Guo Xiaosi’s excitement, Liu Xiangzhu sighed and said, I am very satisfied with your dedication in your work, but the Jianghu is complicated, and in the future, you want to be the ultimate outside brother, that is, to be like me. Besides, the management position of the sinister side is not a blessing for you. Being a younger brother, you should practice hard and prolong your life, but it is also suitable for your simplicity of mind
This time, an important event in the gang needs to be completed by our southern branch brother. Although it is a little risky, it has been done without losing its merits. One thing is enough to sponsor you as a cousin. Are you willing to do this event?
Guo Xiaosi Ma Bai came over and knelt on the ground. First, three Xiangtou Xiangzhu cultivated feelings. Xiaosi dared not or forgot to say that it was such a good opportunity that Xiaosi was willing to help Xiangzhu.
Good, good, good, Liu Xiang nodded with satisfaction. Come with me.
Two people to speed up the pace to the dock Xiang Liu main with Guo Xiaosi went straight to the door of the C word warehouse.
In front of the door, there are several outside brothers waiting for you. When I see Liu Xiangzhu coming over one by one, Xiang Liu asks if the goods have arrived.
Guo Xiaosi, the first outside cousin, recognized Zhang Buer. They came from the same village, and they were not bad on weekdays. Zhang Buer was not bad at all, but he was one-track-minded and never beat around the bush.
Zhang Buer leaned down and answered that the main goods had arrived early today and had been inspected and there was nothing wrong.
Guo Xiaosi was a little surprised. It is said that every time he enters the goods, he will know that he has to go to his account, but this time the goods don’t seem to be on the account. Is it just to make false accounts yesterday to fill the gap today?
Small four, let’s go in and see Liu Xiang’s greeting.
Stepping into the warehouse door, I walked more than a dozen steps in, and then hit another door to see a huge thing in the warehouse, which was covered with a huge black tarpaulin, so that people could not see what the tarpaulin was.

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Jun 19, 2024
"The market? Uh, there should be … That ahem! Do you want nuclear fuel? "

Chu xiaoxiao "…"
Chapter 43 Behind the scenes
The words were silent for a long time over there when Nie Yunchu was raining to get angry, and she finally said.
"Is it your friend who built an aircraft carrier and can call a warship again?" Chu raining test way
"Uh ahem! Actually, he wouldn’t let me tell anyone, but since you guessed it, I won’t hide it from you. Right! That’s the grandson! It’s okay to fix such a dangerous thing. Look at this! " Yun Nie borrow slope donkey decisively to clean himself!
Chu xiaoxiao rolled his eyes. He can build an aircraft carrier and call a warship. Now he can even get nuclear fuel. Why not your friend?
"Ahem! No, forget it. I just asked casually! " Yun Nie carefully way
"It’s not necessarily impossible, but it’s too bizarre. I need to digest the information inside when I need it …"
Chu xiaoxiao has some brain aches, which is simply a challenge to her cognitive limit.
"That line! You slowly digest it, but my friend said that his goods don’t need money to barter! "
"hmm? What does he want to change? "
"He wants high-tech products, especially military industry, weapons and equipment, even if they are second-hand, if they are the world’s cutting-edge technology!"
Yun Nie thief refined Internet made him immediately plan to search the top technology of the earth after he opened his eyes. What if the nuclear power generator was made by analogy?
Even if you can’t upgrade the sea wolf, it’s very interesting!
The great fisherman must have that greatest car!
And he just learned that 9% of the world’s most advanced technology is due to the military industry. Relatively speaking, the people will fall behind for 5~1 years or more.
The Sea Wolf is naturally the best military product and the first choice for Yun Nie!
Yu Qian? Nie Yun can now say proudly, "That’s a number for the old man!"
"What? Military industry system? Weapons and equipment? Your friend is not engaged in arms trade, is he? " Chu raining confused way
It’s no wonder that Chu Xiaoxiao is so associated with aircraft carriers, warships and nuclear fuel.
"Well ahem! Almost! " Yun Nie vague way
"Then how much goods can he probably deliver?"
"A big tube full! Oh, no, I mean as much as you want! "
"psst ~" Chu took a deep breath in a gasp. It takes a lot of strength to dare to say such a thing.
If I knew what she was thinking, Yun Nie would probably laugh back and say, "I am a man from all over the world!"
For the whole ocean, the root of uranium needed by human beings is nine Niu Yi hairs, let alone a rabbit country. How much demand can it have if it dies? Yun Nie said this with great confidence.
"Well … this matter is too big. I have to make a touching investigation before I can tell you the result. After all, we have never done so … so partial door industry before our group." Chu Xiaoxiao said this with no confidence.
Yeah, it’s nuclear fuel in business. Can it be considered a bias? Which normal enterprise dares to touch this thing?
Well, it doesn’t seem right to say that. Which normal enterprise should have access to this thing? Nuclear fuel trading must be a national dialogue, and which company is qualified to participate?
"Well, I’ll wait for your news. There’s one little favor I need you to do."
"hmm? You said "

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