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Guan Hong is even more happy to hear that his favorite pupil Jiang Feng is here.

Lin Yi added, "Xiong Zhan took 100,000 troops to solve the detailed plan of Lucheng Wai, Liu Ba and Jiang Feng to solve Fengxiang Wai. There is also a private message from Jiang Feng in this cloth."
Lin Yi took out the cloth and handed it to Guan Hong.
Guan Hong can’t wait to beat the cloth.
He first looked at Jiang Feng and Lu Ba’s arrangement and then at Jiang Feng’s private message to him.
GuanHongLian way "good good! Great! Jiang Feng is also a general. I am not mistaken about his plan. "
Guan Hong showed Lin Yi the plan again.
Of course, Jiang Feng’s private letter can’t be easily displayed.
After reading it, Lin Yi discussed plans with Guan Hong, such as cooperating with reinforcements to defeat the enemy.
After the plan is made, the sky is bright.
Guanhong cronies sent two baked potatoes and a piece of boiled horse meat as breakfast. Lin Yi let Guanhong feed himself. He had to go back and tell Zuo Chaoyang the good news.
Lin Yi returned to his residence and met Zuo Chaoyang and Zeng Tengyun who were about to go out.
Lin Yi, who has not returned yet, is very worried.
See Lin Yi back they finally rest assured.
Zuo Chaoyang hurriedly asked, "Is Miss Du Er really here?"
Lin Yi didn’t answer. He pulled them into the house.
After entering the room, Lin Yi took the door.
He looked at the two of them and whispered, "Du Youhen really came. Not only did Du Youhen come, but also the reinforcements arrived. Now I am 60 miles away from the army."
Chapter 17 The enemy’s fright (2)
Zeng Tengyun and Zuo Chaoyang were ecstatic when they heard the news.
Finally wait until reinforcements arrive.
Zuo Chaoyang was relieved and said, "It’s finally over."
Zeng Tengyun also said, "I’ve had enough of this day and I’ve stayed in this place. Haha, then we won’t do anything. I want to have a good life with my wife and children."
Just then the yard rang with Zeng Xiaotong’s voice.
"Fifteenth uncle, you haven’t hurt well yet. How can you work again? You are quick to go back to the house to rest and let me come. "
"Children, my injury doesn’t matter. Uncle Fifteen can’t sit still …" Uncle Fifteen sounded again.
These days, Uncle Fifteen is even more cautious and treading on thin ice. He is worried that Su Jiner will suddenly come back, and he is always ready to hide away at the slightest sign of trouble. Now the news of Su Jiner has passed in the past few days. Uncle Fifteen’s experience and experience speculate that Su Jiner was in an accident.
Maybe the person who saved her was an enemy or not, and she has been killed.
After all, Lin Yi killed many enemies.
I wonder how many people want to get back at Lin Yi.
The thought of fifteen uncle is more reassuring.
Since the heroes entered the city, Uncle Fifteen has not moved to collect information from all sides. How many sects are stationed in the city, where are the defenders in the city, and how much food can be maintained for a few days …
Uncle fifteen is going to send this information out.
This is helpful for the deployment of the Li Dynasty.
He had previously seen Lin Yi come back with a package, and Uncle Fifteen knew that Lin Yi had gone out all night before returning to Lin Yi, and then he pulled Zuo Zeng into the floor, and Uncle Fifteen concluded that something was going to happen.
Uncle 15 took a broom and pretended to sweep the courtyard and eavesdrop.
But there are three masters in the house, and Uncle Fifteen doesn’t dare to eavesdrop near the window for fear of being discovered and arousing their suspicion.
Although the fifteenth uncle repaired the height, Lin Yi’s voice pressure was too low when he said the key words. He didn’t hear Zuo Chaoyang and Zeng Tengyun clearly.
Lin Yi heard the conversation between the children outside and Uncle Fifteen frowning.
Uncle fifteen outside was uneasy.
Worried that three people in the house are suspicious
Uncle 15 secretly blames himself for being careless this time. Pay attention to eavesdropping. I didn’t find the child in the hospital. Fortunately, I didn’t eavesdrop close to the house.
In order not to arouse suspicion, Uncle Fifteen talked with the children and cleaned a place again.
Then he said to the child, "Everyone should get up at this time, Mandy. They should also get up and go to the kitchen to get busy. I went to the kitchen to help prepare breakfast for everyone. This food is running out, and I don’t know when these western dogs can return …"
Uncle fifteen sighed and went to the kitchen to help.
There are children in the courtyard at the moment when Lin Yi pulls the door.
He said to the child who was about to do something, "We’ll talk about big things and you’ll stay outside."
The child will stay outside.
Lin Yimen said to Zeng Zuoer again, "This matter is very important now, except that the three of us know not to tell anyone that I and the general officer have made a plan to cooperate with each other from inside …"
Lin Yi told them the plan in detail, and when and how to drink the antidote to the heroes, he also made a plan, so that the enemy spies could not be detected. If the Western Army was leaked, they would be on guard.
Zuo Chaoyang and Zeng Tengyun are even more excited after knowing the detailed plan.
If it goes well, we can completely defeat the enemy outside Fengxiang.
After the total of three people, Lin Yi asked Zeng Tengyun to secretly arrange for him to leave Zuo Chaoyang.
There are two brothers in the room. Lin Yi grabbed his younger brother’s left palm and said, "Look into my eyes and we will exert ourselves at the same time!"
So the two brothers made instant efforts at the same time.
The two brothers’ manpower is extraordinary, and their strength rushes to the palm of their hands. Their bodies are also shaken, and their robes are also like being blown and hunting. Lin Yi keeps on exerting his strength while staring at his younger brother’s eyes.
Zuo Chaoyang also continued to exert his strength to fight against it. With Zuo Chaoyang’s strength, his body was surging, and there was also a red mark in his eyes. This red mark was like a magic shape, like a demon that was banned by several times.
Zuo Chaoyang’s body is the "prison cell" and his eyes are the "prison cell" window. Now he has seen the magic shadow through the "window" and this "magic shadow" has peeped into the world through the "window"
This made Lin Yi feel frightened.
Although Zuo Chaoyang’s strength is not weak, but now Lin Yi’s skill has recovered to nine, Zuo Chaoyang is slowly unable to compete with Lin Yili. Lin Yili invaded Zuo Chaoyang’s palm and rushed to his arm.

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"The real fate is unfair. There has never been fairness, but I feel that fate is unfair. Do you feel that you miss anything at the same time?" Xu Ren zhengse avenue

"Miss? When I was a child, my mother and I were often bullied, but my mother was still very painful. My real father was also very painful. Although I was in a hurry every time I came to see my mother, I never forgot to bring me delicious food … "At some point, Shen Tengyun’s tears rolled in her eyes.
"I know there’s a saying,’ Don’t persuade others to be kind without suffering from others’, but I still want to tell you the truth. No matter how unfair fate is, our parents treat us all by kissing my family, so it’s normal for your family to hate someone so much, but it’s abnormal for people all over the world." Xu Ren earnestly tunnel.
"I seem to understand the official words." Shen Tengyun is also a wise man. Xu Ren said that he already knows his own problems here.
Actually, Xu Ren said these words to Shen Tengyun today, not because it was nothing to say, but because he found something wrong with his state of mind. If Shen Tengyun’s state of mind is a problem, it will cause even bigger problems, which will not only affect his practice, but also form another way to defeat his demons. It is hard to say what fate Shen Tengyun will face then.
Xu Ren has immortal memory and strong spirit, otherwise he will find these problems in Shen Tengyun’s state of mind.
"The worst of these people is not you. Have you seen how high you are? A veteran was born because his mistakes ruined the lives of many comrades-in-arms. His generation blamed himself, but he also hated the border troops of the wild dynasty. "Xu Ren said that it was slow for everyone to have experiences that they didn’t want to recall but couldn’t swing. If they were stumped by these experiences, they were doomed to live in pain.
Shen Tengyun looked at his strong face and smiled. Gao Tieshan gently nodded his head.
Gao Tieshan also nodded his head. Since he can enter the Xu family, he is not an outsider.
"There are mulberry enemies whose family members have lost their loved ones, and all this is caused by the war of Daning Dynasty and Wild Dynasty, but now he has avenged himself, at least he can give himself an account." Xu Ren talked about mulberry enemies again, although mulberry enemies did not reveal his worries, but Xu Ren had already seen the fear in his heart through Vientiane Monument when they met.
Shen Tengyun stared at the mulberry enemy for a long time and finally sighed slightly. It seems that everyone has their own sufferings, and everyone has their own hatred.
"People should look ahead and go to that person if they want revenge. If they don’t want to or can’t, then let it go." Xu Ren didn’t want his aunt to die until Shen Tengyun did, but his father asked Xu Ren to let him go, but because of this, he felt guilty about his mother.
"I understand that I think my mother should support my original practice if she returns it." Shen Tengyun suddenly realized that his mother had suffered so much injustice and was not willing to leave Shenyang. She must have moved her heart to his father, and she certainly didn’t want his father to be so lonely. If she is afraid, she will make the same choice as him.
"It’s good that you can think so. Have a good drink today. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s almost impossible to put out good wine." Xu Ren picked up his glass and touched it with Shen Tengyun.
Shen Tengyun smiled and gulped down the wine in the cup.
"I didn’t expect my son to really grow up." Qin Mengru looked at Xu Ren. She didn’t drink, but now she suddenly wants to drink two cups.
Xu Tianlong didn’t drink either. There was a cup of tea in front of him. Xu Tianlong was a good drinker and wanted to drink, but his wife wouldn’t let him.
See all Xu Ren drinking lively Xu Tianlong twisted face looked at Qin Mengru.
"Line line today happy to drink two cups" Qin Mengru see Xu Tianlong expression in the mind smile is along with the Xu Tianlong meaning.
Hear the mistress say that the householder can drink the table, and several people’s eyes are bright.
Everyone knows that the Xu family’s mistress usually doesn’t drink, and now they can finally see the mistress drinking.
"Dad, baby, pour you wine." Xu Ren said, "Rub directly into Xu Tianlong’s side, pick up the hip flask and fill his dad with wine.
"Hey hey or my son know me" Xu Tianlong picked up the glass.
The Xu family raised their glasses, others hesitated and raised their glasses in succession.
"I’m happy today, and I don’t want to say whether those people are all family members who can drink two jars. Don’t drink one jar. You can’t drink more than half an jar." Xu Tianlong came here, and he didn’t say anything about the Xu family. Give these people a quota directly. No one can but drink.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-nine Small cabinet master
The state of mind has a great influence on the monk, which exceeds his influencing factors, and the more he goes to the back, the greater the influence. After reaching a certain level, it is even possible to derive a powerful demon to lead the monk into the magic road
Xu Ren has most of the memory of Xian Zun. He knows how horrible the demons are. It is because of this that Shen Tengyun’s state of mind is discovered that it will be guided out to let the state of mind be resolved.
Of course, it is impossible to eliminate it. It depends on Shen Tengyun to think about it himself. If you are alone, others will never be able to solve it on their own.
Of course, there is another gain from the Xu family dinner, that is, Xu Tianlong was finally allowed to drink.
This householder is henpecked on weekdays. Today, Qin Mengru also made an exception and let Xu Tianlong drink.
Xu Tianlong naturally won’t miss this opportunity to drink a lot of wine.
Not only Xu Tianlong drank a lot of wine, but others also drank as drunk as a fiddler.
Actually, for monks, drinking is the basis for not getting drunk. Just run the achievement method to force alcohol out of the body.
However, today’s situation is different, so everyone is not cheating, just drinking.
Anyway, in the end, most people don’t know how they got back to the house.
The situation in Xu Ren is really good. Drinking is from practice these days.
Of course, he didn’t drink too much. After all, it’s rare to go home once, and he can’t get drunk for several days. He still has a lot of business to do.
The next day, Xu Ren took the multiplier from his parents.
Xu Ren’s family’s refining instruments have different properties, but the main material is the star iron.
Former Xu Ren has been promoted to the rank of Nirvana sword, and now he has gone home, so naturally he must help his parents to upgrade their weapons.
Xu Tianlong’s weapon is a spear for running thunder. Xu Renxian prepared all the materials prepared in advance and then set out to raise the spear for running thunder.
This time, it was more difficult to do things without the help of the little girl. It took four days to upgrade the spear to the fairy.
After a day’s rest, Xu Ren’s sword was upgraded.
The Blast Sword is the most suitable for his mother’s repair. The materials selected by Xu Ren Blast Sword are also very elegant, and of course, the refining difficulty is also high. It took five days to promote the Blast Sword to the fairy.
Upgrading the fairy flurry sword can not only make Qin Mengru faster, but also increase his strength. More importantly, he can run the thunder spear with two fairy pieces, which is even more powerful than the fairy pieces.
After helping his parents upgrade their weapons, Xu Ren remembered Xiao Jinshan. At the beginning, he refined six pieces of multiplier from star iron. Now, three pieces have been promoted to fairy, and there are three more.
A master sword is not in a hurry, a Xinghai sword of his own. He doesn’t want to be promoted by external forces. Because Xinghai sword is different in several instruments, none of them have a spirit, but Xinghai sword has a spirit, so that Xinghai sword can be promoted slowly in his spirit. He will be more suitable. In the end, Xiao Jinshan renamed it "burning inflammation" sledgehammer, which is both a multiplier and a refining tool of Xiao Jinshan, and it is also a rare treasure.
Xu Renshi is a little worried that Xiao Jinshan has not received any news from Xiao Jinshan because of the Xu family.
After his parents rose to the rank of weapon, Xu Ren decided to visit some old friends, which was also considered as communication and emotion.
For Xu Ren, he attaches great importance to Jingdan Pavilion. After all, it is the first contact.
Nowadays, the Jingdan Pavilion in Donghua County is not general, and it can be compared with the Jingdan Pavilion in Fucheng in terms of scale and status.
Liu Danyang or the owner of the Jingdan Pavilion in Donghua County is the most famous alchemist in Donghua County and several alchemists in Fucheng City. Even the Jingdan Pavilion in the capital of Daning Dynasty attaches great importance to him because there is a great advantage among the alchemists in Liu Danyang Daning Dynasty, that is, youth.
"What Dan medicine do you want to buy?" There are also many new faces in Jingdan Pavilion, and naturally some people don’t know Xu Ren.
"Just say that Xu Ren wants to see Liu Danyang and his wife!" Xu Renlai wanted to meet Liu Danyang, but he thought that he couldn’t favor one over the other, so he also added the lady of the cabinet.
"Xu Gong is really you!" The waiter in charge of entertaining Xu Rendan came from the building with an excited voice before he could react.
"oh? It turned out to be you. "Xu Ren looked at the people rushing from the building and smiled. This person was not someone else. It was Xu Ren who was responsible for receiving him when he first came to Jingdange. Now this person has become an exquisite master, second only to Liu Danyang’s apprentice Linchen.
"It’s not me. Please ask the cabinet owner and his wife to tell Xu Gong that if he goes to Jingdan Pavilion, he won’t report it. Besides, if you don’t report it to Jingdan Pavilion, what else will you report?" The steward is now much smarter and directly brings Xu Ren to the top floor of Jingdan Pavilion.
Although Jingdan Pavilion has been expanded a lot in the past two years, the office space in Liu Danyang and Wu Shuang has not changed.
Xu Ren was directly taken to Liudanyang’s room by the steward.
"Pavilion master Xu Gong has arrived", the steward said outside the room.

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"What shall we do now? What happened to Renee Doyle? " The girl asked’re.

Another boy said, "So Rod and I will save Renee Doyle, and you two girls will watch the curtain."
"That’s it," said another girl.
"Let’s go, Rod." The boy looked at Gu Qingshan and said.
"Don’t worry" Gu Qingshan Road
"Don’t worry? You just said that! Renee Doyle is in danger now. Everyone stands up alone. We have to save her! " The boy shouted angrily.
The other two girls also looked at Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan didn’t speak is looked at the dark wilderness.
After counting the interest, several figures gradually appeared.
"Hey, hey, there are some guys here."
Several men armed with lance appeared and looked at several teenagers across the street.
Teenagers have changed color.
"What have you done with Renee Doyle?" The boy shouted
"What happened? Hey hey, guess? " A fierce-faced man smiled jokingly, but there was some fear in his eyes.
Teenagers can’t observe such details.
They looked at each other and felt deep despair.
Gu Qingshan looks the same, but his eyes are still looking into the distance.
have a rest
There is nothing in that wilderness.
Suddenly, a beautiful orange cat flew in and landed lightly on Gu Qingshan’s shoulder. "Let me see it clearly."
No one can see her.
Gu Qingshan nodded and asked, "For me to know the sea."
The orange cat turned into a sword like autumn water and suddenly disappeared from its place.
Chapter four hundred and ten Castle Peak to the female emperor!
Let time go backwards a little
Gu Qingshan sensed something was wrong when Renee Doyle took the initiative to stop those people.
"Mountain girl, you’re a ghost at night to see the situation," he said.
A slender and soft orange cat fell to the ground and flew away in the direction of Renee Doyle’s disappearance.
Thanks to the "smart life" of the Excalibur, Shannv can also launch the power of the Yellow Spring, which is not affected by the laws of the world
In a short time, she chased Renee Doyle.
See Renee Doyle running in front of a body with a few men chasing after her.
The orange cat just pondered and ran forward with Renee Doyle’s side.
Two groups of people and a cat came to a camp.
A man with a staff and a robe was guarding the center of the camp.
Renee Doyle threw the body to the ground and looked at each other coldly and asked, "Master Rodley? Are you the strongest man here? "
The man also looked at her and said, "It’s me, but I didn’t expect to call you from such a long distance. I turned out to be a little girl like you."
Those who pursued her behind Renee Doyle have arrived.
They blocked the camp and didn’t attack Renee Doyle, but they were angry.
"Boss, we brought her here like you asked, but she killed our people."
"Too hard on her. Old four just molested her and was killed by her."
"Eldest brother-"
Master Rodley raised his hand to signal his hands to stop talking.
He saluted Renee Doyle and said, "What on earth is it that Ge called me?"
Renee Doyle said, "You should do one thing first, and send your strongest hands to kill some teenagers over there."
"Good" Master Rodley looked around the crowd and pointed out a few people.
"You go and kill those teenagers."
He ordered
One of the men had just chased Renee Doyle when she said with some anger, "Boss, as soon as this little girl comes, I’ll see-"

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At first, you can see that a bluish-black bead is condensed in the center of this huge atrium of your foot. Let’s just say that this bead is very difficult to get, and it has a little mysterious fluctuation.

Time and spiritual strength are endless topics, and it is difficult to make achievements in these areas. Even though Lin momo is no stranger to attributes, he still feels that it is a great challenge to collect the heart nucleus after careful induction.
Even if you see a dragon reborn in the heart nucleus and bite the atrium, it is still difficult to get this mysterious bead because it is quite similar to a projection in the material world.
Yes! Is projection.
Lin momo has a feeling that this bead is similar to a charm or a projection of a spiritual source, which can be manifested in a realistic way. It’s really incredible. Is the mother emperor still in charge of a Zerg artifact?
"The metempsychosis dragon speeds up and destroys the atrium." Lin Sisuo made the metempsychosis dragon suddenly increase the biting speed.
Don’t let the mother emperor’s atrium condense the pearl in the center of the atrium, but you must get it. Lin momo thoughtfully takes out a long and narrow dagger. This dagger is also a "gift" from Master Jiu, who knocks on the drums.
The hammer of destruction is much higher than this dagger, but the hammer of destruction is more destructive. Even if the drum of war is combined with the drum of war, it will still destroy the Lord, but the dagger in hand is different. It can be cut.
Even if the dagger is cut for a short time, it’s better than making the drum hard and broken. Lin momoxiu can easily make elastic deformation by relying on the source ability before falling. Li Long Lin titanium alloy can’t break the blowing force when making a scalpel, but his current state is difficult to achieve. After all, the source ability has not recovered to its original state, and the collected beads need a little cutting ability with this dagger.
The metempsychosis dragons bite very fast, and the blood shadow behind them is slowly growing. Those flesh and blood are expelled by the air, and soon the huge atrium changes from "apple" to "apple core"
"Stop it"
Lin momo slowly fell with a dagger in his hand when he saw the blue-black bead that kept blurring and materializing in the middle of the atrium. Suddenly, he waved a black blade light and suddenly appeared a tiny crack
"Is now" purple arm into the crack, the blue-black light pattern is a flash and reaches the hand.
It’s amazing! It’s amazing! Lin momo was so easy to get this mysterious bead with fluctuation. Seeing the blue-black light pattern pouring out, it lit up the pale face in the range of more than 20 meters around.
"Sasha Vujacic ….." Strange sounds were heard in the ear. Lin momo’s left arm was covered with blood scabs. First, the battle suit melted into a cloud of blood, then the left sleeve was broken, and then there were thousands of blood stains on the left arm. It looked terrible.
"poof!" Lin momo spit out one mouthful blood and quickly bite the capsules in the mouth in advance. Just now, the dagger was split out, causing cracks. I feel that this bead is extremely simple and seems to be going to dissipate quickly in a light wave.
At this critical moment, Lin momo did not think of any other way to crack the amethyst arm bone hard to get this pearl out, but in the process of fishing, she lost her strength and was cut by the fragments at the crack.
You know, these are not ordinary injuries. If you were someone else, you would not only lose your arm, but also "infect" your whole body until your body bursts into a pile of meaningful flesh and blood.
Fortunately, Lin momo has been transplanted to the amethyst arm bone, and there is hidden peerless power in the arm, passive resistance and blood scab armor buffer, so the injury is not heavy, and it can be recovered after a few hours’ rest.
Adventure is to seize fleeting opportunities. Lin momo is good at seizing opportunities, and he deserves rich rewards. This blue-black bead with a diameter of only two centimeters in his hand is a reward and a testimony to the mother emperor’s long life.
Obviously, the imprisoned Permian Yuan mother emperor devoted himself to studying elements and made some achievements in the long years before his imprisonment. It was this blue-black pearl.
"It’s interesting that the ancestors caught the unique species from two dimensions, which will be transformed into an energy-eating shadow and processed into a key to connect two dimensions. The mother emperor also made a key to tap his energy. It seems that the ancestors learned from the zerg!" Lin momo touched the bar.
Whether Xiao Han imitates the Zerg or not, the condensed key is not over, just like an observation star telescope! You can make observations before you have the ability to roam the stars, but the blue and black beads are still precious, which makes this thing restore the source ability quickly, and maybe the repair can also be improved.
Lin momo knows that there is not much time left for himself to delay in receiving the method smoothly. The metempsychosis evil dragon road ordered by the fleet is accelerated to collect the black substance in the mother emperor’s armor.
These black substances are very rare recovery drugs, which are very effective for zerg, but difficult for human beings. We must take them back to large-scale microscopic observation for a few days to find out the specific components before making plans.
When Lin momo collected black substances, he was forbidden to tremble slightly. The peacock cried, "Boss, I can’t control these radiation butterflies. Do you want to swallow the eggs of the mother emperor and let them out?"
"Radiation butterfly want to swallow eggs? Has the previously sent taboo poison stone been digested? " Lin momo slightly thinking lips peristalsis sound way "put them out to see after swallowing eggs will have a change"
Lin Sisuo came to think that the egg "storage pool" will destroy some physiological functions of the eggs and then make special methods to make the standby bioenergy connect, and that’s all.
There are changes. Since radiation butterflies respond to eggs, just leave them to deal with them! No matter how bold Lin momo is, he dare not hatch the queen’s eggs. The success of hatching these eggs may be a disaster, early death and early relaxation.
Tens of thousands of giant butterflies spewed out from taboos, and the overwhelming poisonous light shone in the direction with loud noise. The rock surface had lost its vitality, and the huge body also cracked to reveal bronze ovaries.
Lin momo felt that he had almost released the strongest corrosive agent, and it was estimated that it was not three hours before such a huge body could be disintegrated smoothly.
Three hours can do a lot of things. Lin momo first went back to give the deputy head Yagues a "lesson". Tens of thousands of radiation butterflies dug out the giant eggs and flew to the taboo.
Volume 19 Star Screen! Obsidian crazy Chapter 19 Persecution
"Ha ha, it’s a good constitution. Now that you’re awake, don’t pretend to be dizzy. Let’s talk about it." Lin momo sat on a horse and hated his back and looked at the deputy head of the rock.
Yagues opened his eyes hard, and this time he entered the underground plain full of a heart to dig for treasures. As a result, he almost played him to death after everything. Now his limbs are broken and his body is in pain, and one thing has been taken away by the other party, and now he can’t even pretend to be dead. I feel very scared.
"You, you let me go, I will give you a lot of money." Yagues can say this even though he knows very well that people who can take out five million units of crystal refining are definitely not short of money.
"Well, your attitude is ok. You can seriously feel something abnormal in your heart. I will repair your broken limbs and you must do as I say."
Lin momo turned cold and said maliciously, "Remember never to challenge my patience. If you make a slight change, your heart will explode. If you help me complete the reorganization, I may save my life."
"BGF? Do you want to? " Yagues stare big eyes, his eyes suddenly stare. The terrible place of the predecessors is that five million units of refined crystal seized his fleet or the bloody adventure group fleet.
You know, it’s nearly 50 elite star cruise ships. Today, it’s really a good deal to buy the whole fleet with five million units of crystal refining.
Moreover, the other party may not pay 5 million units of crystal refining. If the blood-soaked adventure group law protects the employer from going back for certification for half a year, then the blood-soaked adventure group will compensate the other party for 25 million units of crystal refining. If Grandpa gets this news, he will definitely go into a rage, but it’s almost the same if he makes a mortgage in the name of the fire family.
For the first time in my life, Yagues felt that the world was so unreliable. The eldest brother of the head of the regiment had lard in his heart to accept this absurdity. He really wanted to refine the crystal and be crazy. He wanted to stabilize the position of the head of the regiment, and he was even crazier. Later, he worked so hard to bring it into the crypt and the main adventure regiment was wiped out. All these figurines turned out to be a dark-haired kid who was only 12 or 13 years old. I really don’t know whether the world was crazy or myself.
A long time Yagues asked a sentence, "I wonder if Nine Lords and the East Emperor are dead? Where are their bodies? "
"Dead bodies, I, your eldest brother, even if you come here for 20 days, it’s hard to find clues without senior wise men to assist the blood-bathing adventure group."
"How did this happen? How did this happen! Aren’t they the pinnacle? What, who are you and what have the ability to kill two top masters? " When Yagues called him into a coma, he didn’t know the result of the East Emperor.
"If you don’t want to die, stop."
"The 1234 …"
"Stop, stop, I don’t want to die. I have no choice what you say." Yagues suddenly realized that now is not the time to feel sorry for himself, and then try to live and deal with this terrible kid.
"Good back to the mighty, you give up the captain limit to choose who to be the captain! For the time being, there is no suitable candidate to take a step by step! " Lin momo showed a demonic smile. What do you mean, take it one step at a time?
Yagues heart excited feel this Philips is not difficult to deal with to be able to return to the fleet, everything is not up to him? If you can enter the main control room of the mighty, your life will be more secure.
"Keep your promise! Give you treatment "Lin momo whisking out a large number of black droplets, these droplets are like soldiers in the ranks, and they immediately charge Yagues’s limbs and quickly wrap the broken limbs in.
"ah! It hurts. Is this treatment or do you want my life? " Yagues’s forehead was sweating, and his limbs seemed to be bitten by millions of ants, itchy, painful and uncomfortable.
"endure! If you want to live, just bear with these drugs. Although they are painful, they can help you recover quickly. "
The words sound just fell and Lin momo took the reins back to the cave to see the melting degree of the mother emperor’s huge body. He didn’t put Yagues at ease.
However, is there really no rest assured? Naturally, it is not difficult to give Yagues a strong paralysis, even if the broken limbs are reattached and want to move at will
Lin momo don’t want to leave Yagues this guy that little mind toes can think of to successfully receive the mighty, and then buy some crew believe that it is not difficult to swallow the fleet, the so-called swallow is not complete possession, but to find a place to split the beneficial parts of the fleet.
Blood-soaked adventure group is reluctant to throw things. Lin momo is willing to give up nearly 50 elite star cruises to raise several star cruises to create a super fleet. This is king.
The soldier is expensive, the essence is not expensive, and the Obsidian is the flagship and the mighty ship is the auxiliary ship, and then five or six star cruise ships with relatively weak foundations can be filled with the fleet, so that the star cruise ships can be dismantled and discarded.
When I was young, I hated the sight of Lin momo near the body of the mother emperor and looked at the gradually collapsed body. This scene can be called spectacular.
However, want to melt the body of the mother emperor to talk about Yi? Even if you take out several means to destroy the body, it still doesn’t work. The surface of the mother emperor’s body becomes mottled, and there is a place to slowly corrode and there is a place to slowly weather. Lin momo watches for a moment and shakes his head. He doesn’t want to wait any longer, so he throws a destructive bomb to the side.
Taboo flies back to Tianma from a distance, moves forward half a kilometer away from hate, and blinks is another destructive bullet.
Lin momo made full preparations before going out, carrying dozens of modified destruction bombs in his pocket, connected with a timed blasting device, which is also a perfect thing to destroy the body. The destruction bombs with him are standard warheads without revealing his identity. Even if someone searches the blasting site, he will never think of Phantom of the Opera and the Tenchu fleet.
"Boom …"
With the further collapse of the plain with the loud noise, the huge body of the mother emperor was completely buried, and the violent shock wave spread in different directions. If the bomb force was shattered in the middle, the bomb force was destroyed in the cover.
No longer in the shock wave of the whole plain, Lin momo seized Yagues and stormed away. I don’t know what happened to gruss and them. It should be able to help them tide over the difficulties by secretly applying psychotropic drugs.
The ground shook violently. Grace woke up from a coma. She sat up in a daze and looked around. She vaguely saw her cousin gruss and the mechanic Buma. The figure not far away seemed to be Nie Chen.
"Are you awake, child?" The sudden greeting made Grace feel stunned and instantly recalled the current situation. Looking back, I saw the adventure captain Bo Dan sitting in the dark corner. Bo Dan was breathing heavily every time, and several old tiles were spinning around Bo Dan.
"Ah uncle are you ok! What happened to us? " Grace huanguo mind some demanding asked.
"Well! You kids are lucky to have suffered such a strong mental shock that they are all alive. None of my hands survived except me. "Bo Dan looks very lonely, more like heartache."
"Dead? Everyone is dead? " Grace froze on the spot. It was the first time in her life that she was so close to death.
"alas! I’m more worried about the players in the group now. What happened to them? This is similar to the shock wave of mental storm. Is there really a bloody Goethe mausoleum? Is the bloody Goethe Mausoleum cared for by Chinese species or experts? I don’t want to go to the field to have a look. "Bo Dan said that efforts should be made to urge the old small tiles around the body. These small tiles emit a light universe that can help restore the body."
"Boom …"
After all, it is more or less a good thing to be isolated for nearly 20 hours and move again, which means that the noodle man is not dead, but I don’t know if he can resist it yet
Bo Dan has a professional ethics. Since the deputy head asked him to wait here, he must wait for the worse. There is a unconscious kid on the ground who needs to be guarded. He is not leaving, but waiting and breathing.

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Gu Qingshan smiled and was particularly satisfied with this breakthrough.

-this is the master’s practice of Tao in those days. The benefits brought by practicing breakthrough according to this method are not comparable to those brought by ordinary achievement methods.
When he finished observing, he threw his fist at the sword and said, "Thank you for guarding."
"You’re welcome. You have proved to me that you are a qualified swordsman in the battle. I think you are qualified to hold me." The sword sound is heavy as a mountain.
The sword flew towards him.
Gu Qingshan shook hands with his sword.
The sword hummed and sighed and continued, "Shine is about to fall and you haven’t grown up. I can’t watch this happen."
"The disaster is near at hand, and I will lift the power seal and fight with you."
As soon as the voice fell, I saw several lines of indicators jumping out of the ares interface.
"Please pay attention to the special story."
"Please pay attention to the special story."
"Please pay attention to the special story."
The disappearance of three indicators was followed by a striking Chinese character.
"The sword has awakened"
"Say that you have been recognized by the sword in your past battles, and it is determined that you will fight together."
"The sword weighs 16.37 million Jin and has the self-bearing capacity of the spirit avatar."
"This sword is a sacrifice to the magic soldiers of heaven and earth in ancient mythology, which can communicate with the gods."
"Tong realized that the sky was about to fall and the world was about to collapse, but now the sword suddenly woke up and its attitude would have a subtle influence on everything."
Several lines of indicator Gu Qingshan disappeared immediately after reading it.
Then a streamer flashed across the center of the interface of Ares to form several lines of bloody Chinese characters.
"Detected that the player has inspired a special story"
"Current conditions meet the starting principle"
"start fate"
Didn’t fate begin?
Gu Qingshan looked immediately.
"Decisive Battle of Destiny () has been revised"
"Break the shackles of fate, change the world, go to player Gu Qingshan and enter fate"
"Describe the interweaving and gathering of the world and personal destiny, and you have won the recognition of the sword, and everything in your destiny will change with it."
"The goal is to keep the SHEN WOO world as it is in the future."
"You got a new reward for your participation in the war."
"Reward 2 sealed ball (one-time consumption)"
"The sealed ball system has left you the last thing in your life. When you need it, it will be returned to you completely (please note that once it is consumed once, it must be made immediately or it will disappear completely)"
"This is a very difficult and dangerous battle to ensure that players will not fall prematurely. Reward 1 for the name of God of War. 2 The sealed ball has been released before."
"If it fails, the reward will be withdrawn. 1. Reward 2. Players will not be allowed to upgrade for three years."
Gu Qingshan was shocked and inexplicable.
Now it has been truly recognized by the sword. The interface of Ares no longer allows him to explore the truth of the world, but allows him to try to keep the SHEN WOO world as it is.
It’s been released, and it will change suddenly, so it never happened.
Even generations have no such thing.
This is probably the reason for the sword.
It is said that this sword belongs to the magic weapon.
He has never seen such a peerless weapon before.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Called soul painting shadow
Gu Qingshan held the sword and said it again.
Since there is a saying that "the sky is about to fall and the world is about to collapse", what can be seen from the written system?
The SHEN WOO world is bound to change greatly.
Once the sealed ball is hit, it must be made or it will disappear completely.
It’s hard to guess what this thing is.
Gu Qingshan couldn’t help but ask, "What is in this sealed ball?"

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He believed that the first world war still required Likin people’s weakness in water warfare to temporarily prepare a water army downstream and intercept the 8 Jin Army’s fleet to transport grain.

Jin people are not good at water warfare, and they have never heard that they have added water troops to the army establishment to transport grain, which must be ordinary civilian workers and grain ships
This gave the Guangfu Army a big fuck.
The Hutuo River is wide, and the Guangfu Army River attacks the Jin Army fleet. The Jin Army can hardly take them, and the boatmen may not be able to compete with them.
They can choose soldiers who are familiar with water and ship operation to make an emergency training to attack the Jin army fleet along the river. They can attack, retreat and escape, but they can’t directly attack the fleet across the river.
It’s also very beneficial that the few rivers recover troops are far stronger than 8 Jin Army.
"My general often says that we should foster strengths and avoid weaknesses in war, and we can’t compare our shortcomings with those of 8 Jin Jun. Our shortcomings are cavalry, gold thieves and water forces, so we should naturally attack the gold thieves with our strengths."
Xin Qiji’s suggestion was taken seriously by Sun Yi.
"Do you mean that we should give the gold thief a heavy blow from the river by the Doddoli water army?"
"yes! We must maximize our advantages! "
Xin Qiji said, "The gold thief Hutuo River will transport grain, and we will turn the river into our river. If we continue to attack, then the gold thief grain will be transported to the front line without grain. How can we fight this battle?"
Xin Qiji and Su Yonglin, who are familiar with cavalry, agree and firmly believe that the biggest death point of this 8 Jin Army is logistics.
Never fight them head-on unless you have to, never foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, but don’t take the last resort if there is a trace of possibility.
The possibility of success in fighting field battles in Hebei Plain by relying on the lack of cavalry uprising troops and elite cavalry is too low.
Before Sun Yi suffered a big loss, he probably felt that he had the strength to fight. After he suffered a big loss, he also agreed with Su Yonglin.
The failure of his elite troops and two love generals relative to his Guangfu Army made him realize the gap between the Guangfu Army and the 8 Jin Army.
Finding ways to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses is king.
"Now I don’t know how many troops the Golden Thief is going to attack our route for providing foodstuff. When attacking me, the main force will move thousands of troops or attack from the front. I don’t think they will change their tactics this time."
Xin Qiji nodded.
"There is no need to change effective tactics. We just need to learn lessons and protect their logistics. Although we haven’t got the information about the gold thief’s re-invasion, we should do what we should do at the right time."
"Well, let’s do it!"
Sun Yi and Xin Qiji reached a high level, devoted themselves to the main transformation, built small warships, found familiar water soldiers, quickly formed a water army and conducted emergency drills, which was very pleasant.
However, the progress of the gradual formation of the besieged dam with the cooperation of 100,000 soldiers and civilians in Zhending City is increasing, and it will be completely completed soon.
The nomads from guarding the city became more and more impetuous and worried, and they also sent troops out of the city day and night to harass and try to slow down the progress of the project, but they did something.
There are more and more bodies piled up outside the city, but the dam around the city is getting longer, higher and thicker.
In the end, Ugo’s theory of wolun was hopeless. In desperation, a wooden boat was secretly built in the city. It was planned to rely on this boat to support the arrival of reinforcements when the Coalition forces flooded.
Speaking of reinforcements, Ugo is really depressed and dissatisfied. He doesn’t know when the imperial reinforcements will arrive. Doesn’t the imperial court care about life and death?
Don’t say that there are more than 10,000 troops in the city, and there are nearly 200,000 jurchen refugees. Isn’t it okay for the court in the city?
Where the hell are the reinforcements?
Ugu hoped for reinforcements, but they never arrived.
Zhending City is at the end of its tether.
Chapter 216 I won the time race
The foundation of the besieged dam was formed on the first day of December
After inspecting the dam, Su Yonglin gave instructions to continue to thicken and strengthen the dam on the grounds that more water can be stored and it will be more stable, so that the city can be made bigger by then.
Of course, the main reason is that he knows that Jinting reinforcements have not launched the second round of attack in Xiongzhou. It is estimated that the logistical problems have not been solved and he dare not attack rashly.
At this time, it will be abundant. Of course, we must consider the quality of the project. Don’t flood here and there, and the significance of flooding will be gone.
On the fourth day of December, Su Yonglin visited the project again and found that the quality of this simple artificial dam was quite good, which was a good and fast model.
"It looks like it’s time to store water."
Su Yonglin said to the generals around him
The generals nodded their heads and looked at the still strong and true city. There was some banter in their eyes.
There is no doubt that they have seen the moment when Zhending City was trapped and killed.
On the fifth day of December, Su Yonglin ordered to dig part of the embankment of Hutuo River to introduce the river water into the completed dam.
The flood rolled in and soon passed from one end to the other, and an arc-shaped water city realized it.
However, there is obviously a technical error in this project due to the rush.
When the concrete calculation is not accurate enough, when the water diversion into the dam is completed, the water flows over the dam and into the encirclement because the height near the real city is not high enough.
Of course, because it is a rushing river, even in the dry season, it can reflect the vastness of nature and the cruelty of fire and water, and the water rushes away in spite of human command.
Su Yonglin felt as if he could understand why some river breaches could cause so much damage.
His dam simulate a real situation where that water flow is too large and the riv channel is not enough, thus causing floods.
If he were in his own city, he would feel his scalp tingling and despair.
No, he dug the artificial dam himself, and the water attack has already been carried out. He is going to threaten the city finally. Now it seems that it is no longer necessary.
Although it hurts, it also makes Su Yonglin feel the importance of mathematics and civil engineering.
It’s lucky that I didn’t hurt myself this time. It’s not a big problem when I hit the dry season. If something happens later, the flood will flood myself in turn. Is that great?
It is urgent to establish a specialized civil engineering team. The professional level of Victory Army is not enough. To develop in a more scientific and accurate direction, professional technical arms must be established.
There is no doubt that it is very important to have a technical arm with extremely rich professional knowledge for the goal of winning the army to attack the city.
Field operations need strong fighting capacity and cavalry, while the central plains soil war can not be separated from siege and guarding the city
Compared with siege and guarding the city, direct and rough field operations can better reflect the development of war technology, which involves physical chemistry, mathematics, biology, psychology and other key disciplines.
It goes without saying how much help he can bring to the army when his professional and technical arms with rich knowledge of civil engineering attack and defend the city.
The most famous case in Su Yonglin’s memory is that the Taiping Army attacked Nanjing, relying on professional soil camps to bury gunpowder in tunnels, and finally 10,000 kilograms of gunpowder ended the Nanjing city wall.
It seems simple, but it involves professional knowledge, which can not be accomplished by ordinary people. If it is not a professional, it will easily lead to the tragedy of flooding the Longwang Temple.
Su Yonglin saw a professional and technical force in his mind.
Of course, the eye is of course backhand. Give him a super double.
Su Yonglin ordered that the dam surface be dug as planned to divert water into the city, so that the life and death of the people in the city would come to an end.
If I win, it will turn the tide!
At the same time, Su Yonglin turned to the northwest, where the fighting capacity was very strong, and the direction of the 8 Jin Army cavalry was reached.
They came late after all.
I won the time race

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Especially at this moment, they have seen the long-lost Beiyin Emperor. If there was a faint guess before, they have confirmed their guess now.

With a smile on his face, Emperor Beiyin heard that Chu Yi and Wang Li would admit it, but he shook his head and said, "Although it is true that the statue has contained part of the energy of the Great Buddha, it is really not a statue to say that it has contained the Great Buddha."
The words sound just fell on Emperor Beiyin, whether it was Chu Yi or Wang Li. Suddenly, his eyes widened and his face was full of disbelief.
If this is not from the mouth of the Northern Yin Emperor, they will wonder if the Northern Yin Emperor lied and tricked them. Who but the Northern Yin Emperor has the ability to stall the Great Buddha?
Chu Yi and Wang Li both looked at Beiyin Emperor with disbelief, but Chu Yi’s heart was clear that such things as Beiyin Emperor were absolutely disdainful of lying to deceive them. For them, one is one, two is two, and if they did it, they would definitely not deny it.
Now that the Northern Yin Emperor has said this, it is certain that the man who really restrained the Great Buddha is not the Northern Yin Emperor.
However, if the one who can contain the Great Heaven is not the Northern Yin Emperor, then he is a sacred one. Chu Yi can’t figure out who can contain the Great Buddha even if he wants to break his head.
But soon Chu Yi’s eyes fell on the Northern Yin Emperor. They may not know and can’t guess who pinned down the Great Buddha, but the Northern Yin Emperor will certainly know.
Even if the Northern Yin Emperor doesn’t know, then he can know what he said from the Great Buddha. If you ask the Northern Yin Emperor, you can know who has delayed the Great Buddha and their Daqin has won a chance.
Wang Li couldn’t help but grab Chu Yi’s mouth and said to the Northern Yin Emperor, "Please tell me who helped us Daqin. We Daqin will be grateful when we go back and report back."
Emperor Beiyin shook his head with a somewhat mysterious smile and said, "Don’t say it!"
I didn’t expect that the Northern Yin Emperor would be such a statement. Chu Yi’s heart was wry. Since the Northern Yin Emperor refused to say whether the man was sacred or not, even if they begged, they wouldn’t change a determination.
Chu Yi looked at the Northern Yin Emperor with a sigh of relief. "Just now, the Emperor also said that although you didn’t really contain the Great Buddha, you also contained a part of the energy of the Great Buddha. It is said that Daqin is equally kind to us, and the two of us will thank the Emperor first, and we will never forget the great help when we get back."
Wang Li looked at the Northern Yin Emperor and said, "Is it because the Great Emperor helped me that the sudden departure of Taishan Fujun and Dongyue Emperor?"
Emperor Beiyin smiled and said, "This is a cow’s head and a horse’s face, black and white, and their actions are often not respectful."
Chu Yi and Wang Li have come here for nothing at the moment. The Yinshan Mountain City of the Northern Yin Emperor seems to have disappeared into the underworld, but the Northern Yin Emperor has always been in the nether world.
This time, the bull’s head, horse’s face, black and white often say that there is no reason for the Northern Yin Emperor, and few people will believe it.
It would be strange if Taishan Fujun and Dongyue Emperor, whose hands are suddenly black and white, and those ghosts and gods with cow’s head and horse’s face suddenly turn against each other or tell the news of Beiyin Emperor, were their confidants.
Feng du Beiyin Emperor, that’s the master of the underworld. Even if it disappears for unknown reasons, part of the ghost handle doesn’t appear. Once it appears, the first ones to be affected are Dongyue Emperor and Taishan Fujun, who are ghosts and gods appointed by the Great Buddha.
Looking at the Northern Yin Emperor, I thought of Chu Yi, the great Buddha I just saw, and said to the Northern Yin Emperor, "Was the Great Emperor suppressed here by the Great Buddha?"
Exposing each other’s scars in front of an honorable person would be a terrible thing to say.
Fortunately, the Northern Yin Emperor is not the kind of petty person who smells words. Although he is stunned, he walks over and looks at Chu Yidao. "You are so bold and dare to speak like this."
Chu Yi said, "Chu was just curious. After all, the emperor disappeared in those days, and a part of the handle of the ghost fell into the hands of the Great Buddha and was given to the Great Emperor Dongyue, the mansion of Mount Tai. But anyone with a little normal thoughts can guess that the Great Emperor was calculated by the Great Buddha in nine cases."
A sigh seems to contain all the information. Emperor Beiyin actually nodded slowly at Chu Yi. "What you said is also poor. Although it is said that it was not suppressed by the great Buddha, it can be regarded as being trapped in this city and exiled to chaos."
Chu Yi and Wang Li are not stupid. They immediately recognized that the information contained in the words of Beiyin Emperor is too rich.
One is that the Northern Yin Emperor really disappeared in front of the world because of the Great Buddha, and the other is that the Northern Yin Emperor was not suppressed by the Great Buddha by force but was calculated by the Great Buddha.
Chu Yi can almost make up a scene with his brain, that is, the Great Buddha plotted and calculated the Northern Yin Emperor, which made him have a terrible power, but he had to choose self-exile and was never born for several years.
Think these ChuYi looked at the northern Yin emperor, "I wonder if the emperor was born this time and would like to join hands with me to conquer heaven …"
Feng du Beiyin Emperor shook his head and said, "Respect for this matter."
I didn’t have much hope in the future. After all, feng du Beiyin Emperor was only calculated by the Great Buddha and had to exile himself, instead of being forcibly suppressed by the earth power of the Great Buddha as he thought. If so, I believe that he wants to make an alliance, then Beiyin Emperor XIX will agree.
However, in any case, it is already the biggest gain of their trip to see Beiyin Emperor and learn so many amazing secrets from Beiyin Emperor.
Yu said that the Northern Yin Emperor was unwilling to intervene in their celestial affairs in Daqin. Chu Yi seems that this is not necessarily a bad thing.
It seems that there is no interest in talking, and the figure of Beiyin Emperor gradually fades away. At the same time, the sound hall echoes "Let’s send the guests out of the city with a cow’s head and a horse’s face!"
Watching the shadow of the Northern Yin Emperor dissipate, the two ghosts and gods in the head and horse face were ordered to say to Chu Yi and Wang Li, "The two lords invited two guests out of the city."
Chu Yi got up with the king and then bowed to the place where the Northern Yin Emperor was sitting before. Only then did he say, "Thank you, two gods."

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Chu Bole, of course, can’t give up such an excellent goal, and the other party is from a big family in darling daughter, which is even more challenging and difficult. So Chu Bole showed that Yanjing people didn’t know how to pursue big plans in those years.

The sensation of Yanjing’s pursuit of travel can be regarded as unknown.
Chu Bole is very willing to pay attention to kung fu when pursuing women, and he is willing to put himself in a position to take the initiative to do things that are not in line with his status. If ordinary women touch such a fierce offensive, it is estimated that it will not last long.
However, Wen Xin Qiao and Chu Bole were inseparable, and Wen Xin Qiao kept coming up with various problems to test him. Chu Bole tried every means to satisfy her wish. During that period, Yanjing City made a lot of big moves, which lasted for half a year. Chu Bole still failed to take Wen Xin Qiao.
It’s too long for Chu Bole. It’s not that he hasn’t thought about giving up. On the one hand, the cowhide has been blown out, and there is no reason to give up. On the other hand, he feels that Wen Xin Qiao should have been impressed by him. On the other hand, his tone of voice and expression have changed a lot, so he will persist-he will succeed.
Persistence is really a cruel thing to say. After all, not all persistence can be exchanged for success.
Three months later, Chu Bole finally realized that Wen Xinqiao was willing to promise himself. When they met in the school dormitory, Wen Xinqiao asked him to put a heart-shaped candle and sing a love song again.
Chu Bole felt that he was a shoo-in. It was the longest time he spent hunting, and he believed that he could have a different experience.
It snowed heavily in Yanjing that night, but the temperature plummeted, but it was full of romance. Chu Bole called on his friends to call all the students in the whole school. The small dormitory building was packed and everyone was waiting to see the next scene.
The ostentation and extravagance have been laid out, and then it’s time to perform. Candles are set, guitars are held, and Chubole sings love songs in the snow.
One or two songs. After the third love song, Wen Xin Qiao still had no building, which made Chu Bole feel that something was wrong. Not only did people have no building, but no one even showed his head in the dormitory window.
Chubole is about to burn out, and the expression in the heart-shaped candle is very ugly. He has a feeling that he has been let go of pigeons.
Finally, Chu Bole asked someone to go upstairs and finally learned the very tragic news. In the afternoon, Wen Xin skillfully took all the students in the dormitory out for dinner.
However, when everyone thought that things were coming to an end, Wen Xinqiao suddenly squeezed in from the crowd. Chu Bole felt a little hope in his heart. Before he left, he asked softly, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
"Not good!"
The words crisp and firm were spoken, and the scene was silent. Wen Xin Qiao looked cold and some sinister said, "I don’t want to fall in love with silly. Thank you for giving me a clear understanding of silly in the past nine months. I hope that I will never see it again."
Chu Bole, who was hit by a bolt from the blue, felt that everything had been turned upside down, which had a serious impact on his psychology. At that time, he became angry from embarrassment and was ready to teach Wen Xinqiao a lesson.
Unfortunately, the end result was that he was beaten to the ground with two panda eyes and a bruised face in the snow.
That night, things flowed out through different channels and finally evolved into many kinds, but the ending was the same. Chu Bole became a laughing stock that made people play silly.
After the event, Chu Bole also thought about all kinds of revenge methods. He tried everything except not calling a killer, but he far underestimated Wen Xin’s cleverness. In the end, he let people learn a lesson and suffer losses and injuries again and again.
From then on, Wen Xin Qiao Yanjing shines brilliantly. She is intelligent, meticulous, wise and sophisticated, just like a natural schemer.
The reason why Chu Bole turned over a new leaf was that he suffered too much damage here because of his literary ingenuity. In the end, he had to admit that he was no match for literary ingenuity in many aspects, such as calculation, psychology and strength.
For so many years, Chu Bole has a deep opinion about the literati, which is why he hates and fears Wen Xin Qiao Shi.
At this time, Wen Xin Qiao’s cold eyes looked at Chu meteor in the ward and said, "I have something to ask you. I’ll give you two minutes to think about it."
Chapter 5 Horrible Women
The three people in the large ward are staggered in sight. Although they are weak women, they are straight, which gives people a feeling like a pike full of blood, strong and overbearing.
Chu Bole knows such eyes and expressions too well. He has accumulated rich experience in years of struggle. For an old fox like Wen Xinqiao, it is hard to find her heart. If she finds it, she probably deliberately induces you to recognize it.
And when she is angry, she will exude a cold breath, as if she had no feelings, just like a metal machine, just like now.
This state of literary ingenuity is very scary, which is more terrible than concrete horror. Chu Bole can’t tell where he has seen it twice, but he suffered a lot on both occasions. Once he was in hospital for three months.
If Chu Bole doesn’t want to provoke her normally, anyway, there is no real conflict of interest. It’s just a matter of losing face. If you throw this thing at a woman, it’s not lost at all.
It is Wen Xin’s clever intention to target not him but the Chu family. I hope he can’t continue to give in in the future.
"Wen Xin Qiao, don’t go too far. What you want to do is so-called to me. I’m used to it for so many years, but you don’t. I’m really afraid that you haven’t investigated this matter clearly, but you can’t get away from your writer. Now get out of here and don’t think about doing anything to change the situation."
Wen Xinqiao put his eyes slightly on Chu Bole and asked calmly, "Are you finished?"
"So what? Do you still think you can’t do it here? "
"You are still as stupid as before. Over the years, what do you think-is there anything I dare not do? Don’t say how many followers you have brought is Yanjing. Do you have the ability to stop me? So if you’re done, get out of here. I don’t want anyone to listen when I ask questions. "
Chubole’s expression suddenly became gloomy, and he really hated it. This woman was like a god sent to torture him.
Wen Xin Qiao took a few steps forward, and the sound eased a little. "Don’t you worry that I am simply asking a few words. For you Chu men, I really look at it. I won’t play some dirty tricks like you. Please."
Chu meteor also said behind, "Uncle is fine. This is a hospital, and I’m still a patient. Miss Wen won’t do anything. Please help me buy some breakfast outside. Buy more!"
The situation has become like this. Chu Bole didn’t have the means to spend a few eyes here to stare at Wen Xin Qiao before he walked out of the ward and went to the door. He didn’t feel at ease and told him, "Be careful that this woman is in a wrong situation, and she will be absolutely overwhelmed."
Chu meteor wryly nodded, and soon the ward recovered calm. Wen Xin Qiao looked at him with cold eyes before his bed.
After a long time, Wen Xinqiao still has no meaning, but Chu Meteor’s heart is already a little nervous and restless. This silent atmosphere and a pair of emotional eyes are really scary.
"I heard-you pursue Xiaowen?" The first sentence of Wen Xin Qiao Kou turned out to be this.
Chu meteor suddenly froze and couldn’t understand this woman’s thinking logic, but he wasn’t the kind of person who dared to do it. He nodded, "Well, I am pursuing Wenke, and later she won’t marry."
Wen Xinqiao continued with a facial expression, "So you have deep feelings for Xiaowen?"
"Of course"
"I don’t want to interfere too much in your affairs, but I want to tell you that you may not have a chance."
"What do you mean?" Chu meteor horse worried and asked
Wen Xin skillfully moved slowly and took out a piece of paper full of wrinkles from his pocket and gently spread it out, saying, "This is Xiaowen’s diagnosis. Although there is no danger to his life, I have decided to take her back to Yanjing for treatment because of the serious injury, especially the brain. Now I want to know from you what happened yesterday. No one can bully my niece."
As he spoke, Wen Xin’s clever body and ShaQi became rich, and his eyes were slightly red with emotional fluctuations.
Chu meteor stood there and couldn’t believe Wen Xin Qiao Hua, but the diagnosis in front of him was clearly written. Those folds were precisely Wen Xin Qiao Li’s grasping and leaving traces, and then look at Wen Xin Qiao’s expression. Chu meteor really panicked.
He doesn’t know Wen Xin Qiao very well, but he has heard a lot from Chu Bole. He can feel that this woman is extremely rational and calm, and even if she encounters sad things, she won’t stop crying, but she will fight back her sadness and take revenge as she is now.
Did something really happen to Wen Ke?
Chu meteor remembered what happened last night. Although he saw Wenke like a god, he also saw Wenke injured, especially the last storm. He was in a coma, so Wenke’s center must have suffered a lot.
"No, not as bad as her. She will be fine," said Chu Meteor trembling.
"These have nothing to do with you. You need to tell me who hurt Wenke? Didn’t you say you liked her very much? In this case, tell me the murderer and I’ll help her get revenge, "Wen Xin Qiao said maliciously."
"How is it possible that Wenke has such a strong ability that even if she is injured, she won’t be like this. I don’t believe I’m going to see her."
Said Chu meteor struggled to get up and Wen Xin skillfully pushed him up to him, pinched his face and looked sharp and asked, "What did you say just now? Wenke, she has great ability? What ability? Make it clear. "
Chu meteor wants to resist, but he finds that this seemingly delicate woman has great power to make other people act.
"You lied to me, didn’t you?"
Wen Xin Qiao reveals a bit of sneer. "You are much more than Chu Bole Cong, but you are still quite stupid. Now, what do you mean by being clear about your powerful ability? What happened yesterday? Surely you should be very clear. "

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Jul 12, 2024
[You’ve got the new building drawings, unnamed buildings]

[Please pay attention to the second-order arms building of this arms building.]
“? ? ?”
"Why did I work so hard to change the arms building and now you tell me that I can’t recruit?"
Qin Mu Ye came and planned to kill a wave of second-order mad blood goblins, and suddenly told him that he couldn’t. It’s not bullshit
He can’t understand the construction of other arms’ architectural drawings-but now he can’t accept it at all.
It was Qin Mu Ye who didn’t accept the change of the law. As a result, he was able to swear and change the name of this second-order monster into a magic monster, and the arms building was also transformed into a magic monster factory.
[Name of arms] Magic Elf
【 Equal order and 2nd order of arms 】
[Health 5/5]
[Magic Value 5/5]
[Attack Power 17]
【 Defence 17 】
[Lucky Garden Lucky+1]
【 Magic energy constitution attack power+7 defense power+7 】
[Magic Intelligence Mana Value+5]
[Element shield can consume mana to form element shield, and 1 mana can offset 1 damage]
[Magic Shelter will be reduced by 5% when it is damaged]
【 Attack power+1 for every 1 point reduction of blood gas burning health 】
【 Grey defeat surrounds 1m. All enemies can stack up to 3 layers of attack power-1 defense power-1 per minute 】
[Loyalty and training morale will never be low]
[Introduction of a God-given Lord’s new product, unique arms tendency and heavenly horse style, perfect luck with the rules, maybe one day I can see something comparable to the gods? 】
Qin Mu Ye looked at his magic geek, although he felt that the introduction was getting more and more serious, but these were not keys, but second-order magic geeks, which met his own needs and improved.
There are about two enhancement opportunities in order 2.
To put it another way, it depends on whether Qin and Mu Ye have enough knowledge whether there is a second-order perfection, a dzogchen and a half-step three-order classification after the initial stage of the second order and a second-order middle stage and a second-order late stage.
If you have enough knowledge, there will probably not be so many divisions. If you don’t, you can grind it slowly, so there will be more divisions.
"But the gods? Is there a god in this world? " Qin Mu Ye looked at the introduction. Isn’t this a bit bad?
He had no idea that there were four aborigines in contact with the magical continent, except for the wisdom tree and Molik, two of them were still killed by him.
He doesn’t know what the background of this magical continent is.
I can buy it from Molik, a tourist. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough gold coins to inquire. It is estimated that he is so disgusted and unlucky to buy everything without thinking about the attitude of the other party. What’s worse, he is asking about things.
That is to say, Qin Mu Ye didn’t have enough strength at the beginning, otherwise let the other party know what tax is, and directly scrape the other party’s skin.
"I wish I could meet the projection doppelganger of the tree of wisdom again." Qin Mu Ye misses the wise man very much. If he meets him again, he will make sure to dig him back in front of the mage tower.
If he doesn’t finish or finish the interview, he will be stuck with a BUG and let the other party become a treasure in his own territory
You want to leave after entering Qin Mu Ye’s territory? Nice try.
"Master, did you finish the second-order transformation?" Watching Qin Mu Ye with magic blood after training seems to be a little eager.
Hearing this, Qin Mu Ye’s face collapsed. "I haven’t been pitted. I don’t have to wait until the second order of the territory. I’m still one level short."
This magic blood is which pot is not which pot. If there is no problem, Qin Mu Ye will not be idle to watch it. He has long called them to come and get promoted. He is not without gold coins

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Jul 12, 2024
"Me? I don’t know where I am! But I can be sure that I will stay in the mainland forever! " Lin Fengnai said!

"What? Are you a road idiot? " Green fire is really a face of surprise asked eyes a little unbelievable.
Hear green fire windson eyes really peep out one silk embarrassed nai nodded his head.
Beirut and green fire couldn’t help showing deep nai in Linfen’s eyes when they saw this picture. They didn’t think that windson turned out to be a road idiot.
"Well, in that case, windson, leave the mainland for the deep and remote blue mansion as soon as possible," said Beirut Nai.
It seems that Beirut should let Beibei refine the main deity quickly after getting it, otherwise Beirut always feels very uneasy.
Windson eyes that show serious look mouth said "beirut adult real I don’t think let beibei refining the main deity so quickly! We all know that the more difficult it is to integrate the complex into dzogchen, the more difficult it will become. "
Green fire also couldn’t help nodding for this green fire really have a deep understanding.
Hear windson Beirut eyes really show thinking look, as windson said, if you want to make Beibei stronger, then it’s best to let Beibei become a strong man in dzogchen and then refine the main deity.
When the actual windson three people all know that Beibei becomes the Lord God, it has no influence on the light master.
"Well, in that case, you still have the Lord God Green Wind. Wait until Beibei becomes a strong man in dzogchen before letting Beibei become the Lord God!"
Windson nodded and stopped saying what dark sen became calm again.
Night mainland windson is flying fast in the life of metal.
Aside, the Lord is still in a coma. Windson also feels a little tricky, but the reality of Windson is that there is no good way.
Wind elements condense around metal life, which makes the flying speed of metal life reach the limit. Many robbers feel the speed of metal life and dare not shoot.
Everyone knows that there are strong people in metal life at this speed. These robbers are still quite clever.
Windson closed his eyes and simulated this battle again and again in the sea of soul. Windson realized that the color was really deeper in his heart.
Fighting again and again makes Lin Feng’s soul force weaken rapidly, but it really has no effect on Lin Feng’s strength.
This kind of soul sea simulation combat method can really help Lin Fengbai find himself a lot of shortcomings and let Lin Fengbai slay the Lord God himself this time out of luck.
What windson know if their strength is weak or they finally have the slightest hesitation that windson certainly can’t live.
What’s more, even the Lord, who is stronger than Lin Feng, was seriously injured. Lin Feng couldn’t believe that if he was the first to treat the Lord God, he would be like this.
It can be said that this time fighting windson accounts for a lot of cheap, of course, this is also inseparable from windson’s strength
If Lin Feng’s strength is similar to Paul’s, Lin Feng may have already died, but fortunately, Lin Feng’s strength is not weak.
Eyes flashed filar silk firm look windson can feel another kind of complex and found the fusion point, so windson can fuse six kinds of laws.
Now windson has realized that the more difficult it is to merge the complex laws behind.
Windson feels that the median god can really integrate six kinds of complex at most. If you want to integrate his laws, you must break through the god in place.
The wind is like this, and the middle god is the biggest fusion of four or five kinds! If you can become dzogchen without reaching the position of God, then there will not be so few dzogchen.
"water! Water! Water! " A faint scent
If windson is not a strong god, then windson can’t hear windson turning his head and looking at the Lord.
With a wave of his hand, drops of water fall into the Lord. Although Lin Feng is a strong wind, it is still possible to force the water element to merge.
The water drops entered the Lord’s mouth, and the tonic slowly disappeared, and the breath became gentle. Unfortunately, the Lord did not wake up.
Looking at the Lord and no movement, Lin Feng couldn’t help frowning. When will the Lord wake up?
But windson does have to take the Lord windson seems to know that if you leave the mainland forever, I’m afraid you will be the only one left.
After all, the three strong cities in the mainland have died, and even if there are some lucky strong people, they may not know it.
Now the Lord has become the only hope for Lin Feng to leave the mainland forever. If Lin Feng goes to find it alone, then Lin Feng doesn’t know how long it will take.
"Hey? Is there ideal city ahead? " Windson eyes flashed a smile.
Black sand castle suddenly closed, and several strong men surrounded windson around it.
Windson looked around at the strong eyes with a cool black sword does appear directly in the hands of windson powerful momentum!
"Black Sand Castle still wants to kill and rob goods?" Windson hands black sword swept his front.
Around the strong did not have the slightest movement, eyes flashing with cold color, and they were unmoved by windson’s words.
Gently take a step around the strong body momentum suddenly send out as if warning windson don’t move at will.
Windson eyes peep out one silk doubt look dignified look around the strong eyes alert.
Looking down at your arms, I couldn’t help showing a look of nai in Lin Feng’s eyes. It seems that the reason for all this is the Lord!
A group of people came quickly towards Lin Feng, and their eyes were deeply anxious. When they saw Lin Feng holding the Lord in his arms, Lin Feng was keen to find that their eyes were deeply shocked.
"I’m in charge here, and you are?" A middle-aged man walked out of the crowd and asked
"What about Lin Feng?" Windson coldly replied that for a group of people in front of him, Windson didn’t know what their purpose was, but he was disgusted with them.
"What is the person in your arms and you?" Middle-aged man asked again
"He? There is nothing with me! " Windson replied with an impatient look in his eyes.
Middle-aged male eyes peep out one silk surprised color couldn’t help saying "no? So you still hold our young lady? "
People around you look at Lin Feng’s eyes and reveal a deep exploration color. They want to know exactly where Lin Feng is. They want to know what will happen to Miss Lin Feng’s arms!

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